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The Black Sea


About the Black Sea


The Black Sea is a wonderful creation of nature. It is one of the youngest seas on the planet, so it is still in the process of change. Imperceptibly to the human eye, every century the Black Sea recaptures 20-25 inches from land. The Greek cities once built on its shores had already disappeared under the water. Earlier, at the dawn of human civilization, the Black Sea has been so quiet and darkened its water during bad weather. Perhaps, this is how it got its present name. Scientists argue about this, but a consensus was not reached. All the more if a storm rages in the Black Sea now, it is a unique blue-emerald hue. It reflects the cloudless blue sky covered with the evergreen forests of the Caucasus Mountains. The Russian Black Sea is often called " the Russian Riviera" for the mild climate and beautiful views. The Caucasus Mountains reliably protect the coast from the cold and dry winds. There is almost always an affectionate warm weather, as if deliberately ordered for relaxation.


Treasures of the Black Sea


Our parents often spend their vacation on the Black Sea . This kind of relaxation is available to most people. Famous Black Sea health resorts are located in different places of the Crimea: the cities of Anapa, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Tuapse, etc. Pools and water skiing with a different number of waves, as well as shallow pools for children and a lot of many other resorts are located on the picturesque shores of the Black Sea. The most famous of them is the Azure village. It is here where hotels and resorts, as well as many equipped beaches are housed. No less is known the Annunciation village , which is not far from Anapa. It is very popular among tourists. Is a sparsely populated village, turned into a paradise for vacationers. After all, there is no busy traffic, only dense greenery and trees around. There is an opportunity to stay with locals or in a Mini-hotel, and live in a savage tent. But the lift home on the Black Sea is the most popular tourism. At the confluence of the Black and the Azov seas in the region of the Krasnodar Territory there is the picturesquely Taman Peninsula, famous for its mud therapy. There are six islands comfortably accommodated on the shores of the Black Sea: Berezan Island (located in the Mykolaiv region with a length of about 1 km), the Snake Island (owned by the Ukraine, situated in the White village), an artificial island : May (also located in the Mykolayiv region), another artificial island : Federation (in Sochi, its project is scheduled to perform in the shape of the emblem of the Russian Federation and to be completed by the beginning of the Olympiad in 2014.), two rocky islands Adalary, having a diameter of 30 meters in the Gurzuf area on a wide island: Utrish . The Dolphinarium is located near a lighthouse.




According to scientists, the bottom of the Black Sea had once been inhabited, and it is a plot of fertile land, where farmers had their farms. A lot of treasures and mysteries conceal the depth of the Black Sea. Black, because the deep waters of the sea are very dark in transition with the Mediterranean basin. The Ukrainian government gave the official permission for the search and the research of sunken treasures in the Sea and raising them to the surface, as well as the transfer of unique items in private collections and museums. A lot of wrecks keep the depth of the Black sea: freighters of the Great Patriotic War, former Soviet submarines and ships, cargo ships and submarines built before the Revolution and other transport vessels.


The fauna of the Black Sea


The Black Sea has about 20 000 species of living creatures on the land (bears, wolves, badgers, deer, hares, squirrels, snakes, snails, spiders, scorpions, eagles, hawks, owls, thrushes) and water ( dolphins and crabs , fish horse mackerel, mullet, sardines and tuna, sturgeon and beluga sturgeon, turbot, skate and mackerel, jellyfish). Here are jellyfishes , the largest (up to half a meter in diameter) and the smallest (less than30 cm in diameter). People should defend by the jellyfishes, because they can cause burns as redness or itching and burning.


The Russian Black Sea coast


This resort area in the Krasnodar region extends for about 400 km from the Taman Peninsula to Adler (Sochi, Caucasus, Anapa and Tuapse) with lots of rivers and diverse flora and fauna. Always fresh fruits contribute to the improvement of the body and raise the tone.


Novomikhailovsky in Tuapse


Tuapse is the spa capital. The district is named after the town, which is drawn, but people go to relax on the coasts of the most popular village. Historically, this place was called Nikopsiya, on behalf of the flowing river. According to the legend, Inal , the leader of the Circassians was born here. He spread Christianity among the Adygei people. Since then the ruins have remained in the woods on the south side of the bay. The village attracts vacationers and it is the widest choice of holiday destinations. Novomikhailovskoye Beach in the very long and wide throughout the Tuapse district. The Black Sea coast also boasts a lot of cafes, which are here in abundance.Those who like extreme sports, come here to celebrate the November holidays in the forest and the New Year at the seaside. New Year's swim, swim at Epiphany, the season opens on the 23rd of February and an underwater odyssey in honor of March 8 - this is not a complete list of pleasures awaiting the guests at the resort.


Krynita - beauty, peace and quietness


Krynita is a small village on the Black Sea (Gelendzhik area), the existence of which only a few people know . Rest in Krynita is for those who appreciate beauty, peace and quietness and for those who focus on a clean sea and beach, recreation and closeness to nature, where birds sing in the morning and where pebbles rustle under the pressure of the waves. Krynita is ideal for the people who are tired of the hustle and the bustle of the city, wishing to relax in a quiet place, but in a comfortable environment. Krynyta locals do their best to stay in the village. The climate in Krynita is special. The air is dry and healing. The hot is not felt, although the temperature rises above 30 degrees (in shadow). The air is clean and useful: a mixture of substances (Aaron) allocated pine in combination with sea breeze make a therapeutic effect. The neat open sea, the rocky slopes of the banks are covered with water and form a picturesque scene of the underwater topography with many underwater inhabitants - a paradise for diving and hunting. Fishing enthusiasts will find something to do on the river bank Pshada, where you can swim, especially when there are waves in the sea. The mountain slopes in the valley , berry collectors and tourists who can appreciate the beauty of primeval nature create a unique charm of this part of the Black Sea.


Rest at the Black Sea


Marine legends are the cradle of mankind. No wonder why we are so drawn to the sea. Near it we are alive, getting away to the seaside is as a gift of energy that we waste in stuffy, cramped cities. If you feel that you need a vacation, do not worry . Choose a vacation on the Black Sea coast. You will not regret it! The developed network of spa services, the healthful climate, the beautiful landscapes, different kinds of recreation help you to relax, forget about the daily activities and relax in comfort. There are many forms of recreational activities for families, children, active, extreme, corporate, medical and informational on the Black Sea coast. Millions of people choose their vacation on the Black Sea coast. Numerous attractions wait you on the Black Sea, they will not let you get bored and surprised by the novelty and originality. The local nature as though specially made sure to rest on the Black Sea coast bringing you not only fun but also tangible benefits. Resting on the Black Sea coast makes you forget all your problems, enjoying the sea bathing and traveling around the beautiful surroundings. If your dream is a calm and a warm sea, a bright sun, a beautiful scenery and interesting new acquaintances, come here at the Black Sea. The time spent here will be for a long time in your memory. You will be happy in any town or village on the Black Sea coast where you can find a shelter. No wonder why the ancient Greeks called the Black Sea very hospitable. If you want a real pleasure and happy memories for your next vacation, come to rest on the Black Sea coast.

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The seas are beautiful and mysterious .
They fascinate, attract, please, make one forget the problems of today and give you their miracles .
Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus, Mauritius, Greece, Italy…A holiday at the seaside in any of these countries allows to soak up on the beautiful beaches, to do active sports, fishing, scuba diving, to visit wonderful tours and to get acquainted with the natural, historical and cultural sights, to taste the unusual, local cuisine, to buy souvenirs and make quite a bargain.
And with each burst the fatigue decreases and the cities clear your nervous system from stress.
  What a sea is   A sea is a generic name given to the vast expanses of standing water, deep and salty, on the Earth's surface, which are usually united by a narrow ocean.
A sea is also a part of the ocean, isolated land, islands or underwater terrain elevations, different from the hydrological and meteorological regime of an open ocean: salinity, water temperature, currents, etc.
The more closed the sea dry land is, the more it differs from the ocean.
A sea is sometimes an open ocean or a large lake.
  Sea classification   According to the degree of isolation and according to the characteristics of the hydrological regime, the seas of the world are divided into internal or semi-enclosed seas, marginal and inter-island seas.
From the geological point of view, the modern seas are young formations: they are all defined in outline, similar to modern, in the Paleogene-Neogene time, and finally took shape in the man-made.
The deepest seas were formed in the areas of major crustal faults ( The Mediterranean Sea).
Shallow seas have flooded waters in the oceans outlying parts of the continents in their lowered or increased sea level and are usually on the continental shelf.
A seaside is a narrow part of shallow seas and oceans, including the drying zone at a low tide.
  The most important seas   In all there are 54 seas, but the most important seas are probably these: The Baltic Sea,  The North Sea,  The Black Sea,  The Mediterranean Sea, The Marmara Sea, The Aegean Sea, The Caspian Sea, The Azov Sea, The Ligurian Sea, The Tyrrhenian Sea, The Ionian Sea, The Adriatic Sea,  The Norwegian Sea,  The Red Sea,  The Caribbean Sea, The Labrador Sea, Beaufort,  Bering,  Philippines,  The Yellow Sea, The Sea of Japan,  China South and East Celebes and Sulu (the Philippines),  Saudi,  Laccadive,  Maldives,  Tasman, Timor, Arafura (in Australia) The Coral Sea, Bismarck and the Solomon Sea.
  The Marmara Sea is the smallest sea, the largest sea is the Sargasso.
The saltiest sea is the Red Sea.
Because of the lack of a river flow, the water of the Red Sea is one of the most transparent.
The visibility in the water is of a few tens of meters.
The Red Sea also occupies a top position in the list of the warmest seas, with temperatures up to 32 degrees.
The sea is very popular with snorkellers.
Some seas are named by the color of the sea, for example, the same Red Sea is named for the brown microalgae, which give the water a reddish hue.
The Black Sea is named due to the fact that if you omit the depth of any object, it will be covered with a black coating (hydrogen sulphide salt dark color).
The Sargasso Sea due to the green of the large amount of algae.
The Baltic Sea is called golden because the water dissolved in the sea several times more gold than in other seas, six times higher than in the Black Sea.
In all the seas and oceans were dissolved 15 - 25 billion pounds of gold.
  What could be a great holiday at the seaside ? Tender southern sun, the refreshing breeze, filled with delightful aromas, golden beaches and a strip of translucent waves, with a quiet rustle of rolling to the shore.
Holidays at the seaside is an opportunity to relax, to forget about everyday problems and concerns and take a lot of delightful impressions and emotions! In modern beach resorts, without exaggeration, there is everything for a comfortable stay! Beautiful beaches and restaurants with fine dining, sports clubs and spas, shopping malls and a variety of nightly entertainment.
And, of course, each country has its own unique national flavor and rich history, which can dip into, visiting attractions and tours.
Holidays at the seaside is the most popular form of recreation.
Everyone wants a long-awaited vacation at the sea , but for all of us, these concepts are different.
Someone likes to lie on the beach, while others want to heal.
And to make your beach vacation like this you need to get as much information about the place where you are going.
This poll contains a lot of very diverse information.
Visit and enjoy the seas! Good luck to all! Wonderful holidays and a deep blue sea!

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The Black Sea - Beautiful scenery
The Black Sea - Beautiful scenery

The Black Sea - Picturesque resort
The Black Sea - Picturesque resort

The Black Sea - Treasure of the sea
The Black Sea - Treasure of the sea

The Black Sea - Impressive view of the sea
The Black Sea - Impressive view of the sea

The Black Sea - Beautiful view
The Black Sea - Beautiful view