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Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa, a nation with one of the most interesting and rich history, but, unfortunately, one of the poorest nations. At present, Liberia is trying to get back on its feet after 14 years of civil wars that led to the deaths of 250,000 people. In 2006, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf won the presidency and became the first African-prezindent woman. Her main task was the resurrection and the restoration of the country, which was still 15,000 UN personnel. At present, tourists are recommended to refrain from trips to Liberia, but travel to the capital Monrovia, except in cases of extreme necessity. When this country finally opened to tourists, they were able to appreciate its capital, relax on the beach or explore the wildlife Sapo National Park.


The most comprehensive description of Liberia can be found in "Journey without maps," Graham Greene, describing his trip to this country in 1935. Although this book can hardly be called a modern guide, it describes the atmosphere that prevails in Liberia and make this book a valuable source of knowledge for each person who decides or is planning to go to Liberia. Liberia, or the Republic of Liberia, located on the west coast of Africa,is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Initially, Liberia was founded as a refuge for former African slaves from the United States and Liberia still maintains close ties with this country. In fact, Liberia is the only country in Africa, whose official language is English. Liberia also uses the national currency of the United States.


Food in Liberia is very cheap, satisfying and delicious. Dishes such as palm oil, cassava leaves, green potatoes, rice hardly desolate with your budget (all of which will cost US $ 2-3 and soda). Portions are usually enormous. One of the most popular dishes in Liberia is fufu (cassava dough) and soup (soup with goat meat and pepper soup). Very tasty fish is cooked on the coals, particularly snapper. Fish dishes are available from street vendors throughout Monrovia. Peanuts, banana chips paradise, popcorn or banana, mango and other fruits can be purchased for LD $ 5-20 (or US $ 0.10-0.30). Be sure to taste the freshly baked bread that is sold in the early morning. In hotels, motels and restaurants in Liberia you will most likely be served dishes of American, European, Asian, Chinese, Lebanese and African cuisine.


Local specialties:

• Soup with meat goats.

• Cabbage with bacon and pork legs.

• The palm nuts with shrimp, fish or chicken.

• Rice bread with banana puree.



The climate of Liberia is humid, tropical and changes a few times a year. The average air temperature is of 27 º C and it rarely rises above 36 º C. On the coastal areas the temperature is kept, due to ocean breezes. In Liberia, you can identify two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Rains last from April to November. From November to March harmattan blows, inflicting a lot of inconvenience to the local residents. How to get to Liberia Monrovia International Airport, the only airport in Liberia, is located 60 miles from the center of the capital. SN Brussels Airlines offer direct flights to Monrovia from Brussels.




Do not go out at night and always close the door of the car, including the window when you're driving around the streets. Burglars often break into cars when they stop, for example, on a red light, and grab everything you see. Robbery with rape or armed robbery is a common phenomenon. At the corner of Randall and Keri are going to dealers, so this place should be avoided. Avoid any isolated and abandoned places, keep your group. It is useful to observe the locals if they behave as usual, and if around are many women and children, then nothing bad will happen. If the local suddenly gone missing, you need to quickly retreat. Liberians are mostly friendly and sociable people. But they do not like to ignore them, and they may have had called for such an attitude. Greet all who have seen at least once, and smile. Make friends with the concierge, cleaner and other staff and remember their names. So, you take care of your own safety, as in case of trouble, they always warn you in advance. Shake hands with everyone you meet, even with the traders, who buy the fruit. Since Liberia is a very poor country, you are bound to beggars asking for money. If you submit alms elderly or disabled, you will not go unnoticed. But if you want to help children play with them better, make a couple of pictures (they love it) and give them a gift.

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The level of the economy in various countries around the world is not the same , somewhere it is very high and somewhere very low.
GDP, literacy rate and employment are the main parameters to determine the level of a country's economy.
According to the report of the United Nations, hunger causes the death of about 25,000 people daily.
Unfortunately, more children die than adults.
982 million of the 4.
8 billion people in the developing world live on $ 1 a day.
Another 2.
5 billion people live on less than $ 2 per day.
What factors influence the level of the economy? These are the geography of the country, industrialization, colonialism, education, natural resources, infrastructure, overcrowding, investment, government debts.
  Here is a list of the most-most of the world's poorest countries: There are 9 in Asia: Afghanistan Bangladesh Butane East Timor Yemen Cambodia Laos Myanmar Nepal   In Africa 33: Angola Burkina Faso Mali Burundi Benin Chad Sudan CAR Democratic Republic of Congo Ethiopia Niger Djibouti Comoros Somalia Equatorial Guinea Togo Tanzania Uganda Eritrea Madagascar Malawi Guinea-Bissau Lesotho Rwanda Mauritania Mozambique Southern Sudan Sao Tome and Principe Zambia   Oceania has 5: Vanuatu Samoa Tuvalu Kiribati Solomon Islands   The North America only one: Haiti   And 2 of the 4 th in the world: Cape Verde Botswana   The world's poorest countries belong to their ratings, so it makes sense to select the top 10 most such, the number of GDP.
This list begins with the very poor and can be a little different: Congo Liberia Zimbabwe Solomon Islands Somalia Comoros Guinea CAR Niger Ethiopia   It is known by everybody that the economy is developing in different countries in different ways.
The factors that make compiled rating may be noted by the gross domestic products, by the literacy rate and the percentage of the population of working citizens.
Summing these factors in a special way, without any problems, can determine the level of the development of a region.
Actually it was done.
Based on some worldly reports it becomes clear to us that tens of thousands of people die every day directly from hunger.
By the way, more than half of the world's population spends at least 30 rubles per day.
These indicators are mainly related to poor developing countries of the world, because they are very backward and people do not want to work properly.
In some cases this can be attributed to the nature and the lack of minerals.
  Congo is a leader of the poorest state from the economy point of view.
There always were constant wars and chaos.
  Liberia has serious problems with the export, losing its diamond resources.
It has a large number of debts and bad lives.
  Zimbabwe is not much better than others.
There is most inflation and a small amount of money, as a result, unemployment and related phenomena.
  In Solomon Islands, then things are a little better.
In this country there are a lot of fish, so it caught almost all the inhabitants of the country.
From fossils, too, all very good.
However, technological progress, or something else does not allow to live normally.
  Somalia is the most militant.
Usually people are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.
However, there were many pirates who robbed everyone who came across their path.
However, such a laugh did not improve their lives in general.
  Disaster occurred in Comoros because of an increase in population.
The result was a lack of jobs and defaults.
  People in Guinea are engaged in agriculture and fishing.
This is the only thing by which they can survive.
As an additional problem may be noted viruses.
  Summing up our ranking of the world's poorest places, we tried to make you understand their general backwardness.
In these places, residents never shone with mind and they do not understand anything in modern technologies.
The level of literacy suggests that schools are not the main places to get life skills.
What they wanted got it.
Just do not know how to create good living conditions, then let it grow at least something.
The fact that there are rich and poor countries is known to many.
But ordinary citizens do not realize how poor countries are .
poor .
The fact that living standards in these countries is poor, often referred to international organizations.
Well, try to find out about the top 10 poorest countries in the world, consisting of ten states.

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Liberia - Monrovia
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Liberia - West African poor country