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For most of us a holiday in Austria consists of a walk in the beautiful Vienna or its excellent ski resorts. But, there is a region in this country that does not leave anyone indifferent . This is the land of blue lakes called Carinthia. It is located in the south of Austria , in the heart of the Alps, on the border with Italy and Slovenia. And, perhaps, a common place phrase "there but the mountains of the valley" was once associated with this terrain. Tourists come to these valleys every year. This is the purest and the one of the cleanest places on the Earth. They are more than a thousand! Most of them are not just water crystal and clear, but drinkable too. The largest lake is Wörthersee. Its length is of 16 kilometers, and its depth is more than 80 meters. Each year in May, when the holiday season opens here, the mayor of Klagenfurt (the capital of Carinthia) goes by boat in the middle of the lake, so solemnly to the applause of the audience to drink some water from the Wörthersee! This ritual is a confirmation of the fact that the lake of Carinthia is still crystal clear. And once the water from the lake can be drunk, it means that you can bathe too. Therefore, Carinthia is rightly called the "Austrian Riviera". On the shores of the lakes there are sandy beaches. There is also a green lawn with deck chairs, to go directly to the clear water which temperature in summer reaches 27 ° C.


The second largest lake in Carinthia is Millshtatskoe, famous for its spectacular scenery, which can be observed as a bank, and walking along it by a small boat . During such trips do not forget to take your bait, believe me. The lake is inhabited by eel, lake trout, walleye and even pike. The amateurs of active rest will feel in Carinthia, as in heaven. The abundance of proposals is really amazing. This is a walk in the mountain, biking and paragliding and hot air ballooning, and river rafting and archery, golf, windsurfing and yachting. Welcome To get in Carinthia is simple: there are regular flights from Vienna, less than an hour will take you to Klagenfurt. Most of the hotels and guest houses that you look after yourself to relax have their own beaches, and the buildings, usually built right on the beach. If you love the home atmosphere, you can book a room in a quiet family hotel, where the hosts will offer you a lunch and dinner with them . They are welcoming and their homes are always opened to visitors. If you're interested in spas, swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants and bars accept an invitation from one of the 4 - or 5-star hotels in Carinthia.


Celtic water


The healing thermal springs at Warmbad Villach, which is located west of Klagenfurt, were known before our era. Celts lived in Carinthia at that time. Forty million liters of water daily from six sources out of the depths of the mountains to the surface fill its thermal pools and therapeutic baths. Such an incredible amount of water is a unique feature of Warmbad. The water temperatures reaches 29 ° C. It is rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. Embrace the whole world When you go all along and across the lake, you should do sightseeing in the land. Go directly to the capital of Carinthia, Klagenfurt. It is situated on the eastern shore of Wörthersee lake. Start your walk from the Old Town Square, from which a lot of streets diverge. Ask to see Landhaus - Carinthia administration building, built in the XVI century. And if you're lucky, you will be able to get inside and there is something to see! For example, 655 coats of arms belonging to the regions of Carinthia and its rulers. Coming out of the Landhaus, go to New Square, which, despite its name, exists since the XVI century. Here is the main symbol of the city - a fountain Lindvurm-Brunnen, which depicts a dragon and the hero with the club behind its back. According to the legend, the dragon lived in the depths of Lake Wörthersee and for a long time was left to the city. Until then, no brave man was found to defeat him. Tired of walking, sit down to relax in one of the cozy restaurants on the waterfront. And be sure to return to the coast in the evening so as not to miss a unique event: the water is situated right on the scene, where every evening, concerts are given and musicals are played.


The next item on your itinerary in Carinthia should be the "Minimundus" park on the outskirts of Klagenfurt. The name stands for "world in miniature," and it matches what you see there. In its territory 170 most outstanding architectural works in the world had been collected. They are recreated in minute detail and are built from the same materials as the originals. This is truly an unforgettable sight! After all, you see, in real life, it is unlikely that you build it, admiring the Eiffel Tower, look around and see St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City or the Indian Taj Mahal.


Unforgettable taste of Carinthia


"And what kind of food is there?" . Food is a delight for gourmets in Carinthia. And the local cuisine is offered everywhere : in cafes on the waterfront, and in hotels, restaurants and at home, owned by some Carinthian families. Away from the deli Carinthia is simply impossible, because this is the Austrian sausages, and fresh roasted chanterelles, and a wide selection of home-smoked meats, and of course the freshest fish from the lake and rivers. It is prepared in a special way: baked with a minimum of spices to make the most stressed natural taste. Frankly, there is unlikely you will be able to keep their perfect shape. And about the diet for a while remember : it is impossible not to try all this richness.


Even if you follow the principle not to spend holidays in the same place twice, you will want to come back in Carinthia again. And with you ,your friends will come, intrigued by your enthusiastic stories . And they will be convinced that you were right.

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Carinthia -  Wörthersee  Lake
Carinthia - Wörthersee Lake

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Carinthia - Klagenfurt

Carinthia - Spectacular scenery
Carinthia - Spectacular scenery

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Carinthia - Excellent place