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A monument to all Lovers


A monument to all lovers was opened in 2006, in the Hermitage Garden. It looks like a huge heart made of 70 meters pipes. Few cylindrical bells hang inside the construction.


The layout for its realization became the image of the heart, found on the wall of the house where Juliet lived, in Verona. The photo of that image was found by a girl and sent to the radio station "Silver Rain". That was the day when the idea to install a monument to all lovers in the Hermitage Garden appeared. According to the author, all loving couples should go through the heart, and make a wish when the bells ring.


There are a few benches around the "Heart". They are located with the backrests to the monument, so all the loving couples are able to enjoy each other's company. The bells are ringing inside the steel heart with each breath of wind and create a very romantic atmosphere. There are chances that it will become the most romantic and the most popular destination for meetings in Moscow.


But some very creative couples come up with one more fun. They blow on the bells! They stand on the two sides of the monument and begin to blow, trying to shake one of the bells. The winner is the one with bigger light, and hence the chest, where the most tremendous heart beats! In addition, yearly, on the 14th of February all lovers are waited in the Hermitage garden. There is a very interesting competition on this day - a massive kiss of lovers at the monument to all lovers.


If you are in love and want to marry, go and visit this wonderful heart. Spend an amazing day in a romantic atmosphere near your beloved person. Blow on the bells and make a wish. You will feel the happiest person in the world.

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A sculpture is an art form.
Its works have physically material, product volume and three-dimensional shape, placed in real space.
The main protagonists of a sculpture are people and wildlife images.
The main genres of the sculpture are the portrait, historical, mythological, personal, symbolic, allegorical images, and the figure of animals.
The materials used are metal, stone, clay, wood, plaster, and other modern fabrics.
  The sculpture exists since the ancient times.
At that period they represented people and animals.
Nowadays, the sculptures are widely used to attract crowds of tourists in each city.
That’s why some of them are totally different from the antique sites.
They are so strange.
They make you to think that the sculptor is totally crazy.
But certainly this makes you curious that you want to see the sculpture.
  There are a lot of monuments and sculptures in the world.
But not all of them are worth to be visited or seen, although they represent true masterpieces.
They all are made by famous people, sculptors, and painters.
But not the name of their builders gives them the fame.
It is hard to explain sometimes why a sculpture is the most visited, and another is not considered as the main tourist site.
Tourists choose by themselves what should be seen and what should not.
According to some statistics, the sculptures that seem to be very strange, gain the love and the attention of the public.
Enjoy your life spending great time admiring the craziest and the strangest sculptures you have ever seen.

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A monument to all Lovers - Romantic sculpture
A monument to all Lovers - Romantic sculpture

A monument to all Lovers - Amazing sculpture
A monument to all Lovers - Amazing sculpture

A monument to all Lovers - A huge heart
A monument to all Lovers - A huge heart