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Kuusamo, Finland


Finland is a perfect country for your Christmas holidays in winter. Kuusamo is one of the most popular sports regions in Finland, located at the foot of Rukatunturi, which has a height of 492 m above the sea level. This is the southernmost resort in Lapland, which is called the City of the Moon and the "Gateway to Lapland". Kuusamo is a contrast to characteristic temperatures considerably in different seasons and some beautiful snowy winters. A unique combination of the nature as the stories and a high level of tourist services have made the region popular among the winter recreation destinations. The last season starts in October and lasts till May. The Ruka resort, at 25 km from Kuusamo, is a network part (about 450 km) accessible to beginners, but able to meet the expectations of all experienced skiers. The amazing nature of these places is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent: the magnificent mountain scenery, the crystal lakes and the rivers. You can have a great time and active recreation here, for those who seek solitude. Kuusamo-Ruka is not far from Lapland to the north-east of the Iso-bustle. The resort is situated at the foot of the hill arm, whose height is 497 meters.


Climate and weather


The climate is arctic. The average winter temperature is of -10 -18 C, in summer 15 +26 C.


Things to Kuusamo-Ruka - that are worth a visit


You can go on a trip to Rovaniemi - visit Santa Park and Santa Claus Village and see the Siberian huskies farm and reindeer farm.


Travel Tips


 World Ruka Cup Nordic Opening is the largest annual sporting event in the winter program of local events. It is played on sets of awards in the cross-country skiing, ski jumping and nordic combined. The ski season lasts from November to early May. The resort has 28 slopes, slaloms, which are always in excellent condition, and 360 km of groomed trails (including 41 km of lights at night), 18 lifts, including 4 chairlifts provide excellent bandwidth. The skiing area is divided into western and eastern parts. In the west, there are more challenging tracks, with steep slopes, but not very long. In the eastern part slopes are long, but quieter. The Saarua area can be used by professionals. Here, the complex and the long descents with great elevation changes, moreover, that the mountain is covered with forest, so nice to ride in any weather. The resort has a children's garden, in which teachers are engaged with children who speak Finnish, German and English. Popular attractions here are snowmobiling (laid special routes), dog or reindeer. The Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropikki is a great fitness center and a water park, surrounded by tropical vegetation. The sports center offers a platform for tennis, badminton, gym, golf simulator, solarium and sauna. There are are numerous trails for hikers. Very popular is the multi-day hike in "bear" the trail (75 km), leading to the Oulanka canyon in a nature reserve.


Transportation .


The Ski Bus is a very comfortable bus, which runs on a schedule between the tourist village and the ski slopes. Restaurants . The cozy restaurants Kuusamo hand a wide variety of traditional dishes of venison, trout and beautifully presented European cuisine.


Shopping .


For shopping you can go to the Kumpare mall.

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Kuusamo, Finland - Beautiful snowy resort
Kuusamo, Finland - Beautiful snowy resort

Kuusamo, Finland - Perfect resort for the winter
Kuusamo, Finland - Perfect resort for the winter

Kuusamo, Finland - Fairy tale winter
Kuusamo, Finland - Fairy tale winter