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The Azov Sea


Geographical position


The Azov Sea is located in the Eastern Europe and it washes the shores of Russia and the Ukraine. The depth of the Azov Sea is small, the deepest point reaches only 14 meters. Situated in the north-eastern side of the Black Sea basin, it connects with the Kerch Strait, Bosphorus Cimmerian in antiquity. This is the shallowest sea in the world, its depth does not exceed 15 meters. The Sea of Azov is a kind and wonderful sea, having many inland bodies of water on the East Coast of the Crimea, Zaporozhye and Donetsk coasts, Rostov Region and the western borders of Krasnodar region. Its maximum length is of 380 km and the maximum width is of 200 km. The total length of the coastline is of 2686 km.


Origin of the name


The name of the Azov Sea has undergone many transformations and changes. It was called Meotiyskim by Greeks, Kargaluk by Scythians and Balik-dengiz by the Mongol invaders. The modern name appeared in the XIII century. The sea was named in honor of Azak , an ancient trading center. The Azov Sea was of great interest even for the ancient Greeks. The whole history of studying the sea can be divided into three stages:

1. The ancient phase, since the ancient Greeks to the XIX century;

2. Geology and Geography stage, from the XIX century until the mid XX century,

3. The stage of comprehensive research, from the middle of the XX century till nowadays.


Compared with the Black and the Caspian Seas, the Sea of Azov amazes with its impressive size, but due to a shallow depth of a fast warming up, the water temperature can reach 28-30 ° C in summer. An interesting feature of the Azov Sea is the variety of coastal shapes. Here you can see islands, spits, sand banks and more.


The fauna of the Azov Sea


The fauna of the Azov Sea is striking in its diversity. The number of organisms in the Sea of Azov is many times bigger than in the Black, in the Mediterranean and in the Caspian Seas. Here you can find about 103 species of fish belonging to the sea as well as to freshwater. There are breams, sturgeons, roaches, perches, goldfish, pikes, plaices, mackerels, and many others. The Sea of Azov is the finest in the world, so the warmest. The swimming season in the North Sea of Azov begins in May, to mid-May seawater heated to 18 C and high temperature up to the end of September. Of course, the sea is rough and during strong storm winds may occur rising slime, sand and algae to the surface. But even in these cases, you can always find refuge in the shallow water, where it is almost always quiet and clean.




The warm and the humid climate of the coast of the Azov Sea, the steppe and the iodine-sea air, relatively shallow, heated by the sun early in the sea, a large number of sunny days have a positive impact on the health of tourists, especially children with upper respiratory tract infection. The climate on the Azov Sea coast is temperate continental. The relatively low humidity, the low winds and breezes make it easy for the heat. The duration of the sunshine is more than 2320 hours per year. A large number of cloudless days, the clean air favor the adoption of the solar and air baths. The Azov coast is treeless and less picturesque than the Black Sea. But there are many convenient places for holiday entertaining. Vast steppes rise to the sea, covered with reeds and sedge marshes and estuaries. The climate of the Azov Sea, is moderate continental with features of the sea. Summers and autumns are warm and dry, with plenty of clear days. Since the beginning of May and until October, more than 150 days last for a good holiday season, when the average daily air temperature exceeds +15 ° C. At this time, the day air may be heated up to +28 +32 ° C. The average temperature for the warmest month, July, is of +23 +25 ° C. However, the heat of summer breezes together with the light winds bring the marine freshness.


Holidays at the Sea of Azov


Holidays at the Sea of Azov are perfect for both families and for groups of children. There are plenty of resorts, each may find something suitable. One of the most popular resorts is Yeisk. In comparison with other resorts it is the closest to Moscow (1,300 km). People can rest in homes and recreation centers. Yeisk attracts tourists for its tranquility, sunshine and clean sandy beaches with safe entering. You cannot only entertain, but be entertained at the Sea of Azov. Just planting trees can not be simply a necessary pastime in the garden, and the present work, gardening and landscaping - your profession. The sea water has beneficial properties and enhance the health of you and your family. The treatment of the Azov Sea is popular not only because of the water, but also because of the healing of the fresh air, which favorably affects the respiratory system. The residents of big cities or those living in adverse conditions are especially recommended to visit the resorts of the Sea of Azov. Fishing in the Sea of Azov is all about what an avid fisherman can dream of. Due to the great diversity of the fish in the sea you can fish for days. The necessary equipment can always be rented if it lacks. If you're wondering where to go in the summer with the kids or where to send the children to rest, the best version is that of the Azov Sea. The gentle sun, the warm water, the soft sand underfoot, the fresh sea air - this is everything you need for a wonderful holiday!


The coast of the Azov Sea has always been a favorite resort for many people. The pensions of the Azov Sea are selected from year to year because of the excellent climatic conditions. The landscape features have made the Sea of Azov a unique place for families with children : the shallow sea, warm and rich in its biological content. The water warms up very quickly, and you can swim at the end of May. The rest on the Azov Sea is not only fun but also health. The unique geographical and climatic conditions, the soft sandy beaches and the surprisingly clean air saturated with ozone, iodine, bromine, different salts and trace elements can not only have a good rest, but also improve health for you and your children. The Resorts at the Azov sea captivate their unique beauty. It feels the incomparable charm and fascination of a great warm and tender sea everywhere. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy peace and tranquility. Among the many recreations of the Azov Sea you can appreciate the proven pensions, as the "Paradise Harbor."


The regions of the Azov coasts have always been a favorite destination for large numbers of people, known as the most accessible areas for a full family vacation. It turns out you should not go too far. Here are the most beautiful places and fashionable resorts. Small, warm, shallow, rich in its biological content, the Azov Sea is always waiting for you. Rest at the Azov Sea captivates with its unique beauty. You can feel its irresistible charm and the huge magnetic force everywhere. Relax at the Azov Sea!

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And with each burst the fatigue decreases and the cities clear your nervous system from stress.
  What a sea is   A sea is a generic name given to the vast expanses of standing water, deep and salty, on the Earth's surface, which are usually united by a narrow ocean.
A sea is also a part of the ocean, isolated land, islands or underwater terrain elevations, different from the hydrological and meteorological regime of an open ocean: salinity, water temperature, currents, etc.
The more closed the sea dry land is, the more it differs from the ocean.
A sea is sometimes an open ocean or a large lake.
  Sea classification   According to the degree of isolation and according to the characteristics of the hydrological regime, the seas of the world are divided into internal or semi-enclosed seas, marginal and inter-island seas.
From the geological point of view, the modern seas are young formations: they are all defined in outline, similar to modern, in the Paleogene-Neogene time, and finally took shape in the man-made.
The deepest seas were formed in the areas of major crustal faults ( The Mediterranean Sea).
Shallow seas have flooded waters in the oceans outlying parts of the continents in their lowered or increased sea level and are usually on the continental shelf.
A seaside is a narrow part of shallow seas and oceans, including the drying zone at a low tide.
  The most important seas   In all there are 54 seas, but the most important seas are probably these: The Baltic Sea,  The North Sea,  The Black Sea,  The Mediterranean Sea, The Marmara Sea, The Aegean Sea, The Caspian Sea, The Azov Sea, The Ligurian Sea, The Tyrrhenian Sea, The Ionian Sea, The Adriatic Sea,  The Norwegian Sea,  The Red Sea,  The Caribbean Sea, The Labrador Sea, Beaufort,  Bering,  Philippines,  The Yellow Sea, The Sea of Japan,  China South and East Celebes and Sulu (the Philippines),  Saudi,  Laccadive,  Maldives,  Tasman, Timor, Arafura (in Australia) The Coral Sea, Bismarck and the Solomon Sea.
  The Marmara Sea is the smallest sea, the largest sea is the Sargasso.
The saltiest sea is the Red Sea.
Because of the lack of a river flow, the water of the Red Sea is one of the most transparent.
The visibility in the water is of a few tens of meters.
The Red Sea also occupies a top position in the list of the warmest seas, with temperatures up to 32 degrees.
The sea is very popular with snorkellers.
Some seas are named by the color of the sea, for example, the same Red Sea is named for the brown microalgae, which give the water a reddish hue.
The Black Sea is named due to the fact that if you omit the depth of any object, it will be covered with a black coating (hydrogen sulphide salt dark color).
The Sargasso Sea due to the green of the large amount of algae.
The Baltic Sea is called golden because the water dissolved in the sea several times more gold than in other seas, six times higher than in the Black Sea.
In all the seas and oceans were dissolved 15 - 25 billion pounds of gold.
  What could be a great holiday at the seaside ? Tender southern sun, the refreshing breeze, filled with delightful aromas, golden beaches and a strip of translucent waves, with a quiet rustle of rolling to the shore.
Holidays at the seaside is an opportunity to relax, to forget about everyday problems and concerns and take a lot of delightful impressions and emotions! In modern beach resorts, without exaggeration, there is everything for a comfortable stay! Beautiful beaches and restaurants with fine dining, sports clubs and spas, shopping malls and a variety of nightly entertainment.
And, of course, each country has its own unique national flavor and rich history, which can dip into, visiting attractions and tours.
Holidays at the seaside is the most popular form of recreation.
Everyone wants a long-awaited vacation at the sea , but for all of us, these concepts are different.
Someone likes to lie on the beach, while others want to heal.
And to make your beach vacation like this you need to get as much information about the place where you are going.
This poll contains a lot of very diverse information.
Visit and enjoy the seas! Good luck to all! Wonderful holidays and a deep blue sea!

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The Azov Sea - Beach in the Ukraine
The Azov Sea - Beach in the Ukraine

The Azov Sea - Irresistible charming beach
The Azov Sea - Irresistible charming beach

The Azov Sea - Impressive view of the sea
The Azov Sea - Impressive view of the sea

The Azov Sea - Charming coast
The Azov Sea - Charming coast

The Azov Sea - Bathing into the Sea
The Azov Sea - Bathing into the Sea

The Azov Sea - Picturesque view
The Azov Sea - Picturesque view

The Azov Sea - Beautiful beach
The Azov Sea - Beautiful beach