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Thalang National Museum


Thalang National Museum is a cultural and an educational facility that is located in the city of Thalang in the western part of the island. It was founded in 1985 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the legendary battle of Thalang people with Burmese invaders. On March 14, 1989 there was a solemn opening of the Museum. It was attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn. More specifically, the museum is dedicated to two strong and courageous women, sisters, and Thao Si Sunthon Thao Thep Kasattri.

They were able to collect from the residents of a powerful army, which with honor and dignity will resist the enemy. After a month of bloody fighting the Burmese still retreated. It happened on March 13, 1785. For the services and the heroic devotion to the native land, the King awarded a high title to the sisters, which until then could only get members of the royal family. And the names of national heroines forever etched in the pages of the chronicles and historical writings. Almost all of the National Museum exhibition take us precisely in the period of exhausting war with the Burmese. So what the city lived, all the stages of conflict and triumph over the invaders , are clearly reflected in the paintings, books, household items at the time. Also in the museum Phukan artifacts that reveal a rich history to visitors not only Thangala, but the whole island as a whole are found .

You can understand the charm of the ancient culture of the people of the Chao Leh, the Kingdom of Sukhothai, get acquainted with the works of local artists, belonging to different periods of life in the city. And the most striking landmark of the National Museum of the right to read the ancient statue of the god Vishnu. It indicates a strong influence on the stage of the Indian culture in the earlier development of the culture of Thailand. The statue dates from the IX century AD. It was found by archaeologists at the beginning of the last century in the forest Phang Nga. Hours of the National Museum Thangala: 8:30-16:00.

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Thailand is a wonderful exotic country! The largest island of Thailand is Phuket.
It is located in the Andaman Sea, which is located in the Indian Ocean.
This is a great place to relax.
A heaven for tourists who love just to lie in the sun and for active recreation.
Excellent hotels, real estate Phuket and the magnificent white sand beaches will remain in your memory for a long time.
The hospitable people of Phuket are always happy to receive tourists.
  The name Phuket is translated as "mountain" and it's actually very similar to the green mountain, which rises in the Andaman Sea.
The significance of Phuket to Thailand since ancient times is very great.
After all, it is considered a commercial and a cultural center.
Many historical monuments have survived to the present day.
So do not miss the chance to see them.
  The Temples in Phuket are astonishingly varied and beautiful.
I would like to mention the details of the temple of Wat Hong Prat.
That it contains a large statue of Buddha.
Its more than once that the Burmese army attacked and tried to dig out of the ground and carry it.
But they failed.
Another amazing place is Wat Chai Tararam considered the most popular in Phuket.
After all, there is a stone of Buddha.
The structure, which houses the bone, called the "chedi" is often searched by tourists.
  Speaking about the island of Phuket, I would like to also mention the Forest Park Khao Phra-Theo.
There are two beautiful waterfalls: Tonsai waterfall and Bangpe.
They are the ornament of the park.
The Park Khao Phra-Theo is a real jungle and it is found in many exotic animals and birds.
Brought from other places, the traumatized monkeys get good treatment here.
Especially for them, the park is conducting a program to adapt to new conditions of life.
Framed by white sandy beaches washed by the warm waters of the Andaman Sea,   Phuket is considered to be a tropical paradise.
Here are some of the most magnificent beaches in the world and the best resort hotels.
Phuket offers a diverse vacation - from simple bathing in the sun before sailing, scuba diving, traveling on the sea in a canoe to playing golf.
  Phuket is the largest island of Thailand, the pearl of the Andaman coast.
Located on the south-west of the country, 862 kilometers from Bangkok (70 minutes by Thai Airways), Phuket is one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, famous for the exotic nature, white coral beaches, rich marine life and the most exquisite sea food in Thailand.
The best season for holiday in Phuket is from late October till April.
From May to late October monsoons bring south-westerly winds from the tropical rains, which, however,are quickly replaced by sunny weather.
This period is the best for windsurfing, so that if you are not afraid of occasional rain Phuket is waiting for you in summer.

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Thalang National Museum  - Pleasant Museum
Thalang National Museum - Pleasant Museum

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Thalang National Museum - Cultural Heritage