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The Devonian Botanic Garden


The Devonian Botanic Garden is a paradise of dreams for plant enthusiasts! Beautifully  located close to Edmonton, it represents the most northern Botanic Garden in Canada. Although the Devonian features some exotic gardens, many splendid  gardens are devoted to flora of Alberta. The Patrick Seymour Alpine Garden, the Plants of Alberta and the Native People's Garden all form a great section of the 80-acres you can walk in the Devonian Garden. And we need to mention also the additional 110 acres where the tourists can spend interesting moments through nature trails.

The garden  was created  in 1959 by the University of Alberta, and is designed pretty close to the town of Devon, Alberta. The gardens cover over 30 hectares  of 12,000 year old sand dune shoreline of pre-glacial Lake Edmonton, and including also marvelous  natural areas. In 1976 over 40 hectares were added and the name of the garden was converted into the Devonian Botanic Garden. It features a large variety of plants, with accent on alpine and cold-hardy plants, but including  superb attractions as an authentic Japanese Garden. Thanks to its strong connection to the University of Alberta, important research is made by the centres staff in areas including bryophyte ecology and biodiversity, plant conservation, and taxonomy of microfungi. A fully digitized herbarium includes a great collection of bryophyte specimens that is used for research and teaching, also wonderful  horticultural plant kept and grown at the garden.
The Garden offers to public many interesting features, such as an alpine garden, a herb garden, a peony collection, a primula dell, an iris dell, a collection of Alberta plants, a Native People's garden, a Japanese garden, and a Heritage Plants garden. The lovely Denovian Garden is open for visits from May through October.
The Friends of the Devonian Botanic Garden was established  in 1971 as a fundraising group that was meant  to sustain the aims and objectives of the prestigious garden. The Friends keep a Members Seed List and also operate with different horticultural publications.
With 190 acres offered for exploration, the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden has something to give to the plant enthusiast, the nature-lover, families and visitors of all ages, who are looking to enjoy some idyllic hours in the very heart of some spectacular natural surroundings.
Features presented for public  open indoor display greenhouses, a butterfly house, outdoor collections of annuals and perennials, the Kurimoto Japanese Garden, rose, lilac collections and many other incredible attractions that truly impress the garden’s visitors. Visitors can get to see a natural handmade treasure displayed at the Crafters Workshop or a precious gift at the majestic  Shop-in-the-Garden. The interested gardeners will definitely appreciate the unique and special annuals and perennials shown at the plant sale. The guided tram tours  represent  a pleasant way to learn more about the charming garden, sitting  in comfortable ambiance.
The Devonian Botanic Garden represents  a treasured regional botanic garden founded in pine trees and wetlands. For intimate events  or extended groups of up to 250, the Devonian Botanic Garden features many seasonal and some unique  facilities, available the year-round, especially made  for group and corporate functions. Wedding facilitites are also accessible in the Alpine Garden, Wedding Patio for around 250 guests and Kurimoto Japanese Garden for  35 guests, available from May till September. The Garden features also   some incredible ecological reserves, that simply enchant the guest’s eyes.
Awaken your senses at the Devonian Botanic Garden and try to explore all its scenic beauty.
While away for some peacefull  hours in amazing surroundings at the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden you will get to see picturesque landscapes, rare plants, exotic plants and you will find out a lot of useful information about the history of the garden and also about its natural surroundings. Amaze your soul with dramatic views and panoramas, delight your eyes with breathtaking collections that keep their original charm. Enjoy unforgettable moments while walking through the garden’s fantastic pathways, made specialy for a pleasant walking. Spend in tranquility some relaxing memories and admire the tremendous treasure of the gardens, and assist to many important researches made at the University of Alberta.

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Are you a garden enthusiast?  Do you love to take care of plants, of rare species of trees and to walk through some green exclusive landscapes.
?  Botanical gardens are the ideal spot where to enjoy such lovely moments, admiring the spectacular beauty of the Mother Nature.
We know that all of us need plants in this world.
The botanical gardens are those areas where the nature is protected and well preserved, to keep its original majesty.
A garden is a planned and totally controled space, often created outside, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
The botanical gardens are those enchanting places which offer a lot of useful information, about their statues, plants, flowers or trees that enchant the guests’ eyes.
The world's most beautiful gardens are veritable tourist attractions and most of them are works of art in the real sense.
Fountains, statues, sculptures, rare birds, plants and flowers arranged in a spectacular way - are just some of the most representative words for these gardens.
If you want to relax and to take a deep breath of fresh air, than choose to rest yourself in some remarkable and tranquil spaces, designed to appear as fantastic gardens.
Every country features its own botanical gardens, which are really picturesque pearls, left to impress the tourists and to relax their mind and soul.
Decorated with specific features, beautified by original and notable beauties, the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world will always be great destinations for a silent and pleasant journey.
So, do not hesitate and take a look at the most beautiful botanical gardens and choose the next destination for your next holiday, and you will never be disappointed or bored there, as they will leave  only nice impressions and majestic dreams.

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The Devonian Botanic Garden - Great view
The Devonian Botanic Garden - Great view

The Devonian Botanic Garden - Beautiful plants
The Devonian Botanic Garden - Beautiful plants

The Devonian Botanic Garden - Pleasant atmosphere
The Devonian Botanic Garden - Pleasant atmosphere

The Devonian Botanic Garden - Amazing place
The Devonian Botanic Garden - Amazing place