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La Scala Theatre in Milan


The opera house La Scala Theatre in Milan is recognized as one of the world’s most important theatres. Annually  the best theatre companies from all over the world are flocking to Milan to put on their spectacular shows. For many people it is the culmination of their professional careers to enjoy a great performance at the La Scala Theatre in Milan.

The theatre is beautifully located close to the Duomo in piazza Scala, and dates back to 1860, standing on the same site where the original theatre was built, between the 1777-1778 by Giuseppe Piermarini on an area which was once covered by the church of Santa Maria alla Scala. The façade of the structure appears decorated in a Neoclassical style, while the interior, that suffered different changes, was partially rebuilt and restructured after the damage caused by historical events. In 1943, the allied air-raids attacked the theatre, destroying  all the stalls and boxes. The reconstruction project meant  to reproduce the original visual effect, including the beautiful aspects of construction, for example the use of concrete, marred the acoustics. 
The "Teatro alla Scala" is undoubtedly  one of the most famous opera houses in the world, founded with the help of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria who wanted to replace its predecessor, known as the Regio Teatro Ducale, which was constructed in 1589, severely destroyed by flames in 1776. Designed perfectly, the teatro   was officially opened in August of the same year with an opera by Antonio Salieri. The restless period which comprises the two wars witnessed a succession of appearances at the Scala by the best artists of the time. The fabulous opera house was reopened on 11 May 1946, with an excellent concert directed by Toscanini and it got to develop again to its previous level of fine production and exclusive art. The theatre also includes  a superb bookshop, a bar and a treasured history museum, that has on display all the special performances and events that marked the history of the building.
The remarkable theatre took its name from the antique church of Santa Maria della Scala that had its original site here. This adorable theater tends to be considered as one of the most perfect theaters in the world. It can accommodate a total of 2,200 people, featuring 678 orchestra seats, 409 seats in the first and second galleries, and 155 boxes dispersed on four levels.
It is surrounded tastefully by spectacular greenery in Piazza Scala, with the monument to Leonardo da Vinci that offers the most beautiful backdrop for La Scala's neoclassical design. Its rich history, incredible acoustics and the impressive level of its performances transformed  La Scala Theatre into one of the best known temples of lyric and classical music of the planet. 
Just the name of Milan’s splendid opera house takes the image of musical excellence. The structure  rises up very compact, making the audience to feel part of an extraordinary club, like if you were up in the gallery for the first time, along with the loggionisti. The relationship that exists between the loggionisti of the opera house and the performers can be idyllic, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. Indeed, many world-renowned opera performers prefer not to sing at La Scala at all. 
In December 2004 the veritable season was officially opened at La Scala after a three-year break because of the restoration and renovation works. During the restoration, the opera concerts were organized  in the Arcimboldi Theatre. The most amazing aspects of the renovation works that were made are definitely the modernization of the service mechanical plants and the new stage tower, which  stands nowadays at the back of the building.
The adorable premiére that took place on the 7th of December is recognized as one of the most awaited and interesting cultural and social events in the year and concentrates the most prominent personalities from all the popular fields, such as culture, politics, industry worldwide and also the most famous TV and cinema stars. La Scala Theatre houses the best opera singers and the most popular conductors and offers a marvelous repertoire which attracts thousands of visitors and opera lovers.
Opera houses are those veritable places that like to list the operas which premiered on their stage, and La Scala’s list of debuts is impressive following any standard. The composers who have chosen La Scala to debut their valuable pearl of art feature are important names such as Salieri, Rossini, Verdi, and Puccini, who seem to be some of the most famous Italian composers. Many young singers and dancers are dreaming to get to play at  La Scala Theatre in Milan. But actually only a few of artists can stand and play on the  "La Scala" stage. That is just a light and the darkness of the modern Europe. When discussing about the city Milan, we can imagine a city of fashion, full of modern amenities, but not only. Here the tourists can experience a top quality of operas and dances in the world, in a real fantastic ambiance.
Teatro La Scala in Milan was initially illuminated by 84 oil lamps. To prevent fire, the employees and workers of the theater kept hundreds of water buckets in the incredible rooms of the theatre. During the time the oil lamps were changed on the gas lamps, and in 1883 these were replaced by the buildings electrical light system. Many refurbishments were made, but the theatre preserved its wonderful gallery for the larger, less wealthy, called loggione, where the audience was free to judge performances or to discuss about every situation. 
La Scala Theatre represents the ‘place of glory’ for all famous opera performers of the time, and the most impressive stage in the career of some of the most popular names ever related to opera, including Verdi, who performed his unique operas here. Besides being the most famous and prestigious opera house, La Scala tends to transmit the greatness of the unique art of opera to new generations. The structure also includes  the Academy for Performing Arts, which educates and trains up-and-coming talents who simply adore the opera. The La Scala Museum is also a majestic attraction here, which showcases many artifacts related to the history of this temple of opera. It is a unique chance to get to visit this magnificent structure, and to take place at one of its veritable opera concerts, because you will be truly amazed and surprised by the grandeur of the event. The atmosphere is absolutely fascinating, offering nice moments and unforgettable experiences for opera enthusiasts. Its interior, and also the exterior will impress the guests, relating some important events and splendid memories that marked the glorious past of the theatre.

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A theatre is a form of art performance.
It is a synthesis of all arts.
It includes music, architecture, painting, cinema, photography.
The theatre is the most powerful tool of influence on the person, because seeing what is happening on the scene, the viewer associates himself with a specific character, and through the catharsis some changes take place within him.
  Despite the fact that the cinema exists for a long time, the theatres are popular as well as in times gone by.
The picture cannot be matched with a "live" actor playing, when the feeling of the play spirit hovers in the hall.
The ballet and opera, comedy and musicals, any statement can stir all the senses.
Each theatre is unique by its atmosphere, actors, and history.
  A theatre will be always an important tourist attraction of every city.
Its architecture, actors and plays will always amaze each visitor.
It is the best way to spend very interesting and full of emotions evening.
Visiting a foreign country, don’t hesitate to see its theatre.
You enjoy the pleasure it performs.
You will remember this life experience for a long period of time.

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La Scala Theatre in Milan - Stage view
La Scala Theatre in Milan - Stage view

La Scala Theatre in Milan - Exterior design
La Scala Theatre in Milan - Exterior design

La Scala Theatre in Milan - Pleasant atmosphere
La Scala Theatre in Milan - Pleasant atmosphere

La Scala Theatre in Milan - Interior view
La Scala Theatre in Milan - Interior view