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Descanso Gardens


 Descanso Gardens represent a  lovely a 150-acre botanical garden and a remarkable historical site. Located beautifully in a natural “bowl” in  San Rafael Hills, this pleasant, urban retreat is situated  just at 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. It opens stunning views over  the San Gabriel Mountains to the north and the Verdugo Mountains to the west.

Around  300,000 tourists are  annually attracted by  Descanso Gardens. Authorized by the American Association of Museums, the spectacular area includes renowned botanical collections and seasonal horticultural displays. The gardens feature several attractions where to enjoy unforgettable memories.
The spectacular gardens boast  an abundance of celebrated floral gardens in a unique and natural setting.  The world’s largest outdoor planting of camellias, comprising more than 100,000 plants decorating their beautiful paths of a California live oak forest can be admired here. The oak and camellia forest, that covers over 20 acres, is recognized as the largest collection of camellias, in North America, including 35,000 tree-sized plants that rise up  under the canopy of 150-year-old coast live oaks. Camellias, and companion azaleas, are in bloom starting with late January until April.
Two famous rose gardens are designed at Descanso Gardens also, such as the Rose History Garden which includes a collection of notable international roses, with some examples dating back to ancient times and the second rose garden is known as All-America Rose Selections Garden, which probes each specimen of roses having received that prestigious distinction.

Brief History

The contemporary history of the Descanso Gardens dates back to 1936 when the newspaper magnate E. Manchester Boddy owned the  fabulous  property and called it Rancho del Descanso, coming from the “ranch of rest.” He founded a family dream home and bought watershed in the nearby San Gabriel Mountains that irrigates the property even  today. Helped by some experts, Boddy planted  thousands of camellias, roses, lilacs and other plants dedicated to the commercial flower industry, and to share with his friends, dignitaries and royalty who came to visit the scenic beauty from around the world here. Nowadays, Descanso Gardens is the property of the County of Los Angeles and operated by the non-profit Descanso Gardens Guild. The House of the newspaper magnate, Boddy, was  built in 1938 , and it offers historical features, including also an additional art gallery.

Beautiful Attractions in the gardens 

The International Rosarium represents  a five-acre spot, comprising  more than 3,100 roses that bloom year round. The Japanese Teahouse and  the Garden, featuring  one acre, Japanese maples, azaleas, bamboo and other plants from Asia, a Japanese farmhouse, known as “minka,” and soothing koi-filled streams. The Lilac Garden features one of the most wonderful  lilac collections in Southern California, with many species that were developed at Descanso Gardens for the local area. They are really fantastic in March and April.
The iris collection is considered  the largest public collection in the southern part of California, including  approximately 500 plants that offer a spectacular spring show.
The Bird Observation Station opens a great view over a lake and  the sanctuary island for water fowl and birds, considered  one of the best birding locations in this lovely area.
The gardens have an abundance  of majestic settings of annuals and perennials. They include azaleas, daffodils, irises, lilacs, orchids, and tulips.  The Native Plant Garden is designed against a hillside of chaparral. These surprisingly formed gardens offer a peaceful stroll amidst some of the loveliest natural beauty in all  California. There are  ponds for ducks to be feed, including also a variety of birds from the Bird Observation Station offering a great splendor to the lake shore. The Tea House represents a relaxing rest stop that overlooks the Japanese Garden.
Since  the gardens were created, woodlands and chaparral have been well preserved for all the guests to come and experience, receiving  nature enthusiasts each year, who remain fascinated by the unique beauty of the gardens. The Bird watchers will adore  the place, and after walking in the Rose Garden, the guests can continue to walk to  the Bird Observation Station and Lake, which  represents a shelter and an amazing area for a wide variety of birds. The station was created  in collaboration with the Audubon Society, that makes sure of  its high quality. The guests have the chance to view different birds, waterfowl and other wonderful animals in their natural surroundings. 
The Full Moon Tea House was designed using Asian decorative elements, being  one of the most extraordinary areas in the garden, constructed in 1966 from funds raised by the Descanso Gardens Guild.  The magnificent blue tile roofing was imported from Japan and a Shinto bridge and a Japanese farmhouse were also added to the place. The Descanso Gardens are truly amazing, providing some exclusive areas that are perfect for relaxation and leisure. The atmosphere is really tranquil and pleasant, enchanting the visitors’ eyes with spectacular views. They can find  some excellent spots and find out useful information, about the garden’s past and history and also about its marvelous attractions.

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The botanical gardens are those areas where the nature is protected and well preserved, to keep its original majesty.
A garden is a planned and totally controled space, often created outside, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
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Descanso Gardens - Tranquil place
Descanso Gardens - Tranquil place

Descanso Gardens - Spectacular beauty
Descanso Gardens - Spectacular beauty

Descanso Gardens - Amazing view
Descanso Gardens - Amazing view