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St. Paul's Cathedral


   St. Paul Cathedral is masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, built in market and crowned by a dome Portlan wonderful. St Paul's Cathedral is a famous sightseeing attractions in the fullness of London. Very wide steps leading to the lovely two-story west facade and two towers in Baroque style. The left tower is located the largest bell in England. ? Big Paul? Produced in 1882, weighs 17 tons. 

   St. Paul was an inspiration for British people during the whole of the Second World War, when much of the area around the cathedral was destroyed by air strikes and photos of the cathedral with the dome covered in flames and smoke were circulated widely. Everyone considered a real miracle that St. Paul's Cathedral also survived a massacre, although not completely unscathed. A bomb demolished the Grand Shrine and tomb has suffered some damage and many windows were broken. They were then glazed glass, such as Wren's initial desire, improving the level of lighting inside the Cathedral. 
   Many centuries ago, the place is the cathedral was the site of a Roman temple closed goddess Diana, and then more churches were built here. St. Paul's Cathedral today to replace the old Cathedral of St Paul, which was destroyed during the great fire of London in 1666. Sir Christopher Wren was hired to design a building that would replace the one burned. Its first two projects were rejected, only the third being accepted. Construction began in 1675. The first service was held in the year 1697 but still only 13 years after the work was fully completed in 1710. St. Paul may be considered the world's first Protestant cathedral. 
   Inside St. Paul's Cathedral, as the exterior is dominated by large or Duomo, the cathedral which crowns the intersection. One of the biggest domes in the world with a height of 111 feet, weighing 65,000 tons is supported by eight pillars. The frescoes that decorate the interior dome, are the creation of Sir James Thornhill. 
   St. Paul's Cathedral contains many interesting artifacts and some monuments to British account. In the northern shrine is located Sufeltelor Chapel, dedicated to the memory of Lord Kitchener and his men killed at war. This shrine contains a memorial dedicated to the Duke of Wellington, hero of the Battle of Waterloo. Also at St. Paul's Cathedral and the monument was Nelson, the great hero who died in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. 
   Tomb that is believed to be the largest in Europe, contains about 200 graves. Here are the tombs of Nelson, Wellington and Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin. Corner artists, there are graves of Sir Arthur Sullivan, Sir Henry Moore, Sir John Everett Millais, and Joshua Reynolds. 
   Surrounded by graves and memorials of his family, everything here is found the final resting place of Sir Chirstopher Wren. Above is just an inscription chosen by his son - "lecturer, and monumentum requiris, circumspice" (Reader, if I seek a monument, look around you).

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