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The Zentendorf Tree House, Germany


If you ever fancied to live in the trees like the Swiss Robinson Family, visit the first hotel in the tree of Germany. Not long ago, Germany opened its hotel on a tree and once it opened it chained itself to the crowds of tourists. Enterprising Germans offer fans an exotic vacation to settle on a tree in the hotel complex called The Zentendorf Tree House, where there is an atmosphere of carelessness and childhood. The hotel can be found in the Zentendorf village, north of Gorlitz in eastern Germany, “ Kulturinsel Einiedel” Park. The idea of this hotel belongs to Jurgen Bergmann who was a fantastical wooden play artist well-known in all Europe. The owners of the hotels offer guests a five rooms decorated tree, linked by a narrow corridor. Also, each room provides with a balcony, a toilet and a wall. All this grandeur is placed at a height of nine meters, which is comparable to living on the third floor. The price per day at the hotel is from 182 to 275 dollars, that is definitely worth the indelible impressions that people will get. After all, for the sake of exciting adventures, people can afford such costs as this will be something to remember and to share with friends.

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If all of your trips are alike, try something a little different - for example, feel like a bird, settling into a hotel located in a pleasant foliage of exotic wood .
Such an exotic vacation destination, called ecotourism is gaining popularity.
After all, a man living in a tree, on the one hand, is closest to nature (while still having all the blessings of civilization), and on the other hand he is immersed in the real world of childhood, becoming a party to an interesting adventure.
Tree houses were built a long time ago, for different reasons and in different countries around the world .
More recently, the organizers of leisure travelers came to a brilliant idea to use this method of settlement for travelers.
Nowadays, big cities and big urban residents tend to break out of them and relax in nature.
Therefore, this popular hotel under the name of the unusual "tree house" (in addition, there are restaurants in the trees ) is unusual.
Such hotels are not very many in the world, but fans of the exotic vacation can find them in various parts of the earth.
Most hotels are in the tree house for exotic European locations.
They are, by tradition, placed on huge beautiful trees somewhere in the rainforests, so that settled there, it is more adventurous to have an excellent opportunity to communicate with the monkeys, wild birds and other animals.
Although the hotels in the trees is far from being a novelty, but still they can be attributed with certainty in the category of the most unusual hotels in the world.
Indeed, for fans of Tarzan and Mowgli a holiday abroad will be an unforgettable adventure, if you live in a hotel room in the branches of huge trees.
It would seem that some facilities may be provided in such travel conditions, and, nevertheless, the owners of wood- hotels and hotels of the world provide comfort to its guests.
Of course, these are not hotels, trains , airplanes, hotels or luxury suites at sea , or hotels in the mountains , but, for example, ice hotels and hotels in the trees can easily compete all these.
Given that wood is not complex enough.
I will try to offer the most interesting types of hotels in the trees for an unforgettable vacation.

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The Zentendorf Tree House, Germany - Interior of the tree house
The Zentendorf Tree House, Germany - Interior of the tree house

The Zentendorf Tree House, Germany - A fantastical wooden hotel
The Zentendorf Tree House, Germany - A fantastical wooden hotel