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Carol Park


Designed in 1900 by the architect E. Redont, Carol Park was inaugurated in 1906. The park was arranged on an old plantation and was held at the time of the most beautiful parks of the city. The park covers about 45 ha. A small-sized lake is crossed by a bridge plated with marble slabs. Buxus sempervirens walls and many roses fit the central park,from one part and the other alignment paths are fit with lime. Regularity and size of Buxus located along the central alley of the park offers a high level of artistry. The central alley of the park is arranged in geometric style in the rest of the park running through a path with winding paths, vegetation creates images grouped very romantic.


Carol Park Attractions I:

Roman Arena is located peripherally, with a capacity of 5,500 seats in the open;

The Technical Museum "Dimitrie Leonida Prof. Ing" which was inaugurated in 1909 and reorganized in 1954.

A copy of the giant sequoia tree monument of nature.

Vlad's Tower, which houses a water tank;

The Monument of the Unknown Soldier, brought in 1991 by Marasesti; Statues of "Giants", made by the sculptor Dumitru Paciurea;

The Fountain Cantacuzino, a neoclassical art monument, built in 1870, the front and sides decorated with stucco and tile representing medieval knights and flags.

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Bucharest is the capital of Romania from 1861, as well as the main economical and cultural center of the country.
Located on the river Dymbovitsa, Bucharest is situated in the south-eastern Romania.
The surroundings of the city are unusually picturesque.
In addition to the rivers, the capital of Romania is in the northern part of the frames of the chain of lakes and in the center of the city there is an artificial lake Cismigiu.
It is surrounded by manicured parks and gardens.
Interestingly, Bucharest, like Rome, is built on seven hills.
Probably because of the hills, the altitude area of Bucharest, which is about 226 km, ranges from 55.
8 to 91.
5 meters.
The capital of Romania is home to more than 2 million inhabitants and 9% of all are Romanians.
Before the Second World War the city was built in the style of bozar as its boulevards reminded Paris.
If is Bucharest a modern city, let its residents and tourists decide, but the fact that the architecture of this city is beautiful and unique is an indisputable fact.
In Bucharest there are a lot of interesting sights and only some of the most famous will be described here.
A popular tourist destination is the set of the Prince's Palace (Curtea Domneasca).
This is the old center of Bucharest, you can see the oldest building in Bucharest and the princely church.
Generally, in Bucharest, you can see the whole chain of Orthodox churches of the XVII-XVIII centuries, each in its own way beautiful.
Among the monuments and statues that adorn the city, the most famous equestrian statue of Michael the Brave and the governor Mioritsa Fountain, tells the touching legend of the same lamb.
Having been in Romania, do not forget to visit the Palace and the Palace of the Parliament Kretulesku, as well as the Romanian Athenaeum , in a building where the Philharmonic is now.
The most famous theater in Bucharest is the National Theatre, comedy, opera and ballet.
The most popular Romanian museums, of course, are located in Bucharest.
This is the Museum of Art, the Museum of the village, the largest museum in the world and the Museum of History of Romania.
Bucharest can be beautiful and attractive to visit if you know its true treasures.
Ignore congestion and you will find a cosmopolitan city, with numerous museums, beautiful buildings, luxury shops and parks filled with greenery.

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Carol Park - Giant statue
Carol Park - Giant statue

Carol Park - Beautiful landscape
Carol Park - Beautiful landscape

Carol Park - The Mausoleum
Carol Park - The Mausoleum

Carol Park - Beautiful and quiet atmosphere
Carol Park - Beautiful and quiet atmosphere

Carol Park - The largest historic parc in Bucharest
Carol Park - The largest historic parc in Bucharest