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The Butchart Gardens


The Butchart Gardens are located at about 30 minutes drive from downtown Victoria, Vancouver Island. The garden is a great stop for tour buses and cruise ships, that come at the waterfront of Victoria. The

Butchart Gardens are one the most famous and excellent attractions in Victoria. Comprising  over 55 acres, the gardens feature a Sunken Garden, a Rose Garden, a Japanese Garden, and an Italian Garden. The visitors will get to see spectacular fountains, unique statues, topiaries, totem poles, and water features here. From good amenities there are included an amazing  dining restaurant, a coffee shop, a cafeteria-style eatery, a seed and gift store, and an excellent ice cream shop. Every  flower, tree, and shrub is absolutely lovely  and different. In 1904, the first concept for creating The Butchart Gardens came  with an effort to beautify a worked-out quarry site, located on the 130-acre property of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Butchart, who were the pioneers in the manufacture of Portland Cement in Canada. Their effort became a family engagement to horticulture and hospitality, covering  more than 90 years, surprising the guests who come from all over the world. From the extraordinary Sunken Garden to the fabulous Rose Garden, this 50-acre show-place still preserve  the veritable traditions of the past, concentrated on one of the spectacular places in the world. The magnificent area is owned by the Butchart family.  The Butchart family engagement to the gardens was rewarded in 2004 when it was declared a National Historic Site of Canada.
The Butchart Gardens is opened all the year round, and its construction was initially started by Jennie Butchart in 1906 when  helped by Isaburo Kishida she designed a Japanese garden. During  the time the kitchen herb garden was redesigned and transformed into a rose garden, and by 1939 the founders  offered  the lovely gardens to their grandson who took care of it until he died, 58 years later.
The Buchart Gardens represent  a gorgeous area of earthly delights  every season. The summer beauty, the autumn's golden glory and interesting holiday majesty, give to the garden a special charm,  always offering something to see, learn and experience.
The fantastic gardens open breathtaking  views as you wander along meandering paths and large lawns. The Butchart Gardens is a wonderful display gardens, and probably  the most stunning scenery is the sunken gardens, that are designed  here. The Butchart Gardens feature changes every season and includes a Christmas lighting show, that starts from early December to early January. 
They also include  fireworks during the summer months on Saturday and remarkable night illuminations from the end of June until September. As the gardens are opened very late every night in the summer, the guests can come early enough to admire  them during the day, and then see them at night. It is truly majestic  then also, and the flowers smell surprisingly at that time, making the atmosphere more spectacular and adorable.  Free entertainment  is organized almost all evenings, and after that the visitors can get to see the night illuminations.
Nowadays the garden is as well cared, as a woman started to preserve them, along with the 30 foot totem poles that are seen, the birdhouses that were a favorite of Jennie’s husband who collected them and carved birds.
When  Ross’s son, Christopher was in charge of the garden,  between  the 1944-2000, he added some new and exciting  things for visitors such as the evening symphony concerts that took place weekly, and the nowadays electric mix of bands organized between July and August  at Christmas. The December Christmas lights and other holiday decorations of the season decorate the gardens and the ice skating rink  is still functional today, transforming the area into an adventurous spot, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.
The gardens are a great place where the visitor can escape in all its dramatic beauty while taking a relaxing walk crossing the wonderful paths through the Butchart Gardens or take a view at the concert on a warm July or August evening. The gardens that can be enjoyed, feature the Japanese Garden and the Italian Garden that were begun by Jennie Butchart as well. The waterfalls and Star Pond are not only mysterious  but relaxing  for the visitor to the garden, who feel here like in  paradise, hidden in mystery and mystics.
The flowers that can be seen include thousands of different blooms, each blooming at a different time, such as  Acanthus, Crocosmia, Dahlia, Fuchsia, Hebe, Ligularia, Phlox and more. Everywhere you look you will be taken into in a new and more lovely landscape. We definitely recommend you to organize a trip  to The Butchart Gardens while in Victoria, BC. Enjoy unrepeatable moments while delighting yourself with miraculous sights of the Butchart Gardens and experience its unique and marvelous beauty. 

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Are you a garden enthusiast?  Do you love to take care of plants, of rare species of trees and to walk through some green exclusive landscapes.
?  Botanical gardens are the ideal spot where to enjoy such lovely moments, admiring the spectacular beauty of the Mother Nature.
We know that all of us need plants in this world.
The botanical gardens are those areas where the nature is protected and well preserved, to keep its original majesty.
A garden is a planned and totally controled space, often created outside, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
The botanical gardens are those enchanting places which offer a lot of useful information, about their statues, plants, flowers or trees that enchant the guests’ eyes.
The world's most beautiful gardens are veritable tourist attractions and most of them are works of art in the real sense.
Fountains, statues, sculptures, rare birds, plants and flowers arranged in a spectacular way - are just some of the most representative words for these gardens.
If you want to relax and to take a deep breath of fresh air, than choose to rest yourself in some remarkable and tranquil spaces, designed to appear as fantastic gardens.
Every country features its own botanical gardens, which are really picturesque pearls, left to impress the tourists and to relax their mind and soul.
Decorated with specific features, beautified by original and notable beauties, the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world will always be great destinations for a silent and pleasant journey.
So, do not hesitate and take a look at the most beautiful botanical gardens and choose the next destination for your next holiday, and you will never be disappointed or bored there, as they will leave  only nice impressions and majestic dreams.

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The Butchart Gardens - Relaxing place
The Butchart Gardens - Relaxing place

The Butchart Gardens - Spectacular view
The Butchart Gardens - Spectacular view

The Butchart Gardens - scenic beauty
The Butchart Gardens - scenic beauty