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Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra


Soldeu-El Tarter is the most modern and rapidly developing resort, offering a large number of trails of various difficulty levels. It is located in the central part of Andorra. The two villages of Soldeu and El Tarter, located at 3 km from each other in a very picturesque setting for tourists are ideal for training almost all types of winter sports, regardless of the level of training. Soldeu is a small mountain town, where hotels, shops, small restaurants and ski station are located not far from each other. The modern lift system, 86 miles of diverse, well-trained and marked routes, excellent infrastructure, including a convenient scheme lifts, make this resort one of the most popular in Andorra. All categories of skiers can have here fun: ski school and gentle slopes wide suitable for beginners, a "master" can learn the hills "off piste" and mid-level skiers improve their skills on the many slopes. Especially because the route is very picturesque, half of them goes through the forest. Tourists from all countries consider this resort an ideal place for both beginners and experienced skiers in the optimum combination of low prices. It is available in a line for flat skis (though only 2 km), snowboarding and freestyle. In addition, the resort operates three ski schools where there are Russian-speaking instructors.


Attractions at Soldeu - El Tarter


This place is famous for its beautiful 8-mile descent on the road surrounded by pine trees from the mountain top to Soldeu. The elevation difference in these places is 850 m - from 1710 to 2560, TI. The total area for skiing in Soldeu-El Tarter is of 850 ha, the number of runs - 52. The snow cover is stable from December to April due to the location on the northern slopes. Most of the trails run through the forest, which makes them particularly picturesque. Soldeu-El Tarter was credited with the resort for beginners - there is a good entry level road, wide and flat, the ski school (Russian-speaking instructors included), children's ski school and kindergarten for children from 3 to 10 years. Skiers average skating can discover a lot of "blue" and "red" routes of up to 8 km, and an experienced off-piste skiing .Complex slopes in Soldeu are not very many. For snowboarders there is a snow park with half pipe and boarder cross track for. Accommodation in Soldeu and El Tarter is convenient because the hotels are located close to the lower lift station. In Soldeu there are many shops, restaurants and bars, nightlife lasts until dawn. El Tarter is a quiet and a peaceful village. Soldeu-El Tarter can be reached from Barcelona (220 km). The capital, Andorra La Vella can be reached by a regular bus for half an hour in 40 minutes.

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Winter resorts are not only those places which meet us cool, but on the opposite, they are hot and not located in the northern latitudes.
Why? It so happens that in summer we look for the best winter resorts, when the sea, the beaches and other natural beauties are near and do not cease.
But in winter, especially in those places where snow is the usual case, rest does not pick up to the notorious Alps and other mountainous areas, inhabitants of skiing.
However, all things have their order, where the really winter resorts in winter are , and about where the best winter experience in the warmth of hot countries will be, to contrast with the weather in your own region.
Only let us not set priorities between the popular driven, or, in other words, the best winter resorts, let everyone choose their resort where you can spend an unforgettable vacation in winter.

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Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra -  Beautiful view
Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra - Beautiful view

Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra - Notable resort
Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra - Notable resort

Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra - Fairly snowy area
Soldeu-El Tarter, Andorra - Fairly snowy area