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Château de Bagnols, France


The castle was built in the XV century, but it also includes parts of a fortress dating older in 1221. The fortress was damaged after the Second World War, reaching almost a ruin. The year 1987 was the turning point and the revival of the castle: the property was bought by an English philanthropist, Paul Hamlyn, whose wife was involved in restoration, transforming the castle into a luxury spectacular hotel. The renovation has resulted in costs of 10 million pounds and required the hiring of 400 specialists . The castle keeps all elements of a typical medieval fortress, the moat and the lofty towers that protected the city, the bridge that allowed the entry rocker only those invited. The lifestyle of French aristocrats was reproduced inside the castle, the huge four-poster beds, the marble baths and the Renaissance frescoes found themselves place during renovation. The places are limited: only 21 rooms available, of which 8 are apartments. Situated in the Beaujolais region, famous for its wine, the castle encourages guests to explore the nearby vineyards. Visitors are offered free bicycles with which to explore the region at their own pace: you can visit the many vineyards in the area and can dine at restaurants in the area, which are recognized by the Michelin guide as being among the best in the country. If you do not want to fatigue cycling, you can opt for a chariot ride provided by the hotel, this fun costing you at least 460 €. If you want something more spectacular than cycling or walking to the chariot, you can opt for a flight balloon. For 360 € (for 1-2 people) or € 260 (for groups of 3 persons or more) you can admire the beauty of the region for an hour in the air. You also have the option to explore the area from a helicopter, 20 or 30 minute flight costing € 106 and € 160 respectively of a person. Its unrivaled beauty and the fact that it is at about an hour's drive from Lyon airport, the Bagnols castle is one of the most popular hotels among those who want to live an unforgettable experience. It is said that Tom Cruise was so impressed that he wanted to stay in Bagnols and even to buy the castle, being refused by Lady Hamlyn. She agreed to divide the property until 2007, when he gave it to a chain of luxury hotels for 17 million pounds. The cheapest double room costs € 599 per night, the cost amounts to € 799 if you want to have and dinner included at a Michelin star restaurant that is in the castle. For those who want to rent the castle for weddings or private parties, the price is of 25,000 euros (28,000 euros in summer).




Hotel Chateau De Bagnols 4 * is a beautiful and luxurious hotel-castle , situated in the heart of the Beaujolais region, 28 km from Lyon. The castle, founded in the 13th century, stands in beautiful surroundings, including perennial vines, green hills and dense forests. Since 1987, the castle was owned by Helen and Paul Hamlyn, under the strict guidance of which was fully reconstructed building, which lasted four years. As a result, a unique castle regained its former splendor and magnificence. Today the castle is not only the largest historical monument in France, but also a unique Luxury Hotel. In its walls 21 luxurious rooms and suites for guests are placed. Each of them is decorated in a special project with luxurious fabrics, antique furniture, tapestries and frescoes dating from the 15th century. The hotel's restaurant "Salle des Gardes", was starred by the famous French guide, Michelin. It offers an excellent selection of regional specialties and a wide range of wine regions of Beaujolais and Burgundy. While good weather, the guests are served on the terrace facing south, in the shadow of the 100-year old lime trees. Chateau de Bagnols has received many international awards. In 2003, the hotel became one of the five-star luxury hotel "Rocco Forte Hotels", and in 2006 the magazine "Conde Nast Traveller" recognized it as one of the best hotels in the world.




Château de Bagnolet 4 * is located 28 km north-west of Lyon, in the heart of the Beaujolais. The distance to Geneva - 183 km, Paris - 440 km, Saint-Tropez - 440 km, Nice - 496 km, Monaco - 517 km.


The great design of the Hotel Chateau De Bagnols 4 *


Hotel Château de Bagnolet 4 *is a testament to the exceptional talent of Lady Hamlyn, where by the premises of the castle was carefully restored and converted into luxury apartments class suite. The apartments are named after prominent personalities who have contributed to the history of the castle. Each room has a private bathroom and modern facilities, set up on the latest telecommunications and technology. Many of the rooms are located in the towers, so they have a round shape and narrow windows. The elements of decor are the soft velvet, the shiny silk, and rare antiques. Particular attention was paid to small details that reflect the heritage of the castle: handmade glass, stylized 18th century brought from Alsace, table linen from Northern Ireland, and exquisite silk upholstery for furniture made in Lyon.


Room Types


Traditional Rooms: a queen-size bed or two single beds, located in a castle or residence.

Deluxe Rooms: a queen-size bed, located in a castle or residence, overlooks the valley, the garden or courtyard in the Renaissance style.

Suites: a queen-size bed, a living room , a fireplace and murals are located in a castle or residence, overlooks the valley, a courtyard or a Renaissance village.

Junior Suites: a Queen-size bed or two single beds, a lounge, located in a castle or residence, many decorated with wall murals.

Apartments : a King-size Bed, a separate living room, a dining room, fireplace, located in the residence, overlooks the valley, a separate exit to the garden. A bathroom, a hair dryer, toiletries , robes, a fireplace, air conditioning, bottled water, safe, satellite / cable TV, Internet access, fax (on request), ironing facilities and cots (on request), room service.


The Hotel Chateau De Bagnols 4 *offers Daily breakfast. The gastronomic restaurant "La Salle des Gardes" , serves regional cuisine and a wide range of wine regions of Beaujolais and Burgundy. Guests are served in a spectacular historic hall of the restaurant, decorated with a gothic fireplace, or in good weather - on the terrace, located on the south side, under the shade of 100 year old lime trees. The spectacular sitting room "Le Cuvage" , located in the former winery castle with preserved ancient wine presses of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. There are facilities designed for wine tastings, concerts and private parties. Outdoor there is heated a swimming pool with a diameter of 17.5 m and a depth of 1.49 m. The six meeting rooms accommodate from 5 to 120 people and are equipped with modern technologies. The interior of each room has a distinctive charm and unique decor. The library is located on the second floor of the main building of the castle and it can accommodate from 30 to 40 people.


The "Salon de Musique" is a unique room with large windows overlooking the moat, it contains from 15 to 20 guests and it is decorated with wood paneling and a fireplace. The "Salon Prive" is decorated with fine wooden panels, seats up 15 people and it is ideal for business lunches. The "Cuvage" hall seats from 40 to 200 people, it is located on the site of a former winery. The hall is beautifully restored and decorated with a magnificent fireplace. The winery "Salle des Tonneaux" stores barrels of wine of the 19th century. It is a great place for cocktails and wine tasting. Business services, Internet access, photocopy and fax, picnic, parking, elevator, audio-visual equipment, air conditioning, luggage storage, safe deposit box, fresh newspapers, currency exchange, and equipment for guests with disabilities. The staff own several foreign languages; Hour Front Desk, concierge, room service, dry cleaning, banquet and wedding services, babysitting, massage, doctor (on request), gift shop, transfer to the airport, car renting.


Sports and recreation in the vicinity of Castle


Hotel Chateau De Bagnols 4 * : excursions to the vineyards of Beaujolais and Burgundy, visiting the nearby small market towns and villages with beautiful Romanesque churches and monasteries, tennis courts (within walking distance) , horseback riding, casino "Le Lyon Vert" (30 min. away), skiing, hot air balloons. Golf Centers: Golf de La Tour de Salvagny (19 km from Bagnols, 18-hole course), Golf Club de Lyon at Villette d'Anton (66 km from Bagonls), Golf du Gouverneur Monthieux at (33 km from Bagnols, 18-hole course). Located on the slopes of green hills in the heart of the province of Beaujolais, Chateau de Bagnols is a true masterpiece of architecture of the XIII century. It is no coincidence that Chateau de Bagnols is a member of the prestigious Association of The Leading Small Hotels of the World, and since October 2003, Chateau de Bagnols was listed as a five star luxury Rocco Forte Hotels. The interiors of the castle is decorated with priceless works of art: antique furniture, paintings, carpets. That only is a magnificent blue porcelain and white heraldic colors, produced one of the oldest French factories in Limoges, or handmade glass of the XVIII century from Alsace! Rooms stagger the imagination with luxuries and lavish interior. They are decorated with paintings by famous artists, works of art and antiques. The soft velvet and the finest silk, often used in the design, are pleasing to the eye and rich color saturation. Chateau de Bagnols is now not only a place of aristocratic leisure but also an ideal choice for business events conferences, receptions, meetings.

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Château de Bagnols, France - Excellent hotel
Château de Bagnols, France - Excellent hotel

Château de Bagnols, France - A true masterpiece of architecture
Château de Bagnols, France - A true masterpiece of architecture

Château de Bagnols, France - Interior
Château de Bagnols, France - Interior

Château de Bagnols, France - A unique castle
Château de Bagnols, France - A unique castle

Château de Bagnols, France - A luxury spectacular hotel
Château de Bagnols, France - A luxury spectacular hotel

Château de Bagnols, France - Romantic Castle Hotel
Château de Bagnols, France - Romantic Castle Hotel