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The Marmara Sea




The Marmara Sea (Turkish Marmara Denizi) is located on the border of two continents Europe and Asia, Turkey, washing its shores. The Black Sea connects with the Bosporus Strait and the Aegean Sea with the Strait of Dardanelles. The Marmara Sea is the smallest sea in the world. The banks of the Marmara Sea are mainly high, steep and dissected. There are several mountain ranges along the coast. There are few bays, peninsulas and islands in the Marmara Sea. The Marmara Sea has many openings with endless beaches, cozy coves and modern hotels.


Important facts


Length - 280 km.

Width - 80 km.

Area - 11,472 square kilometers

Volume - about 4000 cubic kilometers.

The average depth - 250 feet

The maximum depth - 1360 meters.




The name comes from the sea islands of Marmara (Turkish Marmara). The sea received its present name in 1788 after a survey by the British sea captain John Marshall. The Marmara Sea was formed as a result of crustal faults that separated Europe, Asia and Africa. The territory of the Marmara Sea is located in a seismically active region of an earthquake, and as a consequence of the tsunami. Marmara (Turkish Marmara) is the largest island in the western part of the Marmara Sea on the turkish territory. Since ancient times white marble was quarried on the island. At the Marmara are located the quarry where the marble is mined today. The length of the island is about 17 km and the width is of 8 km. The highest point of the island is Mount Byuyuk Chaiir, with a height of 699 meters. The largest city is Marmara. The museum of the city in the open sky presents works of art of the ancient world and the Byzantine Empire. Close to the island is the main channel of Marmara. The island has a "Marble" beach.


Turkel or Avsha (Turkeli Adasi, Avsa)


Turkel or Avsha is located south of the island of Marmara, opposite the Aba Cape. The Turkel island is of 8.3 km, having the maximum width of 4.8 km. The island is like a giant granite rock. On the Avsha island are about 3,600 people. All along the coast lie many great small hotels. Mainly European tourists visit the island. During the year the island is visited by about 80,000 tourists. It is one of the favorite places of recreation for the citizens of Istanbul. Due to its mild climate on the island even in July it is cool and comfortable. On the island there are beautiful beaches, such as the sandy beach Altinkum ("Golden sand"). The island is famous for its vineyards Turkel and wine cellars. Because of the strong winds the hotels close by the end of September.




Ekinlik is located near the Turkel Island. The Ekinlik Island has 3.6 km and a maximum width of 1 km. The shape of the island resembles an inverted spoon. The island is a small village.




It is located near the Turkel island in the east. The Pashalimany Island has 9 km and a maximum width of 6.9 km. The entire island is covered with beautiful groves.


The Princes' Islands ( Prens Adaları)


The Princes' Islands is a group of nine islands in the eastern Marmara Sea and 15 km from Istanbul. The Princes' Islands are often referred to Adalar Islands. The total area of all islands is of 10.8 square km. The place got its name from the fact that these islands were a favorite spot of Byzantine Princes. The Princes' Islands is a popular resort destination near Istanbul. Ferries depart every hour. Fares cost 3 lira. Most tourists visit the largest island, Buyukada. Buyukada (" The Big Island") has a length of 4.3 km and a width of 1.5 km. The northern part of the island is built up by elite houses. The southern part of the island is covered by pine forests. You can swim on the island for hours because motor vehicles are prohibited. Tourists are offered numerous equestrian, cycling and walking. The second largest is the island of Heybeliada . The length of the island is of 2.5 km and 1.3 km width. The Burgazada Island has a population of about 1,500 people. It is the third largest island of the archipelago. Other Islands are: Kınalıada, 1.3 sq area. Km, Sedefadası with an area of 0.157 sq. km. and the remaining islands are very small, an area of less than 0.05 square kilometers: Yassıada, Sivriada, Kaşıkadası and Tavşanadası.


Attractions on the Marmara coast


The territory of the Marmara Sea is rich in historical monuments. Of course, Istanbul and its vicinity is the most attractive tourist area, which would bypass their needs for at least three days: the mosque of Bayazid II, the Suleyman Mosque, the Topkapi Palace complex , Serail, which is a museum with a collection of jewelry and objects that belonged to the Prophet Muhammad, the palace Dolma Bagge (XIX century) and others. In the city of Izmit: the Ottoman Palace of the XVIII century (currently occupied by the ethnographic museum). In the old town, near the Orhan Gazi mosque is the mausoleum of Sheikh Edebaly.


Marmara Sea Resorts


Yalova is a city on the shores of the Marmara Sea. The old name is Gelenapolis. The town was so named by the Emperor Constantine in honor of his mother Helena. Yalova is famous for its thermal spas and its healing water. To the east of Yalova, 15 km away is the Chynardzhik resort with magnificent beaches and modern holiday complexes. On the coast of the Marmara Sea is one of the oldest and most famous resorts - Erdek. Seyitgazi hill offers a splendid panorama of the Marmara Sea. Erdek city is surrounded by olive groves and wonderful places of modern civilization. Turkel (Avsha) is an island popular with tourists known for its magnificent beaches.


The ports of Marmara


The Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea are the major water arteries not only of Turkey but also for other border countries. The most intense shipping is carried out in the Marmara Sea basin. The Marmara Sea has a high population density, activity and convenience of natural and artificial harbors of the Marmara Sea. The Marmara Sea is a non-freezing sea. Istanbul is the largest port of the Marmara Sea. Bondirma is the second largest port of the Marmara Sea. The Marmara Sea disposes a large number of berths. The Marmara Sea is also used to transport goods to the island resorts.


Boat trips to the Marmara Sea and its islands will be an excellent addition to your holiday. Sea gulls, white lighthouses, blue waves and islands on the horizon… This is the sea of romance and pleasure. The Dolmabahce Palace is located near the ferry station Kabatas. All travelers are invited to make walking, cycling or horse ride on the beautiful picturesque islands. You can devote a whole day exploring one of the islands and in the evening return to Istanbul on the same boat.

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  What a sea is   A sea is a generic name given to the vast expanses of standing water, deep and salty, on the Earth's surface, which are usually united by a narrow ocean.
A sea is also a part of the ocean, isolated land, islands or underwater terrain elevations, different from the hydrological and meteorological regime of an open ocean: salinity, water temperature, currents, etc.
The more closed the sea dry land is, the more it differs from the ocean.
A sea is sometimes an open ocean or a large lake.
  Sea classification   According to the degree of isolation and according to the characteristics of the hydrological regime, the seas of the world are divided into internal or semi-enclosed seas, marginal and inter-island seas.
From the geological point of view, the modern seas are young formations: they are all defined in outline, similar to modern, in the Paleogene-Neogene time, and finally took shape in the man-made.
The deepest seas were formed in the areas of major crustal faults ( The Mediterranean Sea).
Shallow seas have flooded waters in the oceans outlying parts of the continents in their lowered or increased sea level and are usually on the continental shelf.
A seaside is a narrow part of shallow seas and oceans, including the drying zone at a low tide.
  The most important seas   In all there are 54 seas, but the most important seas are probably these: The Baltic Sea,  The North Sea,  The Black Sea,  The Mediterranean Sea, The Marmara Sea, The Aegean Sea, The Caspian Sea, The Azov Sea, The Ligurian Sea, The Tyrrhenian Sea, The Ionian Sea, The Adriatic Sea,  The Norwegian Sea,  The Red Sea,  The Caribbean Sea, The Labrador Sea, Beaufort,  Bering,  Philippines,  The Yellow Sea, The Sea of Japan,  China South and East Celebes and Sulu (the Philippines),  Saudi,  Laccadive,  Maldives,  Tasman, Timor, Arafura (in Australia) The Coral Sea, Bismarck and the Solomon Sea.
  The Marmara Sea is the smallest sea, the largest sea is the Sargasso.
The saltiest sea is the Red Sea.
Because of the lack of a river flow, the water of the Red Sea is one of the most transparent.
The visibility in the water is of a few tens of meters.
The Red Sea also occupies a top position in the list of the warmest seas, with temperatures up to 32 degrees.
The sea is very popular with snorkellers.
Some seas are named by the color of the sea, for example, the same Red Sea is named for the brown microalgae, which give the water a reddish hue.
The Black Sea is named due to the fact that if you omit the depth of any object, it will be covered with a black coating (hydrogen sulphide salt dark color).
The Sargasso Sea due to the green of the large amount of algae.
The Baltic Sea is called golden because the water dissolved in the sea several times more gold than in other seas, six times higher than in the Black Sea.
In all the seas and oceans were dissolved 15 - 25 billion pounds of gold.
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The Marmara Sea - Buyukada
The Marmara Sea - Buyukada

The Marmara Sea - Most romantic sea
The Marmara Sea - Most romantic sea

The Marmara Sea - The Marmara Island
The Marmara Sea - The Marmara Island

The Marmara Sea - Picturesque view
The Marmara Sea - Picturesque view

The Marmara Sea - Wonderful ship
The Marmara Sea - Wonderful ship

The Marmara Sea - Beautiful view of the sea
The Marmara Sea - Beautiful view of the sea

The Marmara Sea - Sea Resort
The Marmara Sea - Sea Resort

The Marmara Sea - Major port of the sea
The Marmara Sea - Major port of the sea