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Sinaia, Romania


Sinaia Ski Resort is in Romania, Southern Carpathians, the Prahova Valley, at the foot of the mountains and Piatra Furnika Arse, 50 km from Brasov and 100 km from Bucharest. It is the largest center for winter recreation , with a rich history. For its beauty it was called the "Pearl of the Carpathians". The high mountains covered with pine forests, picturesque glade, illuminated by the sun, clean healthy air, with plenty of ozone and moderate prices in comparison with the alpine resorts - all these attract tourists from all over the world, including Russia. Sinaia is also considered the most prestigious and fashionable holiday destination for Romanians themselves. Tours in Sinaia are popular all the year round, but if you want to go skiing , you'd better come here from November to March, when the slopes of snow are good. The vacations for the New Year and Christmas in Sinaia are of great demand. Many holiday parties and events are organized for tourists. It is needed to book rooms in advance at the hotel, because they are often crowded (many Romanians come here with their families on New Year's week). Slopes are mainly located in the southern part - on the sunny side. The area is suitable for all skiers - beginners and professionals. Of course, the choice of routes is not as large as the major alpine resorts, but the prices are much lower too. The slopes, as evidenced at least by the fact that there are international competitions. There is a bobsled track, 1.5 km long. For starters there is a running ski school, where the instructor will give you all the necessary lessons to ski confidently. For beginners we recommend the simple slopes of the Valley of Flowers (elevation 50 feet), Pyramid (100 m) and the Old Road (5,000 m - the longest ski resort of Sinaia).But the slope of the Val lui Carp with absolute accuracy can be attributed to one of the most difficult skiing is possible here only for the pros, and before it is desirable to consult with the instructor. The Sinaia Ski resort (Romania) is more designed for relaxing and family holidays. For the fans of noisy nightlife here is interesting too, since there is a disco (located near the Central Avenue). A gourmet can open the door to many restaurants and bars where you can taste traditional Romanian dishes. For an active pastime there is a roller track for bob sleigh and tobogganing, a gym with modern exercise equipment and a swimming pool. Sinai hotels are relatively inexpensive, mainly from 2 to 4 stars. Visitors can stay in the private sector, small guesthouses and villas.


Skiing in Sinaia


An inexpensive resort, which is one of the largest centers of winter rest in Romania; It is easy to reach from the airport by bus or car; Track all levels of difficulty, suitable for both beginners and professionals; It is a perfect place for family recreation; Wonderful nature and clean air with a high content of beneficial negative ions; A lot of interesting historical and cultural attractions; A track for bobsleigh and tobogganing.


Sinaia Ski Resort - features tracks


Maximum height is of 2030 meters above the sea level, the lowest - 1000 m, elevation - 1030 m. A total of 12 tracks, total length 40 km. Of these, 5 blue, 4 red and 3 black. A track for bobsleigh (1.5 km). The longest descent - 5000 m. 20 km of trails to cross the country skiing. Toboggan run - 300 m. Number of lifts - 10, 4 of which are ski lifts, 2 chairlifts, 2 funicular and 2 children (rope).


Sightseeing and excursions in Sinai


1. Sinai monastery of the 17th century, where are many beautiful carved furniture made of maple and oak

 2. Peles Palace at the foot of the mountain massif Karayman - the residence of the first king of Romania. It affects not only architecture facilities, but also the interior: paintings on the walls, a collection of weapons and Murano glass, handmade furniture, carved ceilings and doors.

3. Peleshor palace, where is a historical museum.


Getting there


Wish you a good winter vacation at the ski resort Sinaia in Romania, with excellent snow and a lot of amazing discoveries while visiting local attractions - the Royal Palace and the Monastery of Sinai! Remember this trip for a lifetime!

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Sinaia, Romania - Mountainous region
Sinaia, Romania - Mountainous region

Sinaia, Romania - The Sinaia Monastery
Sinaia, Romania - The Sinaia Monastery

Sinaia, Romania - The pearl of the Carpathians
Sinaia, Romania - The pearl of the Carpathians