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The Mississippi


About the Mississippi


The Mississippi is a river in the U.S.A. It is one of the greatest rivers in the world: having a length of 3.770 kilometers. It originates in the Itasca Lake at an altitude of 450 meters above the sea level in the National Itasca Park and it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The system formed by the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Jefferson rivers is the largest in North America. The total water consumption is of 16.200 m ³ / s and it is the tenth largest in the world. It was opened in the 1541 by the Spaniard Hernando de Soto. The first European who sailed down the river was Robert de la Salle in the 1681-1682 years. The Missouri River, a major tributary of Mississippi, begins at the confluence of three rivers, one of which is Jefferson. The three rivers : the Jefferson, the Missouri and the Mississippi form a long system in North America. The distance from the spring to the mouth of the Mississippi to the Jefferson is of 6.300 miles. The second longest tributary of the Mississippi River is the Arkansas. But the most affluent tributary of the Mississippi is Ohio. The Mississippi River runs through 10 states. The Mid-Mississippi River forms the boundary between the states. The river is divided into the Upper and the Lower Mississippi. The upper-portion of the river forms its source to its confluence with the Ohio River. The second portion forms the confluence of the Ohio to the mouth of the Mississippi. There are many rapids and rocky shoals. The area between the mouths of Minnesota and Des Moines of the Mississippi Valley, bumps into narrow limestone and forms rapids near the Rock Island and Keokuk cities. The highest waterfall is St. Anthony near St. Paul. The largest tributaries of the Mississippi are - OH, Des Moines (left), Missouri, Arkansas, Red River (right). Along with the Irtysh, the Missouri is the largest tributary of the world. For the first time the two sides of the river were joined in 1855 under the bridge in Minneapolis. Now the Mississippi is crossed by a variety of bridges, most of which are very beautiful. Bridges tend to occupy a prominent position in the history of the city.


The discovery of the river by the Europeans


In 1541 the Spaniard Hernando de Soto was the first European who was over the coast of the Mississippi, although there are other opinions. It is known that the delta of the Mississippi is marked on the map in the "Geography" of Ptolemy edition of 1513. In 1518 or 1519 in the delta of the court the Spanish expedition of the Alonzo Alvarez Pineda came, and at the end of October 1528 another Spanish expedition , Panfilo Narvaez, who, like several of his companions, was drowned in the waters of a river. The Spanish called the river Río del Espíritu Santo (the "River of the Holy Spirit"). Who gave it this name: De Soto, or one of its predecessors, it is not known. In the XVII century, a study of the river was begun by the French travelers. In 1682 the whole plain of Mississippi was declared a possession of France, in the honor of French King Louis XIV called Louisiana. In 1718, the 160 kilometers from the mouth was founded in New Orleans. By the Treaty of Paris in 1763 the land east of the mouth of the Mississippi had been transferred to the UK and the west to Spain. In 1800, France acquired the Spanish Louisiana and sold it in 1803 to the United States. The victory over the British in the Battle of Orleans in 1812 gave the U.S. the right to possess all of the mouth regions of the Mississippi River.


Steamboats on the Mississippi


The product of Mark Twain's "The Mississippi" affects the theme of steamship traffic on the Mississippi, actively held from 1830 to 1870 until the emergence of a new type of ships. The first ship, having passed all the way from Ohio to New Orleans, became a steamboat New Orleans in 1811. Steamship transport remains viable in the amount of transported goods and passengers by the end of the first decade of the XX century. Among shipping companies of the Mississippi River stands Anchor Line, the company, from 1859 to 1898 with an enormous fleet of ships on the route of St. Louis to New Orleans.


Floods on the Mississippi


In the spring of 1927 there was a great flood on the Mississippi. The river overflowed its banks in 145 places and flooded 70,000 square miles. Its depth is sometimes as high as 10 meters. Another flood occurred in 1993, the largest increase in water level was observed at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio.


The  Mississippi and literature


In some works of William Faulkner's the action takes place on the Mississippi. One of the first significant works of Mark Twain "On the Mississippi" and another of the most famous works of Mark Twain "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" mostly consist of descriptions of the travels on the river. Mississippi Music One of the songs of Johnny Cash “ The Big River” is about the Mississippi. The mountain song “Mississippi Queen” refers to the river. The Hold Steady often related to the theme of the river in their songs.


The Mississippi river is a full-flowing, mighty river which surely has wonderful, fantastic natural views to offer its visitors. The profiles of the Mississippi river are quite diverse and it has many large tributaries as: Minnesota, Des Moines, Missouri, Arkansas, Red River , Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio. The Mississippi waterfalls are really amazing too. I am sure it might be of great joy for anyone’s eyes to see at any period of time of the year. The river offers unforgettable , panoramic views and magnificent sights, fact that makes it not only one of the longest rivers of the world, but one of the most splendid and enigmatic rivers too.It connects us to nature, to each other and to the rest of the world. It is a river full of life and stories with many natural features and spectacular sceneries.

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We live in a world blessed with sights that are beautiful beyond words.
Everyone dreams to visit at least one of these places.
Those who live in modern cities with tall buildings tend to lose what Mother Nature has to offer.
They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and there are probably many places that you consider to be most important in the world.
  To our mind, rivers are very important and they offer splendid, natural views that Mother Nature offers.
Water is one of the most precious natural resources , we cannot live without it.
Globally, water supplies are rare: less than 1% of the world's water is good for consumption, and much of it, 2/3 of the Earth’s surface is covered by rivers and salt waters.
A river is formed from the union of several streams which naturally flow downhill , under the effect of gravity , which either flows into another stream or river ( its tributary ) or in a lake , a sea or an ocean .
  For this reason we do not pretend that our list of places included are the most beautiful, but rather among the vast collection of the  longest and the  largest rivers in the world.
1 - Nile - 6600 km, the most beautiful areas of the basin downstream waterways are in Aswan.
2 - Amazon - 6480 km, the largest river basin in the world, cruises are up to Iquitos.
3 - Yang Tse Kiang - 6300 km downstream from the dam cruises.
4 - Mississippi - 6280 km, one in four Americans living around the pool's third largest river in the world, every city on its banks proposes at least one cruise.
5 - Yenissei - 5540 km, navigable by small portions, is the longest in Russia.
6 - Huang He (Yellow River) - 5464, with most cruises in China.
7 - Ob Irtchych - 5410 km, one of the 120 rivers that cross Russia.
8 - Congo - 4800 km, the second largest river basin in the world that flows, in sequence with Amazon, African adventure for the brave.
9 - Amur - 4500 km, navigable river, it crosses Russia and China.
10 - Lena - 4400 km, the most eastern of Russian rivers, crosses Siberia from the south to the north and it is one of the most fascinating deltas.
  For the lovers of amazing sceneries, these rivers can be the perfect destinations and the cruises the most wonderful experiences.
Cruises have always aroused the curiosity of people even if not everyone can afford such a trip.
If the desire to live new sensations, schedule your vacation early next year and choose a destination that allows you to take a cruise on one of the longest rivers in the world.

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The Mississippi  - A full-flowing river
The Mississippi - A full-flowing river

The Mississippi  - Steamboats on the Mississippi
The Mississippi - Steamboats on the Mississippi

The Mississippi  - Cruise on the river
The Mississippi - Cruise on the river

The Mississippi  - Shoreline
The Mississippi - Shoreline

The Mississippi  - The river of the Holy Spirit
The Mississippi - The river of the Holy Spirit

The Mississippi  - Wonderful National river
The Mississippi - Wonderful National river