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Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque


The Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque is situated on the Tashkent street, on the hill, opposite Kusama ibn Abbas. The building was constructed in 1823 and according to an old document it is included in a single complex with mazar Kusama ibn Abbas, and was even associated with the road. The architecture of the mosque belongs to the so-called avian type of building, popular in the nineteenth century. In 1854, the previously erected rooms and a small eastern minaret were added. The walls of the mosque are decorated with polychrome ganch, the dome is decorated with an openwork carving in the technique of "chaspak."This, at first glance, is the oldest building in Samarkand which has a long and a remarkable history. Since time immemorial, next to the highlands were the city gates, and next to the aqueduct Argiz that supplied the city with water laid the mosque. There still in the pre-Islamic era was a place of worship to the holy elder Hyzr - patron saint of travelers, the wish-fulfilling worthy, sending the yield and fertility. There was also a well of living water, the one in which, according to the legend, Kusam ibn Abbas, a cousin of the Prophet Mohammed, disappeared from the people. All these can be classified as legends and folk tales, but the historical written sources and archaeological studies suggest that at this place in the XI century was built the first mosque in Samarkand – the "place of Muslim flags." It was destroyed during the invasion of Genghis Khan's troops in 1220, but this place has always been venerated as saint, and in the XIX century on its foundations was built a new mosque known as Hazrat Hyzr .

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                                                                         “Everything I have heard about the beauty of Samarkand is true –                                                                                    except that it is even more beautiful than I could have imagined.
”                                                                                                                                               Alexander the Great, 329 BC   Among the cities of the world, one of the most ancient is Samarkand, which is more than 2750 years old.
There are many legends surrounding its history.
Its praises have been sung by the writers and poets of old.
It has been the home of great scholars and architects, whose works still stand in all their glory to delight and amaze us.
Like other great centers of the ancient world, such as Babylon, Thebes and Rome, Samarkand has a rich and turbulent past.
In the 4th century BC it was conquered by Alexander the Great and his Greek troops.
At the beginning of the 13th century the city experienced the invasion of the barbaric hordes of Genghis Khan whose savage hordes annihilated its population, pillaged its treasure and reduced the city to the heap of ruins.
It looked as though the city was about to enter a long period of decline, but by the latter or the 13th century it had recovered to such an extent, that the Venetian explorer Marco Polo described it as “a very large and impressive city”.
In the late 14th century the Central Asian conqueror Timur (Tamerlan) designed to make Samarkand the capital of his great empire adorned with buildings of unsurpassed splendor, elegance and luxury.
Skillful architects and masons, artists and artisans were brought here from the conquered lands and the construction was launched on a scale that had never been known before.
It was then that the most famous buildings of the city were erected.
Very considerable construction work was also carried on under Ulugbek, Timur’s grandson, who was both an eminent ruler and scholar, the author of astronomic tables known throughout the world.
Under Ulugbek more magnificent buildings were erected.
There are a lot of historical monuments in Samarkand, well known all over the world: the Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble, Gur-Emir Mausoleum, the Registan Square, Bibi Khanym Mosque, the Ulug Bek Observatory.
A lot of tourists from different countries visit Samarkand and its famous monuments, which are dazzled.
Samarkand , the fabled city on the Silk Road, the capital of the conquerors and the Romantic poets to the monastery, still shines as the brightest star among the historical and the cultural centers of the modern world.
Today Samarkand is a place where is carefully preserved the unique spirit of antiquity.
A special combination of its rich monumental and amazing diversity of its cultural traditions make an impression on visitors.

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Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque - Beautiful Mosque
Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque - Beautiful Mosque

Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque - Remarkable Building
Hazrat-Hyzr Mosque - Remarkable Building