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Chamonix, France


Chamonix means charm, style and good mood. The organization of leisure in this unique part of France is wonderful. Here is everything that comes to mind when thinking about the ideal winter resort: skiing , snowboarding , telemarking , skating ,ski tours , mountaineering , ice climbing, walking on snow shoes, service guides and mountain guides . Chamonix has plenty of opportunities to spend time indoors. You can go to an indoor rock climbing center (it is not difficult), located in Les Houches. You can look at the ice rink or the Sports Centre . Or would you prefer a health center , sauna , a Russian sauna and jacuzzi ? The only choice is yours.




The Valley of Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe (4810 m). There are many glaciers in Mont Blanc, massif glaciers , including the Glacier des Bossons and Mer de Glace decorated on the flanks.




Two related cableways take you from the valley to a level of 3842 m, where a breathtaking panoramic view opens over the valley of Chamonix and the French Alps. This is the second most visited attraction in France after the Eiffel Tower. The snow-white cap of the peak of Mont Blanc seems quite close. In winter you can watch the skiers on foot crawling on a sharp ridge to the top of the mountain, a multi kilometer descent along the famous White Valley. Summer affords climbers to conquer the surrounding rock.




The traditional iron tram takes you from the center of Chamonix to the base of the glacier Mer de Glace and its ice caves. This spectacular landscape was used for Mary Shelley's legendary hero for the meeting of Victor Frankenstein and the creature he created.




Brevent boasts inspiring views of Mont Blanc holy fear and Aiguille du Midi. You can take the gondola from the city center and enjoy the highland banquet at the restaurant Le Panoramic at an altitude of 2500 m.




The Alpine Museum provides an insight into the history and the past of the valley of Chamouni to modern Chamonix. Plus there is the Museum of Crystal, where many exhibitions are organized.




Chamonix Valley is sandwiched between Italy and Switzerland, and you can be in any of these countries in about half an hour after the start. You can take a scenic rail trip to the Mont Blanc Express from Chamonix to Martigny in Switzerland. The second part is an exciting ride on the funicular railway from the border. If you want to taste an authentic Italian coffee, you can get through the Mont Blanc tunnel. The architecture and landscape is very different, and the town of Courmayeur offers delicious Italian food and a very high quality shopping experience. It is even possible to rent a fur coat for the day, if we feel an urge to be in very topic!




Chamonix center overlaps on Saturday morning to make way for a bright French market. This is an excellent opportunity to try local foods in their most fresh. A legend in Chamonix - fried chicken ! Buy a chicken and a loaf of bread on the way to the mountains, and then stop for a picnic after a hard morning's skiing (or mall).Chickens will be wrapped in special foil and remain warm for several hours. Thinking about the beauty of the mountains, the snow-capped peaks and winter break, the first thing that comes to mind is the resort of Chamonix in France. Chamonix is, perhaps, one of the most popular resorts in Europe. As the historic capital of Alpine skiing, Chamonix attracts tourists from all over the world with its charm and originality. Located between the Mont Blanc massif (the highest mountain in Europe - 4,807 m) and an array of Egyuy Rouge, an old ski resort of Chamonix opens up a wonderful view of the highest peaks of the Alps. Chamonix Valley is pretty wide and stretches from the village of Les Houches to Argentiere at 16 km.

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Winter resorts are not only those places which meet us cool, but on the opposite, they are hot and not located in the northern latitudes.
Why? It so happens that in summer we look for the best winter resorts, when the sea, the beaches and other natural beauties are near and do not cease.
But in winter, especially in those places where snow is the usual case, rest does not pick up to the notorious Alps and other mountainous areas, inhabitants of skiing.
However, all things have their order, where the really winter resorts in winter are , and about where the best winter experience in the warmth of hot countries will be, to contrast with the weather in your own region.
Only let us not set priorities between the popular driven, or, in other words, the best winter resorts, let everyone choose their resort where you can spend an unforgettable vacation in winter.

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Chamonix, France - Astounding place
Chamonix, France - Astounding place

Chamonix, France - Extraordinary panoramic trip
Chamonix, France - Extraordinary panoramic trip

Chamonix, France - Exceptional natural area
Chamonix, France - Exceptional natural area