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The Island of Lombok


Extraordinary beautiful, the island of Lombok is located east of the favorite tourist island of Bali . Between the islands there is only a small, narrow strait. Despite the fact that Lombok is less popular, it is one of the best resorts in Indonesia. The nature of the island is very beautiful. Beautiful beaches, almost unexplored rainforests, scenic wilderness fills your memory the wonderful scenery of this paradise planet. To get from Lombok to Bali can be done by ferry, or from Singapore and several cities in Indonesia by plane. The infrastructure on Lombok is completely different from its neighbor infrastructure - Bali. Lombok is fairly quiet, no noisy discos and crowds of visitors. Rest in this place is more for those who value peace and love solitude. The island offers different water sports. The natural conditions of Lombok are different of the conditions of Bali. Here is quite hot and almost no humidity, except for the wet season, which begins in November and ends in March. The name of the island, comes from the chili “Lombok”. The main part of inhabiting the island, are natives of India. The local residents of the island are engaged in fishing, farming, cultivation of exotic fruits, in addition to all of the above on the island to actively grow rice, due to this factor, Lombok is called - "The land of rice."




This is the island of different religions such as Hinduism, but the bulk of the population are Muslim. The main island of entertainment, discos, bars, restaurants are in the area of Senggigi Beach, the same way there are a large number of hotels. In the area of Kuta, yet not so well developed infrastructure, but after some Kuta can be compared with the area of Senggigi Beach. The level of the development of tourism and commercial infrastructure are still not high and it gives visitors a chance to visit the past, present and the future of Indonesia. On Lombok the rhythm of life seems somewhat slower, the service in restaurants is not particularly quick, but it is here that you feel serenity and tranquility. Here, the pristine nature, the unique culture, a few good hotels, the excellent clean beaches, express ebbs and flows, the excellent diving is a paradise for yachtsmen, and all that is needed for a leisurely relaxing "on this edge of the world." Here is the famous bay where they filmed the Bounty ads, and here you at least feel you are a little Robinson! Next to the Lombok Island are housed three tiny islands Gili , famous for the beaches with dazzling white sand, coves with crystal clear water and coral reefs. One or two days can be a fascinating journey into one of these islands. Snorkellers will be amazed by the beauty of coral. The Gili Air is the smallest of the three and the closest to the north-west coast of Lombok island, which you can reach by ferry in just 15 minutes. Nearby "Oberoi Lombok" 5 * DeLuxe and "Sheraton Senggigi" 5 * organize outings for their guests on this island. It is said that in the waters of the atoll can be found rare "blue coral".


Gili Meno


Gili Meno is known for diving. And for travelers who prefer to "earth the firmament", it will be interesting to visit the salt lake in the center of the island.


Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawagan is the largest of three islands (3.5 km). It is known as one of the most interesting places for scuba diving. On the island of Lombok you can make interesting excursions: to the volcano on Mount Rinjani (3726 m altitude), the waterfall Sendang Gila, to the lake Danau Segara Anak, formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Guests will also be interesting to perform the following excursions on the island of Lombok


 A sightseeing tour


You will see the building of the Royal Court, the former Kingdom of Bali, which was built in 1744, with an unusual floating room. You will visit the traditional local bird market, where you will see many species of exotic birds in Lombok. Then you will follow in the Narmada place where you can see the holy spring garden, called the Water of Eternity. Also you can visit the Lingsar place.


 "Nature Aquarium" Tour


Cruise on a traditional wooden boat along the beautiful north coast of Lombok with a visit to the three small islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Eir with their sparkling coral sand beaches and beautiful sea gardens. On the islands you can rest on the beach (snorkeling equipment can be rented).


 National village Tour


You submit to the south of the island to visit Sukararu - national village, Sly traditional wickerwork, visit Penuja, a village known for pottery in primitive style. After this will follow Sengkol and Rambitan - Suzuki village with its huts. You can visit Tanjung takde Ayan - the most beautiful part of the coast of Kuta.


 Serenity Falls


Visit the pristine interior of the island of Lombok. Among the interesting places: the banana market, Lendang Badzhur. You follow to Pusuk Pass, where you can see the wild, but friendly gray of monkeys. Further you visit the village Segentar, a village with very interesting traditions and with a clan of people living in mountains, where bathing is considered to be contrary to local laws. And the highlight of your tour - the waterfall of Tranquility - Sendang Jilly.


Useful Tips


In the sun it is important to use sunscreen with a high degree of protection. It is harmful to swim out of the specially equipped places, as well as at night. Do not drink water from the tap. Use only water in sealed bottles. When is it best to go on the island of Lombok you can relax at any time of year. Maximum number of tourists go there during Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as during the winter season.




The climate on the island of Lombok has an equatorial temperature all the year round and it is held at the level of +26 to +30 ° C. The weather is usually sunny throughout the year, from October to March is characterized by more frequent rains and strengthened winds. The Lombok Island is one of the best resort islands of Indonesia. This is a small island located near the island of Bali and Sumbawa, the island of striking contrasts and contradictions. You will have the opportunity to visit the island, where the rhythm of life is slow, but that's where you'll hear the sound of silence in the mountains, feel the peace and quietness.


The Virgin Island


Lombok is often compared with its famous neighbor - Bali. On Lombok say it's Bali without its culture and beauty that is not quite fair, because the landscapes of Lombok, with its jungles and thickets, coral islands and a long clean beaches are no less beautiful. Residents there are also their traditional way of life, and in the south of the island you can visit picturesque villages. The main difference and the advantage of Lombok is that there are much fewer tourists than in Bali. Nature lovers will love the scenery of the southern coast of the island and the beauty of the mountains Rindzhani. In the central part of Lombok the mountain is visible from everywhere Rindzhani, it is a volcanic cone with a height of 3800 m crater lake in the middle. In the same part of Lombok is a 17-meter waterfall Otakokok, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. In the evening you can enjoy the breathtaking sight - the sun set between the two famous volcanoes - Agung Balinese and Rindzhani. If Bali is a resort for "all mankind", Lombok can be promoted as a place of pilgrimage for newlyweds. It is very common this type of hotel as a boutique hotel - completely insulated housing, just for those who want to enjoy each other's company. Or a villa which separates the access to the beach, a pool, private servants. In general, the level of hotels is very high, quite comparable to Bali, and the prices are somewhat lower. At the time, as the main religion in Bali is Hinduism, although in a unique shape - hindudarma, is a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism and local beliefs which are not found anywhere else, Lombok Muslims inhabit (indeed, Islam is not submitted in a very rigid form) and the local inhabitants - Sasaki - differ superficially from the Balinese in language, way of life and culture. The climate on Lombok is drier and hotter than in Bali. Between these two islands close (2.5 hours on a catamaran) is a deep ocean basin separating Asia and Australia. The best time to travel is all the year round. The rainy season on different islands is not identical. The average annual temperature is of 26 ° C to 28 ° C. This is the place where the transition starts from the western to the eastern part of Indonesia, its flora and fauna, the changes become more pronounced the farther you advance to the East. The northern part of the island is hilly and covered with tall trees and green bushes. The south is barren, arid land, savanna. The dry season is getting long, so the corn and the sago replace rice as the main ingredient for the preparation of most dishes. Lombok is known as the virgin island, ideal for travel and leisure, where you'll find white sandy, quiet beaches, mountains, pristine countryside, tropical vegetation and a rich culture of Indonesia. The island has its own unique charm, no wonder why they say "You can see Bali in Lombok, but not vice versa."


The Kuta Beach


Briefly about the resort: The Kuta Beach. The resort is located on the southern coast of the island also known as Putra Nual beach, one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in this part of Indonesia. From Kut to An Tanzhang 5 kilometers stretch pristine white sandy beaches, safe swimming and bathing. The west of the beaches is for surfing and windsurfing.


The Senggigi Beach


To the north of Bangsala begins the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island of Lombok. Here you will find good hotels. Coral reefs grow in abundance straight from the beach. Excursions to Lombok City tour half day. You will see a water palace Kambang Ball, which was built in 1744. After this, you will be shopping in Bertayse. Also you can visit the largest on the island - the summer palace of  Narmada. Before returning to the hotel you can see the unique temple Lingsar, a place where there are Islamic shrines along with Hindi.


Tour Putrinyale


It is ideal for lovers of art, culture and beautiful beaches. First you visit the village Getap, see blacksmiths making knives, horseshoes, farm equipment, using primitive tools, and then the village Sukurayya, home craftsmen, weavers, then Kuta and Tanjung Aan. Then in a beautiful white sand beach, you can swim and ride a canoe.


Gili  Eir Tour


The main purpose of this tour is to enjoy the marine life on the beautiful beach islands of Gili. First you visit the village market Lendang Badzhur. Then you send the harbor Bangsal, and thence by boat to the island of Gili Eir. Underwater views By boat you go along the northeast coast of Lombok and get up to three wild islands - Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Stay alone with nature on a white beach with crystal clear water, a variety of strange fish and blue and red coral.


The Village Tour


To feel a real atmosphere of the province, visit the village of Gunung Sari, where people are engaged in manufacturing of fine bamboo furniture, and Dzhangkuk is inhabited by talented wood carvers. After that to the village of Karang Bayan, you will see the typical houses of the island of Lombok. Next stop is the Nyurbayya village where the inhabitants are engaged in weaving baskets. Then you will see Suranadi - one of the oldest temples of Hindi.


Adventure in Lombok


The early morning will carry you away to the north-east of Lombok, in place Senart. You will see a traditional village, a waterfall Sendang Gills, rural market, the monkey forest. On the way back you visit a fishing village and the summer palace of the Narmada.

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Indonesia is the largest country- archipelago in the world with over 18,100 islands of which 6000 inhabited.
The name of Indonesia comes from the Greek names “ indos” and “ nesos” and mean the Great Earth and the east of India, situated in the south-east of Asia, north-west of Australia.
Its islands are situated in the Indian Ocean and Pacific and occupy 5100 km near the equator.
Along the equatorial line there are 400 volcanoes of which 130 are active volcanoes, the most famous being Krakatau and Puncan Jaya with a height of 5030 m.
Indonesia hosts many reptile species such as Komodo, named as the Indonesian national specy, Siluk Arwana and Elang Jawa are rare species of falcon.
  Bali, known as “The Morning of the World” is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia.
It is a location full of mystery and magical stories.
This is known as the island of 1,000 temples and it is considered the land of the Lord.
The island lies in the eastern extremity of the island of Java and is composed of coral reefs and landscapes.
  Ubud represents the cultural and the artistic center of Bali, with art galleries and handicraft shops with articles and the south where beaches stretch bordered by palm trees and lush vegetation.
The islands are very beautiful, with large areas of rice crops, volcanoes reaching to the clouds, lush tropical forests and white beaches of the Indian Ocean.
The way of life of Bali is related to religion and dance, paintings and music describing the local life and refers to the essence of the Hindu religion, the struggle between good and evil.
For the people of Bali, dance is the main offering to God and gods.
The dances are accompanied by gamelan orchestra.
During temple ceremonies in order to meet the gods, a group of dancers play around the main altar three times and take in their hands ceremonial objects of different colors, water and fire.
Kintamani is a mountain village situated at an altitude of 1500 m, where the Batur Lake is and you can see the Batur volcano, which is still active.
Here is the Tirta Empul Temple and the Elephants Temple.
The most sacred cave temple in Bali and Indonesia's largest temple is the Temple of Besakih’s Mother.
It dates from the XI century and it is situated at an altitude of 1000 m.
The Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot Tour is where the Taman Ayun Royal Temple Megwi is, the sacred monkey forest near Sangeh where the famous Tanah Lot Temple is on a huge rock surrounded by water.
  Jakarta is a modern city, the political , the social and the cultural center of the country, a dynamic city day and night with impressive buildings, skyscrapers, cultural organizations and research institutions.
The city is a mixture between modern civilization and Asian civilization.
The most impressive monument in Jakarta is the National Monument located in the center of Merdeka Square.
The monument is a marble obelisk that has a flame golden top.
The most beautiful museum in Southeast Asia is the National Museum.
This can be seen through collections of prehistoric, archaeological and ethnographic ceramics and a collection of Hindu Javanese art.
Other attractions in Jakarta are: the Old City and the Sasmita, Loka, Adam Malik and the Military Museums.
The Lombok Island is located near the ocean and includes the Medana and Nusa beaches and Tenggara Barat, a province in the eastern part of the country.
It is surrounded by tropical gardens and is famous because of the 1000 mosques.

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The Island of Lombok - Breathtaking sight
The Island of Lombok - Breathtaking sight

The Island of Lombok - Marvelous view
The Island of Lombok - Marvelous view

The Island of Lombok - Beautiful waterfall
The Island of Lombok - Beautiful waterfall

The Island of Lombok - Pristine nature
The Island of Lombok - Pristine nature

The Island of Lombok - Excellent clean beach
The Island of Lombok - Excellent clean beach

The Island of Lombok - Wonderful scenery
The Island of Lombok - Wonderful scenery

The Island of Lombok - Extraordinary beautiful island
The Island of Lombok - Extraordinary beautiful island