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Miami is one of the most popular Florida resorts, the most developed tourist area in the U.S. state. Known to the world as the area of Miami Beach this is a 20 miles of sand beaches and a couple of hundred motels. The most interesting fact is that you will never find two alike among them. Holidays in Miami are considered prestigious and respectable, no wonder it was elected by almost all VIP-guests around the world. At this resort came, Madonna, Julio Iglesias and Gloria Estefan. Miami Beach is famous for its cozy restaurants, a variety of nightclubs and bars. The luxury Bal Harbour shopping centers and the expensive yachts in the Bay of Biscay will not leave indifferent any tourist.


Holidays in Miami become more popular and popular among tourists from all over the world. Tourists who come here will be able to find such attractions: Art Deco - Miami center of club life. The area is filled with small houses, built back in the 30s. Collins Avenue - the main avenue of Miami Beach, located on the ground of its hotels. Villa Viscaya - a palace with beautiful green gardens, many pools, arriving here, you cannot leave your eyes from the incredibly beautiful waterfall, which is made in the Renaissance, at the initiative of an American businessman. Also here is, the art museum. Among tourists such places as these mentioned above here are also popular:

The Parrot Jungle - a theme park with exotic plants with lakes and waterfalls, is home to more than 1,200 birds.

The Monkey Jungle - a sanctuary where monkeys live in conditions.

The Safari "lion country" - a great zoo, which reproduces landscapes of South Africa.

Oceanarium - one of the largest ocean aquariums, which offers tourists shows with dolphins and turtles.

Cop museum - which was built in honor of police officers who died while performing their duties. Then there is also a guillotine and an electric chair, the tourists have the opportunity to be photographed next to all these props. The resort will suit absolutely all age categories of tourists.

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Florida is one of the constituent states of the United States, located in the southeastern part .
Its name was given by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon , who arrived on the coast of the peninsula in a time of the year called in Spain, Pascua Florida, which in Spanish means Easter Flower, the period coincided with the Easter holiday season.
Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and the perfect place for honeymoons.
Some attractions that enhance its charm are Walt Disney Park, Magic Kingdom Park and the Busch Gardens.
Florida is more than sun and beach, it is full with freshwater lakes, hills, forests, fascinating cities, thousands of km of rib, numerous bays, islands and a pleasant climate all the year round.
It is an area that includes some of the most visited places in the U.
such as Miami, Pensacola, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.
Miami, known as Millennium and Casablanca America , is an exotic and a cosmopolitan metropolis where Spanish is used as well as English.
The charm of the area is due to various neighborhood skyscrapers that stretch of downtown and up in the trendy.
South Beach is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the area due to the art deco buildings, painted in many colors, beach and palm trees.
Greater Miami is an important commercial, cultural, sports, entertainment and main source of income for the city.
Sandy beaches, the blue sky, the ocean, the palm trees, the sun, restaurants and clubs where you can dance until dawn make it be the perfect destination for fun, relaxation and thrills.
The Port of Miami is the largest marina in the world, here passing over four million passengers annually.
The main attractions in Miami are: Old Spanish Monastery, Holocaust Memorial, the Coral Castle, the Venetian Pool, the Viscaya Museum and Gardens and the Bayfront Park.
Orlando is the best known part of Florida, with numerous theme parks, movie studios, water parks and entertainment venues and Fort Lauderdale's popular especially among families with children and offers a variety of sports and recreational activities.
In the city of Orlando, Disney opened the Magic Kingdom out three more theme parks, two water parks and various buildings such as hotels, shops and golf courses.
The Museum of Science and the Art Museum are two places worth visiting, and at the NASA you can visit the rocket park.
On your itinerary of visits you should not miss the University of Central Florida, the Dendrological Park, World Orchids, collection of Ripley oddities , Holy Land Experience , the Complex and Museum International Train.
Palm Beach is a barrier island located at a distance of 100 km of Miami, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercostal Canal that separates Palm Beach from the cities of West Palm Beach and Worth Laker in the west.
Situated in the Gulf Stream, it is full with lush gardens, palm-lined beaches and an exceptional marine environment.
The city is an impressive cultural heritage with outstanding architecture and many natural beauties.
The main attractions in Palm Beach are: Flagler Museum, Four Arts Gardens, Property Mar-A-Lago and District Worth Avenue and Rodeo Drive.

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Miami - At night
Miami - At night

Miami - Nightlife
Miami - Nightlife

Miami - Miami Beach
Miami - Miami Beach

Miami - Fascinating city
Miami - Fascinating city

Miami - Amazing coast
Miami - Amazing coast

Miami - Real tropical paradise
Miami - Real tropical paradise