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Envision Green Hotel, Miami


American architects of the company Michael Rosenthal Associates, located in Miami (Florida) submitted a grand design for a building shaped like a giant egg - Envision Green Hotel, which is partly an ecological hotel, partly a wind tower. In the central part of the building wind turbines, providing its inhabitants with fresh air and energy will be placed. Inside the building environmentally friendly gardens will be available, acting as a kind of insulation and air-purifying, and photovoltaic panels will allow the skyscraper exterior without the intervention of the central power of the city to capture and store the solar energy. Located on the perimeter of the hotel, special containers for collection and further purification of rainwater will be used for swimming pools and irrigation systems. The hotel rooms will even be visually isolated from the outside world. The windows are not just glass construction, and the latest monitors of the apartment dweller show amazing scenery. The hotel guests will benefit from the service control mood, which will give them an opportunity to adjust lighting in the room and opt for digital images. As planned by the architects during the night the walls of the building will change their color, making it "like a giant Faberge egg," glowing in the dark. Professionals lead for a holiday party making it unforgettable, and as you wish - this turns it into a fantastic show.

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We live in a dynamic and changing world.
Therefore, the future will prosper only for those who have something special to offer.
The hotel designers of tomorrow take into account these trends in creating the most futuristic hotels worldwide.
And I’m more than sure that if you are a world traveler, a businessman or just an occasional tourist, these amazing, innovative hotels of the future will catch your attention and will take your breath away.
If for the most luxurious hotels in the world opulence was the watchword, the key words that characterize the architectural jewels of the future are: luxury space, light, science fiction, super-technology, elegant curves, and exorbitant strategic locations – the hotels of tomorrow will not only be on land but also underwater and even cosmic.
They are located in strategic destinations around the globe, locations truly out of this world.
What is extraordinary is that some of these hotels have gone from being only a futuristic concept but began to become reality.
The only luxury futuristic hotel completed is the famous Burj al Arab in Dubai (UAE).
Here is the list of the top most futuristic luxury hotels in the world which are a proof that we witness remarkable changes.
Welcome to the future!

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Envision Green Hotel, Miami - Fantastic hotel
Envision Green Hotel, Miami - Fantastic hotel

Envision Green Hotel, Miami - Grand design of a Hotel
Envision Green Hotel, Miami - Grand design of a Hotel