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The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji


Despite the fact that the island of Poseidon is not on any map of the world, it will be home to a unique underwater resort very soon. Surrounded by a depth of 12 feet along one of the islands of Fiji , washed by a crystal clear turquoise lagoon has an area of 20 square kilometers. Poseidon is the only place in the world where guests can spend the night in an unique underwater hotel estimated of seven stars service now. The Poseidon Resort is not the first with such a structure. The first underwater housing was built under the Conshelf II project by Jacques Cousteau in 1962. Then 70 submarines premises designed mainly for a short-lived research were built . Now there are only two of them, and both in Florida: the U.S. Aquarius - a private research center located at a depth of 15 meters and Jules Undersea Lodge a quite successful underwater motel. Poseidon ( after the name of the god of the sea) is a hotel designed by Bruce Jones – the President of Submarines, the U.S.A. who spent much of his career designing submarines for the rich people. The Poseidon Hotel is close to Fiji, 12 m under water and it has 22 rooms of 51 square meters each. Each room will have a 270 degree view of the ocean. The Poseidon Underwater Resort will offer tourists possibilities to steer the submarine and to make excursions among the coral reefs and practice different sports. A room will be $ 15,000 per night, the price includes a private jet transportation from the airport in Fiji. Status: in construction. The estimated cost of the project: $ 105,000,000.




The history of the project goes into the childhood of the main architect of the project of the underwater hotel resort. At an early age, Bruce Jones had the idea to translate this underwater life of the project. Jules Verne and the documentary series The Odyssey, finally determined the profession and the lifestyle of the talented architect. In 1993, Bruce Jones founded his company of the construction of the U.S.A. Underwater Submarines. The immediate start of the work on the Mysterious Island of Poseidon project was launched in 2001. Bruce Jones founded the Poseidon Undersea Resorts and all the work was focused only on the Poseidon Hotel Project. For the construction of this tourist complex the place was very carefully chosen analyzing all financial and environmental aspects.




Initially the tourist complex was planned to be built from scratch, but for special reasons it was decided to build an underwater hotel on the basis of the scientific underwater station. All touristic structures will be located on a sandy bottom, in the close proximity to the magnificent reef of the Fiji Islands. Forty eight bungalows situated on the shore expect the tourists, and twenty-five are immediately submerged in the tourist complex Poseidon Undersea Resort . The standard underwater tour includes a six-day stay in the complex: two nights under water and one in the coastal hotel room. The opening of the tourist complex was postponed several times, and today it is not already opened. The official website of the tourist mega-project was listed at an indefinite date - the beginning of this, in 2010. But the hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort has not been opened yet. However, requests for visits have already been taken. The application can be submitted on the official website of Poseidon Resort. It was already done by about sixty thousand people. Taking into account that the underwater hotel may takes eight thousand tourists a year, it is easy to calculate that you can get there only after many years. The Underwater Resort Hotel rooms have a huge double bed, high speed internet, TV cable and all the "necessity" inherent in the hotel rooms of top class. By the way, it will receive the classification of a 7 stars underwater hotel. The walls are so clear and transparent , because of the use of the advanced technologies that the boundary between the tourists and the underwater world will be virtually wiped out. The underwater reef life of the tourist complex is bound to attract people here on underwater depths. Someone wants to discover the depths of the ocean, and someone decided to tame the wilderness. This hotel will not, perhaps, have the auto parking areas, but inside there will be beauty salons, hair salons and spa salons, bars and restaurants, tennis courts, a library and a a golf course. Be sure to be offered lessons diving, an underwater journey in its own Triton submarine and many other things to enjoy. An exclusive service of the marriage under the water will be also implemented. There is some romance. The basic structure of the Hotel Poseidon Resorts will be located at a depth of twelve feet from the surface. The cost of living in the underwater tourist resort Poseidon, will make fifteen thousand dollars for a standard tour, 4 nights plus 2. The price also includes the air travel to and from the island of Fiji to the hotel. In the hotel the tourists can go two ways, remember how in the refrain, one wet - another dry: on the underwater submarine or 2 tunnels and with the elevator.


Do you want to get wet?


The visitors of the "Poseidon" Hotel will be able to do all kinds of diving: diving snorkelling, scuba diving or stroll along the bottom of the lagoon system with a special Sea-Trek . And those who love to lie on the sand will enjoy the serenely swaying in a hammock and meditating under the light of the moon and stars. The Poseidon resort , combining modern comfort and pristine tropical nature, offers excellent conditions for the restoration of the body, mind and spirit. Its visitors will be offered six restaurants and seven bars, including the largest and the most elegant underwater restaurant, a unique bar, located on the top of a tree, an underwater shop, a water sports center and a boutique. Guests can also enjoy an underwater library, a theater and a conference room, which is perfect for any occasion, including wedding ceremonies. For fitness there will be a golf course, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a health club. Poseidon will offer 3 types of premises: the first - on the ground, the second - over the water, and the third - under the ocean surface. A subsea space elevator will take visitors to 12 meters under water where will be located 24 cozy rooms and a large apartment. In order to give the guests a real sense of life in the aquarium, most (60 percent) of the walls in the rooms are made from a transparent material "methacrylate" - one of the most commonly used materials in the construction of submarines. Such walls are as thick as 6 inches and can withstand the pressure of the water column. The ground villa location of each of the 48 bungalows are located is unique. Twenty one bungalows, which are located on the beach boast private courtyards with ponds, covered bridges equipped, 27 cottages suspended over the surface of crystal clear waters of tropical lagoons. Bungalows are decorated in a style that harmonize perfectly with the natural environment. They are all equipped with a covered veranda, air conditioning, wooden furniture and private pools. Relax, enjoy the solitude, tropical cocktails, great views of the turquoise lagoon and spectacular sunsets of the Fiji Islands.


How to get to Poseidon?


Very simple. Please contact the resort on site and take your passport and forward - in Fiji! After arriving at the Nadi International Airport you will meet representatives of the resort and you will be delivered to Poseidon at the twin-engined aircraft company.


Why to go to Poseidon?


- to fulfill the dream of under water life

-to live on a tropical island

-to have a romantic honeymoon or vacation

-to receive unforgettable gifts by your loved ones

-to look at the island from a bird's eye

-to learn to control an underwater submarine

-to view sunsets from a private pool with a cocktail in hand

-to try great wines and tropical cocktails

-to swim underwater at a depth of three hundred meters

-to run naked on a separate island honeymoon

-to Look at the stars through a telescope

-to explore one of the nine caves

-to sip champagne at a private beach strip.

-to dive to the coral reefs of Fiji

-to explore the coast of the island and the shell reefs on a kayak

- to have a paragliding ride over the lagoon, at an area of 20 sq km.

-to make a night dive on a beach

-to be one of the first person on the planet who has visited an underwater resort.

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The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji - Top underwater marine spot
The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji - Top underwater marine spot

The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji - Unique Hotel in the world
The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji - Unique Hotel in the world