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The Boboli Gardens


 The Boboli Gardens is beautifully designed to highlight the beauty  of Florence, Italy. It covers  a large area of about 11 acres. The garden is decorated with many statues, spectacular  fountains, and includes an imposing amphitheatre. Great pathways run through the garden leading  to the top of the garden, from where is   a spectacular and outstanding panorama of the city of Florence. The Boboli Garden was founded by the Medici family in 1550, soon after  they moved to the Pitti Palace. The entrance is made through the Pitti Palace and then runs  to the veritable amphitheatre. Behind the Pitti Palace stands an ancients obelisk. 

The garden was created to appear  to the top of the hill. The majority of the path goes straight to the amazing  fountain dedicated to Neptune. There are  plenty of benches in the garden where the visitors can stay, relax and experience the great beauty of the gardens. When climbing  the road up to the top of the hill the visitors will get to see  an 18th century designed coffee house, where fresh drinks or snacks are served. On  the top of the hill as well  is located  the Forte di Belvedere, a good place that opens breathtaking  views over Florence.
The garden goes down from the top through paths of white pebbles which are  flanked by splendid trees.  Excellent statues and sculptures, meant to  enjoy the ambiance can be seen there too. The wonderful paths run to an immense area, that includes  an artificial lake and a central island. The fantastic lake is surrounded and decorated by  classical statues and colorful flowers. The garden is closed for public visits on the first and the last Monday of every month.
The  design of the founder of the gardens was used as a great base for all the royal gardens in Europe, such as Versailles, but the park  was actually designed with many Mannerist inventions, done by Buontalenti, fountains and statues by Ammannati, Giambologna and Tacca and later completed by Giulio and Alfonso Parigi. The last two architects, were father and son, and they carried out the stone Amphitheatre, a  unique spot, ideal  for many organized  theatrical performances, the cypress alley popular  as the "Viottolone" and the majestic square and pool of Isolotto. The last superb additions of the garden, for example  the Coffeehouse, the Lawn of the Columns and the Lemonary, were added later by the Lorriane family who made some veritable changes in different sections of the park.

The BOBOLI GARDENS were not so popular until the territory became the property of the Medici family, who called Tribolo, to design them. The great artist designed a treasured paradise of "landscape architecture" between 1550 and 1558. The fabulous park created on the property of the Pitti Palace, was formed to cover a miraculous area of about 320 square meters. Nowadays the botanical gardens of Boboli are recognized as a tremendous attraction, delighting  the peoples’ eyes with mysterious sights and notable views. Enjoy exciting adventures while walking in these adorable gardens, relax and spend unforgettable moments.

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The Boboli Gardens - Amazing design
The Boboli Gardens - Amazing design

The Boboli Gardens - Great fountain
The Boboli Gardens - Great fountain

The Boboli Gardens - Lovely view
The Boboli Gardens - Lovely view