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The Metropolitan Opera House of New York


About the Metropolitan Opera House


The Metropolitan Opera is a musical theatre in Lincoln Center in New York, USA. It is often called "the Met". The theatre belongs to the world most famous opera houses. James Levine is the artistic director and Peter Gelb is the General Manager of the theatre. It is created by means of joint-stock company "The Metropolitan Opera House Company" and it is subsidized by rich companies and private persons.


The history of the theatre


The theater is opened for seven months a year from September to April. The performances are held daily. From May to June, the theater leaves for tours. In addition, the theater offers, in July, free performances in New York parks, collecting a huge number of spectators.


The theater orchestra and the chorus work on a permanent basis, but the soloists and conductors are welcomed according to the contract for a season or a certain performances. The opera is traditionally performed in the original language. The repertoire contains the world classics, including the Russian composers.


The company "Metropolitan Opera" was founded in 1880 and located in the building of the opera house, built by the architect Cleveland Cady on Broadway. The building was severely damaged by the fire on August 27th, 1892. After the reconstruction the opera reopened, and the building was used until 1966, when the company decided to move the Opera to a new location. The building was demolished in 1966. The company moved into a new building in Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in Manhattan, along with twelve other companies in September 1966. The auditorium is designed for 3900 seats. There are three auxiliary stages in addition to the main stage.


The lobby walls are decorated with monumental murals by Marc Chagall. These murals were recently sold to a private person, but on condition that their location does not change. So the sale was purely nominal, a kind of financial aid.


Premieres and performances


The Metropolitan Opera House was opened on October 22nd, 1883 by the opera "Faust" by Charles Gounod. The opening of the new opera hall in Lincoln Center on September 16th, 1966 was the world premiere of the opera "Antony and Cleopatra" by Samuel Barber. In the old building of the Metropolitan Opera were held the premieres of Giacomo Puccini works: "The Girl from the West" in December 1910 and "Raincoat," "Sister Angelica" and "Gianni Schicchi" in December 1918. The premiere of the opera "Vanessa" by Samuel Barbara awarded the Pulitzer Prize for an outstanding piece of music in October 1958. Another world premiere was held in the new opera house building in March 1967. It was the opera "Elektra is Murning" by Marvin David Levy at once with two world leading singers Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. In December 1991 and October 1992 were held two premieres: "The Ghosts of Versailles" by John Corigliano and "Voyage" by Philip Glass.


The broadcasts


The Metropolitan Opera performances records were broadcasted live on Saturday Night, many U.S. and some other countries radio stations, beginning with the Christmas 1931. One and the same sponsor carried the broadcasts funding from 1940 till 2004. The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts its performances in real time on the Internet on their official website since 2006.


A splendid tourist attraction


In New York, the famous American metropolis, the impersonation of Western urban culture, there are some places where anyone can join the classical art. One of these places is the musical theater Metropolitan Opera. The history of the Met, is not as old as the history of the famous European theaters. However, according to the number of stars, performing on its stage, the Metropolitan Opera is as good as the famous La Scala or the Vienna Opera. Many artists leaved the European stage for the American. That’s why it is a splendid tourist attraction. It is one of the most important opera stages in the world so it is early visited by hundreds of people. Buying once a ticket to one of its famous operas, you will spend your time greatly and will enjoy every minute in this theatre. You will like it and will certainly return to see another opera. It is a great opportunity to rest and join the art.

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A theatre is a form of art performance.
It is a synthesis of all arts.
It includes music, architecture, painting, cinema, photography.
The theatre is the most powerful tool of influence on the person, because seeing what is happening on the scene, the viewer associates himself with a specific character, and through the catharsis some changes take place within him.
  Despite the fact that the cinema exists for a long time, the theatres are popular as well as in times gone by.
The picture cannot be matched with a "live" actor playing, when the feeling of the play spirit hovers in the hall.
The ballet and opera, comedy and musicals, any statement can stir all the senses.
Each theatre is unique by its atmosphere, actors, and history.
  A theatre will be always an important tourist attraction of every city.
Its architecture, actors and plays will always amaze each visitor.
It is the best way to spend very interesting and full of emotions evening.
Visiting a foreign country, don’t hesitate to see its theatre.
You enjoy the pleasure it performs.
You will remember this life experience for a long period of time.

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The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - The musical theatre
The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - The musical theatre

The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - The troupe
The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - The troupe

The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Performance
The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Performance

The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Open air performance
The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Open air performance

The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Lincoln Center
The Metropolitan Opera House of New York - Lincoln Center