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Singapore Botanical Gardens


Originally the Singapore Botanic Gardens meant to be a garden of relaxation and beauty for different ages, but more special for old people. There were  flower shows  and gardening festivals organized there. In 1874, the Singapore Gardens were offered to the government to maintain and manage their scenic beauty.


Interesting History of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Initially created in 1860, the botanical Gardens, comprising a territory of about 52 hectares, was once a research space for botanical studies. Few years later in 1990, the gardens were managed to  be exposed as a place for botanical and horticulture activity. However, in 1996  it was interrupted  from  functioning as a centre for research, education and conservation. The gardens started  to provide more perfect public facilities and new amenities, delighting the visitors’ eyes with attractions such as the Ginger Garden, the Evolution Garden, the Cool House, and the Children's Garden. Nowadays the Botanical Gardens  feature a herbarium with more than 600,000 botanical specimens. The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a lot of picturesque beauty to offer to its visitors. It is not possible  to get to see its landscapes in just one day. 

Beautiful attractions of the garden

A great attraction in these gardens that should not be missed is the National Orchid Garden.  The garden looks just like a treasure trove, a spectacular paradise, where several gems that wait to be discovered and admired are hidden. When  walking from the Nassim Gate, which is located along Nassim Road, just south of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the visitors will  get to enter the Visitor Centre. They have to grab  a map of the gardens, or require any assistance from the guides that are pleased to inform them about the treasured gardens.
Further up, after  the car park, the visitors will notice a beautiful tropical rainforest,  different with six hectares in size but older than the Botanic Gardens itself. Straight on this way  is beautifully located the Palm Valley, that includes  a collection of over 115 generations and around 220 species of Palm trees, displayed there for your viewing pleasure.
The visitors can also enjoy  a pleasant picnic at the Symphony Lake, where free concerts are organized  periodically, just to offer some live entertainment. This represents a great and a lovely area within the gardens, ideal for  an incredible and relaxing time-out. After relaxing here, the guests can continue their walk  to the Ginger Garden which is designed right next to the National Orchid Garden
Following the same road, ahead is the Bandstand, which represents an octagonal architecture used  once to stage musical performances and famous artists by military bands. This is not  used anymore, but it  is still  considered as one of the best features of the lovely garden.
Take a look to the Sundial Garden to learn  how in the past the folks  used to make use of sundials to tell the correct time. You will be intrigued  as you figure out for yourself how it really works.
After this go for a short visit to the Swan Lake, which is a splendid attraction that highlights  the beauty  of the garden's grounds. The name of the lake was  inspired due to  the many pairs of swans that waddle their way daily through the waters of the lake.
The spectacular beauty of the Singapore Botanical Garden  is really beyond imagination. Designed tastefully  by Sir Stamford Raffles, who was also the founder of Singapore and the true naturalists of the  1822 year,  the superb Garden represents  an important tourist attraction in Singapore city nowadays. Featuring more than 150 years this garden is today visited and admired by thousands and hundreds of tourists’ daily, who come  to see the arrays of irresistible botanical and horticultural attractions. The park is beautified by  amazing collection of different species of flowers, plants of worldwide significance with  a rich history that offer the great opportunity to its visitors to spend   interesting  moments, while relaxing and having  fun here.
After managed by the many interested directors, the importance of this exotic garden is beyond comparison. The first rubber plantation began from this garden and the result was successful.
Winning the great title of the best botanical gardens in the Southeast Asia, this tropical landscape presents the region’s natural habitats and its wonderful species. Nowadays, in this extraordinary garden you can find an avenues of scarlet lipstick palm with wide, sloping lawn decorated with spectacular  trees and nice sculptures.
During the weekends, this place is populated with joggers, families and dog walkers as well. This garden also features horticulture attractions, relating a rich history. During the week, the Singapore Botanical Garden  looks almost as an isolated oasis in this metropolitan life.
If you plan  to go and visit the fantastic garden, allow yourself plenty of time to see the fabulous sights. They are truly breathtaking, enchanting every visitor. You will never regret that you offered some time for this interesting journey through the Botanical Gardens of  Singapore. Be sure that you take your camera to take photos with exotic plants and unique flowers that are a truly wealth of this garden. Experience the best memories of your life, while admiring and walking  the veritable attractions of the Singapore Botanical Garden.

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Are you a garden enthusiast?  Do you love to take care of plants, of rare species of trees and to walk through some green exclusive landscapes.
?  Botanical gardens are the ideal spot where to enjoy such lovely moments, admiring the spectacular beauty of the Mother Nature.
We know that all of us need plants in this world.
The botanical gardens are those areas where the nature is protected and well preserved, to keep its original majesty.
A garden is a planned and totally controled space, often created outside, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.
The botanical gardens are those enchanting places which offer a lot of useful information, about their statues, plants, flowers or trees that enchant the guests’ eyes.
The world's most beautiful gardens are veritable tourist attractions and most of them are works of art in the real sense.
Fountains, statues, sculptures, rare birds, plants and flowers arranged in a spectacular way - are just some of the most representative words for these gardens.
If you want to relax and to take a deep breath of fresh air, than choose to rest yourself in some remarkable and tranquil spaces, designed to appear as fantastic gardens.
Every country features its own botanical gardens, which are really picturesque pearls, left to impress the tourists and to relax their mind and soul.
Decorated with specific features, beautified by original and notable beauties, the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world will always be great destinations for a silent and pleasant journey.
So, do not hesitate and take a look at the most beautiful botanical gardens and choose the next destination for your next holiday, and you will never be disappointed or bored there, as they will leave  only nice impressions and majestic dreams.

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Singapore Botanical Gardens - Fantastic waterfall
Singapore Botanical Gardens - Fantastic waterfall

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Splendid attraction
Singapore Botanical Gardens - Splendid attraction

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Symphony Lake
Singapore Botanical Gardens - Symphony Lake

Singapore Botanical Gardens - Exclusive beauty
Singapore Botanical Gardens - Exclusive beauty