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Huashan Caves, China


At the end of the last century in the Chinese province of Anhui, the Huangshan Caves were discovered. Many people immediately dubbed this unique nature as the eighth wonder of the world. In addition, the location of the famous caves is at 30 degrees North latitude (the same as the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle) right to the image of Chinese mining caves. This is something mystical and supernatural. And when it became clear that the cave Huangshan - works not of nature but by human hands, the interest in the opening was huge. Now scientists say the discovery of 36 caves located at a distance of 5 km is amazing. The dimensions of the caves are dazzling. For example, the cave number 2 and number 35 cover an area of more than 17 thousand square kilometers. The cave number 35 is open to the public. There are 36 sites, 26 columns, each of a diameter less than 10 m. All caves have intricate multilevel structures. Some found the bas-reliefs, stone terraces, pools and ponds. Internally the space of caves have alternations of narrow and wide corridors, spacious halls, so it seems that you are on an excursion to the ancient palace of luxury. Regarding the establishment of these unique sites, scientists still argue. Most of them are inclined to think that the caves were built in the era of the Jin Dynasty (III-IV centuries. BC).This is shown by numerous finds of pottery, which was characteristic for this period. Above all, this version is confirmed by preliminary studies of stalactites. Unexplored mysteries, but the mysteries remain. The most important of them is why such a majestic structure wasn’t mentioned in any of the historical sources? How ancient builders were able to withstand the angle sets: the angle of inclination identical caves of Mount Huashan itself? And why in the caves there is any practically echo?

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We see amazing things created by Mother Nature all around the world: huge mountains, beautiful plains, scary jungles and green forests, the lungs of our planet.
Do we know everything about this world? Of course not, and the most interesting thing is that we know a little about what is on the surface of this planet, but nothing is really aware of the fact of what is at the bottom, below the surface.
But underground there are many wonderful things, in particular, the caves, which keep their secrets from us humans.
I want to present to you, dear readers, the most interesting and the most beautiful caves of our world.
From childhood we are taught that there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries, millennia draining down water - drop by drop, and on the ceiling and the floor of the cave gradually formed tumors by mineral particles contained in water.
Caves are subterranean voids that were formed by leaching of soft rocks, tectonic processes, etc.
There is unique fauna in the caves, which members have developed other ways of feeling and movements due to the absence of light.
Each cave is a special world, where you can see its beauty.
Thus, the Onogonda Caves from Missouri and the Red Flute Cave of Canada are known for their stalactites and stalagmites.
The last was named so because the whole cave has excellent acoustic properties, and despite its length of 240 meters, the flute is perfectly audible from end to end.
There also are icy caves where there is plenty of both ice and fire.
The ceilings of some caves are completely covered with ice, and at the bottom some lava flows.
Such caves can be found in Vietnam, Scotland and Norway, respectively.
  Cavity: the real meaning of peace   Cavities are formed by water, which create enormous empty spaces below the surface, washing out the breed for millennia.
Few countries can boast such caves, the cave Deer, known as the longest mall in the world.
A closer example, the Hugden Grotto, known for its waterfalls and in Slovenia Skocjan equally beautiful and frightening.
Man slightly ennobled them, sheds and bridges were conducted under ground electricity, but it further emphasizes the wild nature of these caves.
Morokkan cave in North Africa is probably the most unusual and beautiful cave in the world.
The thing is that in the vault of this cave is a hole, through which the sun looks periodically.
People took it as marked by God for a long time because what else enters the cave beside the sun? Caves are places of mystery, paradox and beauty.
Find out which are the most amazing and famous caves and grottos in the world created by nature.

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Huashan Caves, China - Mystical cave
Huashan Caves, China - Mystical cave

Huashan Caves, China - Underground civilization
Huashan Caves, China - Underground civilization

Huashan Caves, China - Unsolved mystery
Huashan Caves, China - Unsolved mystery