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The Foresthill Bridge


America is famous for its record-breaking structures. Thus, The Foresthill Bridge is ideally situated on a broad ridge between two estuaries of American River: the North and the Middle. This river has an important place in the U.S. history. In 1848, some gold was found near the Sutter’s sawmill, located off the coast of American River. That was the beginning of the well-known Californian gold rush. The Foresthill Bridge is an unusual bridge; it is called the highest bridge in the U.S.A., California. It is also sometimes called the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge or The Bridge Auburn.


General Information


The Foresthill Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world .It is rather old, it was built in 1971 and opened in 1973 for the public use on The Labor ‘s Day. The bridge was constructed to replace the original road from Auburn to Foresthill. The construction of the bridge cost less than  13 million dollars . This bridge is not only long, it is tall too. It is placed very high (222 meters) above the river. All these facts have made it famous all over the world.


Construction Process


In 1977 this bridge was the biggest bridge in the world. The central span is 518 feet; it rises to a height of 267 meters above a deep gorge. The design of this structure was dictated by the environment. Before the construction of the bridge in 1974, some preparatory work was carried out on the both sides of the valley. The biggest challenge was the setting for the professionals. They had to throw ropes over the gorge using a helicopter to create the arches. Then the ready arches moved on some rollers, on the ropes to the installation, they were lowered to the desired height, and then were sealed with rivets to the other sections.


Interesting Facts


• Previously, the sand and the salt were used for the de-icing of the roadway. However, the salt is the main enemy of the steel, and the piers of the bridge revealed dangerous signs of corrosion in a couple of years. In 1998, a group of experts repaired, cleaned and removed the rust. The cost of the work amounted 3 million dollars. Authorities got a big lesson from this experience, and now they use a special solution that contains no salt for the de-icing of the road.

• The pedestrians can walk along the bridge in both directions

• There is an anti-graffiti project that protects the bridge.

• It was necessary to travel 40 minutes by car on a very steep mountain serpentine to get to the other side of the gorge before the appearance of this bridge.

• The bridge is loved by the jumpers-extremists, since it is very easy to jump down. Different tourists from different countries adore it. After all, the view from the bridge is amazing!

• The filmmakers have not forgotten about this huge construction. This bridge "played a role" at the beginning of the American box office blockbuster with Vin Diesel in "Three XXx". The Foresthill Bridge was emblazoned at the end of the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.

If you want to be closer to Hollywood, come to visit it. You will be impressed by its fascinating panorama. The beauty will capture your attention and you will always come back in some tragic or difficult periods of your life.

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Shakespeare said the most romantic place on the Earth is the bridge.
It is a door to something new….
to something refreshing.
This is the place that gives birth to love and continuity to any relationship.
Different cultures have different traditions linked to bridges.
The Russians consider that the newlyweds should walk along a bridge as a symbol of a new period in life.
Chinese bring their children when they go the first time to the kindergarten believing that they will become honest, courageous, and always high-spirited.
  The concept of the Bridge   The bridge represents an artificial structure, erected over a river, lake, spilling water or any other obstacle.
It is generally built across the road or a river.
In many cases it joins two borders.
The bridge is one of the oldest engineering inventions of mankind.
  The Structure of The Bridge   Typically, bridges are made up of spans and supports.
Spans are used to transfer loads and the perception of their supports, they can settle the roadway, pedestrian crossing, the pipeline.
Spans are composed of supporting structures: beams, trusses, diaphragms (cross-ties) and the actual roadway slabs.
The spans are usually straightforward, but if it is necessary they are given a complex shape: spiral, ring, etc.
Forms of supports can be quite diverse.
Intermediate supports are called bulls, coastal - foundations.
Foundations are used to connect the bridge with the approach embankments.
Materials for bridges are metal (steel and aluminum alloys), natural stone, wood and rope.
  Types of Bridges   All the bridges can be divided from two points of view:   By Application: Rail bridge Automotive bridge Metro bridge Hiking bridge Combined bridge   By construction: the beam, the spacer , the combined.
Dozen of huge bridges connect different cities and countries.
Hundreds of people drive along them and do not even notice their beautiful architecture.
When we speak about the place where the greatest number of the longest bridges are situated you are going to be surprised to learn that the winner is China.
Still the longest bridge is Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge(1.
991 m) situated in Japan.
The design of the bridge is double-hinged beam system stiffness to withstand wind speeds up to 80 m / s, the seismic activity of up to 8.
5 on the Richter scale and withstand strong sea currents.
The second longest bridge is Xihoumen bridge in China (1.
650 m).
The cost of the expenses has raised to 2.
48 billion yen (approximately U.
$ 300 million).
The third longest can be found in Denmark and is the Great Belt Bridge (1.
624 m).
Still the most reliable Bridge is to be found in China once again.
This is Tsing Ma Bridge(1.
377 m).
They say that it will be safe even when there are  typhoons.

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The  Foresthill Bridge  - A Marvelous Bridge
The Foresthill Bridge - A Marvelous Bridge

The  Foresthill Bridge  - A Bridge Full of Life
The Foresthill Bridge - A Bridge Full of Life

The  Foresthill Bridge  - In the Middle of the Nature
The Foresthill Bridge - In the Middle of the Nature

The  Foresthill Bridge  - An Astonishing Bridge
The Foresthill Bridge - An Astonishing Bridge