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Zermatt Ski Resort


The idyllic mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn has developed into one of the most important summer and winter resorts. Any means of transport is prohibited in Zermatt, except for horse-drawn carriages and sleds., Electric cars are also allowed to move on the ski resort of Zermatt in Switzerland. Zermatt is one of the top ten of the best alpine resorts in Europe and it may be worthy of the title of the "correct" one. It is "home" to the mountain of Matterhorn (4478 m) with a similar form to the classic shape of a pyramid. Monolithic cliffs surround the town with a beautiful semi-circle, so, from what point you want to make photos in Zermatt, you will definitely get a Christmas card. The old-world charm is present in Zermatt, there are many buildings which age has about three hundred years. It is interesting that the southern side of the houses are built of wood, to accumulate heat in the winter, and in the north they are from stone to keep cool when the sun shines very much. A beautiful example of stewardship: so save and warm and cold.


Skiing in Zermatt.


 The mountains around Zermatt are high and steep and require not only courage, but also excellent technical training. The choice of ski runs is enormous, including a snowboard. From the city center to the top of Sunegga (2290 m) is an "underground rock" - an underground funicular in three minutes takes you to 700 m. The Klein Matterhorn area and the Rosa Plateau make skiing possible in summer on the largest glacier in Europe, up to an altitude of 3,900 m . It is only necessary to bear in mind that the routes on the glacier indicate officers patrol avalanche safety, and no one suggested to interfere with its recommendations. All three areas are dominated by rolling the 'black' slopes. But the area Sunegga - Rothorn, sunny and sheltered from the wind is the most suitable for family skiing: there is enough variety in the profile and exposure routes for a comfortable ride. There are simple "blue" trails in the area of Schwarzsee, but they are few, and they are surrounded by "black" and "red" routes that children and inexperienced skiers can be uncomfortable. Ski-pass for 6 days up to 227 euro. Snowboarders: 2 fan park, 2 snow-park with Half Pipe (1 on the glacier), border-cross track. In total, for the rest of Zermatt and the surrounding are 120 hotels and guesthouses. During the season prices are "going wild", that’s why it is better to book a place in advance. If you want a real holiday in Switzerland ask a place in Zermatt. There is a total of about 100 restaurants, bars, discotheques and dance halls. There is a sports center with swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, ice rink. You can ride on a sled and take a helicopter ride. In the center there are also a lot of expensive jewelry shops and boutiques. Prices are high, but you can get really unique things.


Evaluation expert - Zermatt, Switzerland


There are a lot of trails for alpine skiers. You have the rare possibility to ski in summer. There is an extensive network of ski lifts. There you can see a unique beauty of landscapes. The nearest ski area is not related to each other, the road on the Italian side takes time. Alpine skiing is to tow lifts on the northern slopes even if the wind is very cold. Every year in early October, there is the "Russian Week" - concerts, "round tables", business meetings and events for everyone.


Characteristics of the resort of Zermatt


 Height of resort: 1860 m

 The total length of g / l of trails: 234 km

 Vertical drop of skiing: 1620-3820 m

 Number of lifts: 70  Features g / L lines

 Blue (medium) - 71 km

 Red (difficult) - 131 km

 Black (very difficult) - 32 km

 Ski season - 12.10-5.05

 Total capacity - 75 700 ( Zermatt and Cervinia )

 Total length of marked trails ( Zermatt ) - 194 km

 Total length of marked trails ( Zermatt and Cervinia ) - 400 km Short-term rental chalets and apartments for vacation on the ski resort of Zermatt . This ski resort is among the ten most popular resorts in Switzerland.

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Zermatt,Switzerland - Amazing destination
Zermatt,Switzerland - Amazing destination

Zermatt,Switzerland - Popular winter resort
Zermatt,Switzerland - Popular winter resort

Zermatt,Switzerland - Beautiful view
Zermatt,Switzerland - Beautiful view

Zermatt,Switzerland - World-famous Swiss resort
Zermatt,Switzerland - World-famous Swiss resort