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Mosque Fatima in Kuwait


 Architecture of mosques occupy a prominent place in Kuwait indicated by the architectural aesthetic component of a harmonious mix between tradition and modernity in the construction 

Construction, if for every mosque in the privacy of form and composition of architectural aesthetic, or in terms of history or link to a particular religious character, 
Sheikha Fatima, the mosque located in the suburb of Abdullah Al-Salem is considered an architectural masterpiece radiate Balnoranip and faith, hangs throughout the year, especially with lights 
In the month of Ramadan to welcome thousands of worshipers, and remain a witness outstanding design and conical dome unique overlap of Islamic art. 
Books stresses the architectural heritage that is the oldest Mosques in Kuwait adjacent to the sea, and most recently by the remote, famous for its many mosques in Kuwait, the names of 
Families were often builds near inhabited places, and if the old mosques built means and methods of very simple construction, the 
Not without its rules of architecture and Islamic schools are known to the architects, and the architecture of mosques follow the school to which he belongs 
The designers of the building, characterized by simplicity and the small space and the existence of monsters external to the prayers after sunset in the summer. 
In modern times we find that the architecture of mosques after the availability of different potential to bring stones and timber, and the prosperity of modern architecture 
Reflected, of course, mosques, including a mosque Sheikha Fatima, which is located in the suburb of Abdullah Al-Salem, which is a unique architectural masterpiece and weird at the same time, 
Hardly we find it has ever seen in the history of ancient and contemporary mosques throughout the Islamic eras, it is known that there are several dome or domes in the mosque, 
And often the largest dome in the center of the mosque, followed by smaller domes at different angles and aspects of the mosque, according to area, but the mosque Sheikha Fatima 
Is a cone-shaped dome above the prayer hall. 
Dome in a mosque Sheikha Fatima is no longer just aesthetic form or secondary, but accounted for the bulk of the volume of the mosque came a new, innovative and unique, 
It consists of "plastic" and Alblaks Glass, while a circular wall of the mosque which contains the doors and windows this neck of the dome is increased in 
Gamalyate and make it one of the works of contemporary Islamic architecture, and a sign of Islamic art, and a milestone in Kuwait, is a good example of the architecture 
Collected the old to the new one template, where he collected between tradition and modernity, it has been maintained in terms of originality on the traditional Islamic form 
Of the mosque by the presence of the minaret and the dome and the House of Prayer and the use of Islamic Art and maintained in the best image, the work of wood tasbil 
The engraving on wood and Quranic verses diversified lines and geometric chandeliers and stained glass, but in terms of contemporary has been used 
In the construction of reinforced concrete and adopted the ways of establishing a modern addition to air conditioning systems and lighting. 
The minaret is different from those of the other minarets, and the shape of the candle, and achieved a balance between the architectural skill of the dome and the minaret and other elements 
Other architectural edifice that make up this unique, and reflects the importance of this mosque that was held in which various celebrations such as the celebration year, AH, 
The birth of the Prophet and other religious occasions, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, where thousands of worshipers to arrive for Vtemtli their prayer hall and overflowing 
Foreign squares surrounding the mosque in an atmosphere of great faith, but after that built Grand Mosque, which started in 1979 and ended in 1986 
Over an area of 45 thousand square meters including construction area 25 thousand and 20 thousand yards, gardens and open corridors, including a capacity for about 60 thousand worshipers, moved 
Rituals and ceremonies of the mosque Sheikha Fatima to the great mosque, however, remained in the mosque Sheikha Fatima unique position between the mosques of Kuwait character 
Unique green spaces and gardens that surround it includes a lot of palm dates shall each year, and gardens are lit at night, lighting columns give 
The place of elegance over Gamalyate. 
The mosque houses several subsections serve the masses of worshipers streaming into it from surrounding areas to eliminate overcrowding or large gatherings 
Particularly at Friday prayers or Eid or days of Ramadan, and there is a major entrance to the mosque extends from the street to the main door of the mosque is covered with ceiling hanging 
Set of brass lamps that reflect the heritage of Islamic, and brings the ceiling on the number of columns separated by a basin of black marble 
Balzrua decorated with roses, while the other sub-sections rise above the umbrella in the form of a half circle in line with the aesthetics of the dome surmounted by a conical 
Crescent, whereas section of the wood with a local stained glass decoration engineering, which casts a great when it is the sun. 
Directly behind the door and a small corridor leading to the prayer hall, and Casey this corridor-like wooden wheels had set worshipers their shoes and shoes 
The work was carried out drilling on these tires to turn into a form of beauty. 
After the completion of the corridor and before entering the prayer hall, the visitor finds on his right and left at every door of a religious library has some books and hundreds of interpretations 
Holy Quran for easy access to all vaccine Koran, and decorate the library inscriptions and decorations on the small doors closed, and rises above these doors 
Rectangles includes some verses of the Quran colors gold and blue background is inspired by the Kuwaiti environment, give them a light elegance and beauty reflect the creativity 
Designs, and takes these rectangles decorations and patterns that reflect the Islamic heritage, and appears white, which is the largest area of the body of the dome cone 
From within the aesthetics of colors and patterns, has Btnt neck inside of the dome Balmucyt long thick green circle the mosque, one of the colors comfort 
And a system of central air conditioning in the top of the wall or above the neck of the dome. 
At the top of the middle inside of the dome, we find the white surrounding a circle of Islamic inscriptions and decorations with bright colors that reflect the accuracy and aesthetics of the design, 
The mihrab is a unique masterpiece in itself through prayer, kiss hollow crescent surmounted by a wooden facade is decorated with patterns and Arabic calligraphy 
Which it is written verses from the Quran, and the highest Crescent in the upper part of the name of Allaah, while Casey cavity from the outside Balmucyt the green line 
With the prayer hall, and takes a kiss from both sides prayer rise four degrees used by al-Khateeb in speeches Friday and take religious lessons, whether in Ramadan 
Ramadan or not, but a large increase in Ramadan, while within the cavity, it is up hanging lamp colors attractive sparkling beauty, especially when illuminated appear 
Colors with Islamic decorations, and pass us and smell the fragrance of ancient Islamic heritage. The artisan in the inscriptions and decorations that filled the cavity so that it stands the qibla 
Long before the viewer to ponder the verses of beauty and creativity, colors, gold and blue and red, I have written "Al-fidelity" in the form of a circular adorable and very thorough. 
At a mosque Sheikha Fatima Doralloi the prayer room for women, and includes a large library of religious books, mothers Tafaaseer and modern books, jurisprudence and doctrine and other books 
Destinations for scholars, researchers, specialists in addition to employee housing in the mosque, next to the mosque and an adjoining building from the outside is dedicated to wash men, 
Brings about two degrees, with a curve to serve the disabled and those with special needs. 

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The most beautiful mosque in the world

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Mosque Fatima in Kuwait - General View of the mosque
Mosque Fatima in Kuwait - General View of the mosque

Mosque Fatima in Kuwait - The Mosque at night
Mosque Fatima in Kuwait - The Mosque at night