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The Broken Chair


The Broken Chair is a monumental wooden sculpture made by the Swiss artist Daniel Berseth and the carpenter Louis Geneva. The sculpture is 12 feet high. It was needed 5.5 tons of wood for its manufacturing. The point is that the product is a chair with a broken, half-repulsed leg, which rises in the middle of Nations Square, in Geneva.


The sculpture was created as a protest against the use of antipersonnel mines, due to which countless of people lose their limbs. And acts as a reminder for the politicians engaged in a visit to Geneva. The Broken Chair was created according to Paul Vermilion project, director and co-founder of "Handicap International", a non-governmental organization providing aid to refugees.


The sculpture was installed by the “Handicap International” at the main entrance to the Palais des Nations, in August 1997. Originally it was planned that the "Chair" will stand for three months, that is, before the signing of the Ottawa Treaty banning anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs in December that year. It became an effective instrument of international law after the treaty had been signed by 40 countries.


The "Chair" gained unexpectedly strong public support, so it remained standing in the square beyond. In 2004, Daniel Berseth gave the rights on "Broken Chair" to “Handicap International". You should visit this monument. You’ll see an amazing huge chair that you haven’t seen before. You’ll commemorate those who died because of the anti-personnel mines and you’ll feel like you’ve done a very important and good thing. It will be a great life experience. Don’t hesitate and go to see it.

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A sculpture is an art form.
Its works have physically material, product volume and three-dimensional shape, placed in real space.
The main protagonists of a sculpture are people and wildlife images.
The main genres of the sculpture are the portrait, historical, mythological, personal, symbolic, allegorical images, and the figure of animals.
The materials used are metal, stone, clay, wood, plaster, and other modern fabrics.
  The sculpture exists since the ancient times.
At that period they represented people and animals.
Nowadays, the sculptures are widely used to attract crowds of tourists in each city.
That’s why some of them are totally different from the antique sites.
They are so strange.
They make you to think that the sculptor is totally crazy.
But certainly this makes you curious that you want to see the sculpture.
  There are a lot of monuments and sculptures in the world.
But not all of them are worth to be visited or seen, although they represent true masterpieces.
They all are made by famous people, sculptors, and painters.
But not the name of their builders gives them the fame.
It is hard to explain sometimes why a sculpture is the most visited, and another is not considered as the main tourist site.
Tourists choose by themselves what should be seen and what should not.
According to some statistics, the sculptures that seem to be very strange, gain the love and the attention of the public.
Enjoy your life spending great time admiring the craziest and the strangest sculptures you have ever seen.

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The Broken Chair - Amazing chair
The Broken Chair - Amazing chair

The Broken Chair - Unusual chair
The Broken Chair - Unusual chair

The Broken Chair - A half-repulsed leg chair
The Broken Chair - A half-repulsed leg chair

The Broken Chair - A wooden sculpture
The Broken Chair - A wooden sculpture