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Croton is a town in Calabria on the Ionian Sea, founded by the Greeks in the VIII BC. According to the legend, the city was founded on the advice of the Delphic oracle, and its name the old Croton was in honor of the king's son Aeacus of Aegina Island - Croton.


The glory and the fame of the city grew rapidly, the cause is the healthy climate, the beauty of the local women and the strength of men. The proof of this is a native of this place - Milo of Croton - an athlete who became a winner at the Olympics and could pick up a bull on the shoulders. Crotone was known for its doctors, among whom Demoked, a friend of Pythagoras and Alcmaeon. Pythagoras himself moved to Croton and founded a school of philosophy in 532 BC. In Croton, Pythagoras found many followers of his teachings and occult philosophy. He taught peace and self-discipline. Pythagoras was a vegetarian and believed in the therapeutic value of music, believed that immorality is a disease of the soul and virtue was rewarded with the transition of the soul after death into a higher form. He believed in the transmigration of the souls and in that incarnation, a process of purification of the soul. The man who entered the ranks of the Pythagoreans held the ceremony of initiation. He was given the signs by which the Pythagoreans recognized each other. The disciples of Pythagoras formed a brotherhood dedicated, consisting of selected castes like-minded people that deify his teacher and founder. This order actually came to power in Croton, but because of anti Pythagorean feeling at the end of the VI. BC. Pythagoras had to retire to another Greek colony of Metaponto, where he died. In 510, Croton participated in the war with the legendary Greek city of Sybaris and emerged victorious. In the VI - VII centuries Croton on Athenian tyranny spread Kilona. But in 383 BC the city fell under the sway of the tyrant Dionysius I of Syracuse. In 277 BC the Romans conquered Croton and in 194 BC became a Roman colony. After the fall of the Roman Empire , the city became Byzantine. In 870 it was sacked by the Saracens. In 1284 the Aragonese conquered Croton. In the XVI century the Spanish King Charles V bestowed privileges to the city and built a port. In 1541 the castle was restored, now known as the Castle of Charles V. In the XVI century the city became known as Kotrone. It was only in 1928 when it changed its name to the modern Crotone.


The historical center of Crotone was formed during the Middle Ages, surrounded by a stone wall with a weave of narrow streets that lead to the Duomo - the Cathedral, built in the IX. The facade of the cathedral is in the neoclassical style. In the XVI century the Cathedral was reconstructed inside the Byzantine picture of Madonna (Black Madonna), which was brought from Palestine. In honor of the Madonna, May 30th is a holiday. The church of San Giuseppe in 1719 is in Baroque style. Inside there are three naves of the church and an altar made of marble and wood statues, among which the statue of St. Giuseppe, Saint Gregory and Saint Nicholas of Bari. The Church of God (Immacolata) was built in 1500 with a neoclassical facade. Inside there is a nave and frescoes on the life of Mary. The crypt contains the relics of monks. The Church and the Monastery of Santa Chiara was founded in 1400. The church is decorated with frescoes (the beginning of XVIII c.), Sex - Neapolitan majolica hand. The facade is decorated with graffiti. The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was founded in 1460 at the monastery. In the XVIII century it was rich and a well appointed church with six altars. But after the earthquake in 1783 the monastery was abolished. The Church has come into disrepair and traces of frescoes are still visible here. On the hill in the old town is the castle of Charles V, which was built in 840, during the attacks of Saracens. But in the XVI century Charles V rebuilt the castle. Now here is an archaeological museum. At the base of the castle is a polygon with two towers - the tower and the tower of the Assistant Commander. In Croton along the Ionian Sea is the embankment via Cristoforo Colombo and viale Gramsci. There are bars, restaurants, in the evening the promenade is filled with beautifully dressed people. Not far from Crotone (10 km) on a picturesque promontory at a place called Capo Colonna is a Doric column, the only thing that remains of the largest temple of Magna Graecia - the temple of Hera lacinia (VI cent. BC), Queen Heaven. The temple has a classical form of inherent Greek temples, surrounded by 48 Doric columns, 8 meters high and covered with a marble roof. The temple complex consists of several buildings, now they are only on the ruins.


Where to eat in Crotone:

Pizzeria La Gola

Here are a variety of pizzas with seafood, fish, meat and vegetables, as well as dishes with potatoes and other dishes.

Gambero Rosso.

The restaurant is situated on the main promenade that goes straight into the sea. It has a beautiful view, seafood, fish, pasta and pizza.

• Not far from Crotone the excellent wine Ciro is produced: Ciro (the very thing which according to legend, was awarded to the Olympic athletes), Melissa, and more. One of the most famous wineries Librandi, wines can be found in almost any store of the city. But it is better to buy wine in the wine cellar , because there are better met the conditions of transport and storage of wine.

Wine cellars of the city:

• Marino. Via Nicoletta, 3 (close to the historic city center). Large selection of wines (over 800 titles).

• Squillace Vincenzo. Via Venezia 80. This wine bar is easier, but the owner will be glad to talk with you and try to pour some of the great table wine barrels for free.

Others The Best Places to Visit in Calabria, Italy .

Details of Calabria The coastal landscape alternates beaches and rocky shores.
The poet Gabriele d'Annunzio called the seafront in the town of Reggio di Calabria, "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy".
Underdeveloped industry and the lack of big cities for a long time, left the sea not polluted and Calabria is still considered a natural paradise.
Reggio Calabria, situated on the shore of the strait between Italy and Sicily is the largest and the oldest city in Calabria, numbering 3,000 years of history .
Here are the Botanical Gardens, the National Museum of Magna Grecia and the Aragonese Castle.
Also on the shores of both the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas there are a number of smaller but picturesque cities with beautiful attractions.
In Tropez is the Santa Maria dell' Izola.
Siderno is known for its comfortable hotels.
Gerace attracts visitors for the Norman castle and its old cathedral.
Skuillache is a beach resort and a place of archaeological sites.
Style is home to the famous philosopher and the utopian Tommaso Campanella, the Norman castle and a Byzantine church.
The main resorts in Calabria are Tropea, Soverato and Scalea.
Resorts in Italy: Calabria (Tyrrhenian Sea) The ancient, harsh land with a rich history, Calabria in the 40-ies of the XX century was practically empty.
Most of the residents had left their native land and went to seek their fortune in northern Italy, America, Canada and Australia.
Italy's entry into the EU initiated the revival of Calabria.
And today, this is a very popular tourist destination.
Best time to visit is from June till September.
Calabrian coast is washed by two seas: the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian.
It has enough beaches for every taste: you can spend time in deserted hidden bays among rocks or hang out in crowded, well-equipped beaches, in the evening transformed into noisy discos.
The beaches on the Tyrrhenian coast are sandy, rather long, surrounded by small cliffs.
Ionian coast is solitary, small and rocky.
Besides the usual beach activities and water sports, you can do "historical adventure" diving.
Fans have the opportunity to examine the remains of 50 sunken ships off the coast, some of which relate to the IV century BC.
The Gioia Tauro It is a 3-mile sandy beach with small patches of gravel.
If you have sensitive feet, it is better to walk on the beach in flip-flops.
There are several bars, restaurants and showers on the territory.
Near the beach there are a few parking lots.
This is a rare beach not closed by rocks, so there is always a refreshing sea breeze blowing.
The Lipari Islands and the Cape of Capo Vaticano are visible from the shore of the island when the weather is fine .
The water is very pure.
The beach is not too crowded and very convenient for families.
Palmi Just as the Gioia Tauro, the Palmi beach is sandy and full with pebbles, sometimes not very pleasant when barefeeted.
The length of the beach is 1 km, the width 50 meters.
In summer it is literally dammed up people.
Free parking cars cannot contain all comers.
Palmi is surrounded by cliffs and approached by coast mountains, overlapping access to the wind, so the hot season here is too hot.
Tropea The beautiful sandy beach is included in the top 10 beaches in Italy of 2004.
It has fine, soft sand.
The length of the beach is of 500 meters, the width is of 30 meters.
During the season it is difficult to park nearby.
The coastal cliff overlooks the beach breeze from the sea.
The Capo Vaticano This is a 500-meter-long beach covered with soft clean sand.
Also, as Tropea, it is very crowded, not enough parking spaces.
Here come a couple and single holidaymakers, hoping to meet new people.
There are bars, restaurants, showers on the territory.
Scilla The classic sandy beach stretches for kilometers along the aquamarine waters.
Scilla is surrounded by cliffs, so here are extremely rare refreshing winds.
To escape from the heat, the sea or a few local bars can only be a solution.
On clear days you can see the coast of Sicily from here.
Reggio di Calabria This is a new bulk beach sand which was brought to the Gioia Tauro.
Rather narrow (25 meters), it stretches for kilometers and it is not too crowded.
The beach is opened to the breeze in bars, restaurants, showers, there are places for free parking.
Soverato The picturesque fishing village of Soverato is stretched by snow-white sandy beaches for a kilometer.
Here there is are "civilized" areas with bars, restaurants, lounges and showers, as well as more secluded corners where you can admire the sunset in the sea with an "intimate" setting.
Scenic views stretch along the beach promenade.
Plan to find housing? If we calculate the average prices for hotels, Reggio Calabria preserves an ancient Italian city.
This point is located in the southwest area of Calabria ( Reggio di Calabria ), at a distance of about 120 km from the town of Catanzaro .
Reggio Calabria is one in the far west of the city in the region.
This ancient city has a long and a rich history.
Obviously, the most important tourist attraction it is the Museo Nazionale Della Magna Grecia.
The Mediterranean Sea for tourists, of course, is a strong argument to choose the purpose of travel.
The number of inhabitants is about 180,000 people.
Reggio Calabria is an important port city.
From the terminal Metromare you can get to other interesting places on the Mediterranean cities, it appears that the Reggio Calabria is one of the five most expensive cities in the region.
Currently, the city can offer its customers a number of hotels and resorts.
Famous areas of the city are : Ravagnese , Pentimele , Archi and Gallico .
The reservation of the rooms is better done in advance.
Reggio Calabria Cheap hotels and accommodation in the district To navigate, you can see other cities in the vicinity.
Table of reference prices for accommodation in selected cities (average price per person per night).
Reggio Calabria and leisure opportunities Are you looking for ancient monuments? Milazzo Castle belongs to the most interesting objects.
Here you will be able to expand your knowledge of history.
Castello Ruffo Recreation and Relaxation Spiaggia di Scilla refers to such places in the county that can make your vacation unforgettable.
Enjoy water fun for your pleasure.
And if you look at the map, nearby you will still find other places perfectly suited for swimming.
Spiaggia di Scilla Reggio Calabria - Transport Removed from the City, the Airport Reggio Calabria (REG) at 4.
3 km: the road will take you only a few minutes of steam.
These constants are flying airlines, for example, from these points: International Airlines Reggio Calabria Airport.
What services do you provide here? If it happens that you get tired, take a break and will find for itself a cafe.
A nice little holiday will not hurt for sure ! Park your car and you will get no problems.
Services in the city and surrounding areas Reggio Calabria - rent, car rental, vehicle rental services Sure, it makes sense to rent a car, because everywhere in the district there are a number of places where you can go.
And what's more, so you save time.
Arrange in advance online a booking car.
Very often it comes money is more profitable than a service purchased on the spot.
Here you can see prices.
What is the best time to visit? This place is situated in the temperate zone.
The weather is usually very pleasant, with no large jumps in temperature.

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Croton - Interior of the castle
Croton - Interior of the castle

Croton - The castle of Charles V
Croton - The castle of Charles V

Croton - The Church of God
Croton - The Church of God

Croton - Busy city
Croton - Busy city

Croton - Tasty pizza of La Golla
Croton - Tasty pizza of La Golla

Croton - The Duomo
Croton - The Duomo

Croton - Gambero Rosso
Croton - Gambero Rosso

Croton - Great monument
Croton - Great monument

Croton - Quay of the City
Croton - Quay of the City

Croton - San Giusepe Church
Croton - San Giusepe Church

Croton - The Temple of Hera Lacinia
Croton - The Temple of Hera Lacinia

Croton - The street of the Old city
Croton - The street of the Old city

Croton - Fascinating city
Croton - Fascinating city

Croton - Amazing landscape
Croton - Amazing landscape

Croton - Beautiful resort in southern Italy
Croton - Beautiful resort in southern Italy