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The Yellow Sea


About the Yellow Sea


The Yellow Sea is situated on the eastern coast of Asia, and it washes the shores of North Korea, South Korea and China. The Yellow Sea is 416 thousand km ², the maximum depth is of 106 meters. The Yellow Sea is the sea of the Pacific Ocean. It was named for the color of muddy water which is due to dust storms and high turbidity of the rivers flowing into the sea. Washing the shores of the three countries, the Yellow Sea is especially popular with tourists. There are popular recreational trips to resorts in the sea for tourists. Few medical centers are situated on the shore of the Chinese coast in the cities of Dalian and Tsindaona.


Why the Yellow Sea is called "yellow"?


It is so named because of the yellowish water, caused by the fact that a Chinese river, as well as dust storms, which are particularly strong in the spring flow into the sea. Climate The water temperature in summer reaches 26-28 ° C, and in winter it drops to 0 ° C. The air temperature in summer time also reaches a fairly high mark of 26-27 ° C. Several rivers run into the Yellow Sea: the Haihe, Yellow, Luanhe, Liaohe and Yalu.


The climate of the sea has mild monsoons. The average temperature in January is around 0 degrees and in summer it is about 25 degrees.


The flora and the fauna of the Yellow Sea is very rich and varied. There are clams, sponges, coelenterates, as well as a large number of fish, including the cod, herring, oysters and mussels. Fishing has a great value at the sea, since it has gathered quite a large population of China and Korea on its coasts. There is a large number of plankton, which attracts large numbers of fish into the sea. Industrial fishing of cod, herring, oysters and mussels is very developed. Sharks are often found, representing a great danger to tourists on the beaches for tourists. The Yellow Sea is a good transport hub for the countries surrounding it, and it also has plenty of energy. There have been six oilfields opened in the past 40 years.


Major ports


Major ports of the Yellow Sea are: in China - Tianjin, Yantai, Qingdao, Dalian, Liushung (Port Arthur) and in the Republic of Korea - Incheon. The Yellow Sea is characterized by a wayward character with fast currents, the tides, strong sand storms during which the sea can be a terminated message. There are also tropical typhoons.


Rest at the Yellow Sea


Rest at the Yellow Sea is not as popular as at the Red or at the Black Sea, but in recent years tourism has become more developed in China. It develops as the creation of a site in Chelyabinsk . One of the main features of the rest in China at the Yellow Sea is the treatment in China. A mysterious oriental medicine that keeps its secrets for a long time, can help Europeans and improve their health.


Yellow Sea Resorts


Resorts can be divided into spas and resorts of China and South Korea. The most popular holiday destinations in China are: Dalian (predominantly urban recreation), Weihai, Beidaihe (perfect for a family vacation), Qingdao .




Qingdao (China, Shandong province) is a major city with a zone of high technologies. Bays are located along several beaches. Fushan Bay Yacht Club is modern, built for the 2008 Olympics. There is a park where the Lusum Maritime Museum is located. The picturesque area is very popular and it is known as "fair architectural of ten thousand states." This town is very popular among tourists and it is even called "the pearl of the Yellow Sea" because of beautiful beaches with white sand, clear sea waters and modern hotels. Previously it was a German colony.


Resorts of South Korea are: the Ganghwa Island ( it draws beautiful nature and historical monuments), the Chebudo Island and the Jeju Island. If you want to see Exotic Eastern countries and feel their charming atmosphere, then, besides swimming in the sea there are many other excellent options on the Yellow Sea.


The Jeju Island


The most famous resort is located on the Yellow Sea island of Jeju. The Jeju Island belongs to the Republic of Korea. The island is of volcanic origin with steep banks. The island consists of mainly subtropical vegetation, at altitudes of above 1.5 km - softwood. The mild maritime climate has made the island a popular vacation spot. There are many interesting places to visit for tourists. Tolharubany, natured old statues, made of lava, have long been considered a symbol of the island. Tourists usually visit the Ethnographic Museum, the Park, the Sonyl village, the Mandzhangul cave, the largest park in growing bonsai Pundzhe artpiya, and the "Chocolate castle". At the foot of the Hallasan volcano are beaches with white sand.




The Weihai city is a popular Chinese resort of Shandong Province. Weihai is often compared to a park. The area located near the city is an ecological reserve. The picturesque island, located near the city, the beaches, the reefs and the hot underground springs attach great potential in tourism development. The resort interesting points of interest are: the Swan Lake (the greatest place to stop swans in winter), the wildlife Sisyakou , the park "The Edge of Light," filming a town with numerous pavilions. Weihai City was awarded the prize in the nomination of UN best accommodation for people.




In the area of the city of Incheon (South Korea) is located the Voymi resort. Next to the resort in the Bay Chemulpo occurred in 1904, the famous battle cruiser Varyag from the Japanese squadron. The Incheon International Airport was named the best airport in the world by Skytrax.


Chindit and Modo


On the coast of the Republic of Korea in the province of Jeollanam are two islands: Chindit and Modo. This place is a remarkable natural phenomenon: when the tide is sometimes (not more than 3 times per year), exposing the bridge between the islands. This jumper looks like on the road and on the sea floor can be passed from one island to another. The length of the bridge is about 3 kilometers and the width is of 30 meters. This natural phenomenon is dedicated to sharing the festival of the sea. Numerous tourists who want to see a natural wonder, like the Old Testament miracle of Moses come to the festival. In 2008, during the exposure of the "road", the islanders have filled the road for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records in the category of "History and Society - People and Places."

Others The Most Beautiful Seas in the World .

The seas are beautiful and mysterious .
They fascinate, attract, please, make one forget the problems of today and give you their miracles .
Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus, Mauritius, Greece, Italy…A holiday at the seaside in any of these countries allows to soak up on the beautiful beaches, to do active sports, fishing, scuba diving, to visit wonderful tours and to get acquainted with the natural, historical and cultural sights, to taste the unusual, local cuisine, to buy souvenirs and make quite a bargain.
And with each burst the fatigue decreases and the cities clear your nervous system from stress.
  What a sea is   A sea is a generic name given to the vast expanses of standing water, deep and salty, on the Earth's surface, which are usually united by a narrow ocean.
A sea is also a part of the ocean, isolated land, islands or underwater terrain elevations, different from the hydrological and meteorological regime of an open ocean: salinity, water temperature, currents, etc.
The more closed the sea dry land is, the more it differs from the ocean.
A sea is sometimes an open ocean or a large lake.
  Sea classification   According to the degree of isolation and according to the characteristics of the hydrological regime, the seas of the world are divided into internal or semi-enclosed seas, marginal and inter-island seas.
From the geological point of view, the modern seas are young formations: they are all defined in outline, similar to modern, in the Paleogene-Neogene time, and finally took shape in the man-made.
The deepest seas were formed in the areas of major crustal faults ( The Mediterranean Sea).
Shallow seas have flooded waters in the oceans outlying parts of the continents in their lowered or increased sea level and are usually on the continental shelf.
A seaside is a narrow part of shallow seas and oceans, including the drying zone at a low tide.
  The most important seas   In all there are 54 seas, but the most important seas are probably these: The Baltic Sea,  The North Sea,  The Black Sea,  The Mediterranean Sea, The Marmara Sea, The Aegean Sea, The Caspian Sea, The Azov Sea, The Ligurian Sea, The Tyrrhenian Sea, The Ionian Sea, The Adriatic Sea,  The Norwegian Sea,  The Red Sea,  The Caribbean Sea, The Labrador Sea, Beaufort,  Bering,  Philippines,  The Yellow Sea, The Sea of Japan,  China South and East Celebes and Sulu (the Philippines),  Saudi,  Laccadive,  Maldives,  Tasman, Timor, Arafura (in Australia) The Coral Sea, Bismarck and the Solomon Sea.
  The Marmara Sea is the smallest sea, the largest sea is the Sargasso.
The saltiest sea is the Red Sea.
Because of the lack of a river flow, the water of the Red Sea is one of the most transparent.
The visibility in the water is of a few tens of meters.
The Red Sea also occupies a top position in the list of the warmest seas, with temperatures up to 32 degrees.
The sea is very popular with snorkellers.
Some seas are named by the color of the sea, for example, the same Red Sea is named for the brown microalgae, which give the water a reddish hue.
The Black Sea is named due to the fact that if you omit the depth of any object, it will be covered with a black coating (hydrogen sulphide salt dark color).
The Sargasso Sea due to the green of the large amount of algae.
The Baltic Sea is called golden because the water dissolved in the sea several times more gold than in other seas, six times higher than in the Black Sea.
In all the seas and oceans were dissolved 15 - 25 billion pounds of gold.
  What could be a great holiday at the seaside ? Tender southern sun, the refreshing breeze, filled with delightful aromas, golden beaches and a strip of translucent waves, with a quiet rustle of rolling to the shore.
Holidays at the seaside is an opportunity to relax, to forget about everyday problems and concerns and take a lot of delightful impressions and emotions! In modern beach resorts, without exaggeration, there is everything for a comfortable stay! Beautiful beaches and restaurants with fine dining, sports clubs and spas, shopping malls and a variety of nightly entertainment.
And, of course, each country has its own unique national flavor and rich history, which can dip into, visiting attractions and tours.
Holidays at the seaside is the most popular form of recreation.
Everyone wants a long-awaited vacation at the sea , but for all of us, these concepts are different.
Someone likes to lie on the beach, while others want to heal.
And to make your beach vacation like this you need to get as much information about the place where you are going.
This poll contains a lot of very diverse information.
Visit and enjoy the seas! Good luck to all! Wonderful holidays and a deep blue sea!

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The Yellow Sea - Impressive view
The Yellow Sea - Impressive view

The Yellow Sea - Dalian
The Yellow Sea - Dalian

The Yellow Sea - Picturesque area
The Yellow Sea - Picturesque area

The Yellow Sea - The Great Wall of China and the Sea
The Yellow Sea - The Great Wall of China and the Sea

The Yellow Sea - Purple Seastar
The Yellow Sea - Purple Seastar

The Yellow Sea - Visited place
The Yellow Sea - Visited place

The Yellow Sea - Beautiful sea
The Yellow Sea - Beautiful sea

The Yellow Sea - Shark
The Yellow Sea - Shark