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The Cactus House


The "green" technologies are wide used now in the buildings construction and design. This is the desire to approximate the persons living in the city and the nature.

A magnificent 19 floors construction was built in Rotterdam. It represents an unusual cactus, which consists of plate lobes, located on each other. Each rounded lobe ends with a landscaped terrace or balcony. The "petals" are alternated regularly, so their location makes the maximum penetration of the natural light into the house. The house is painted white and has 98 luxury apartments.

The unusual design of the Cactus House was made to maximize the each apartment outdoor space and the interior lighting. The ledges represent large terraces for gardening, in which the sun can illuminate the plants from different angles.

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Since the primary society, the houses designs were a reflection of the status in the society, marking to the social position and responding to the physical and the psychological wants of the man.
However, the discreet people bower changed beyond cognition as time went on and under the inspiration and influence of science and of the technology development.
Evolution has led to modifications not only in personal elements of design or decoration, the home as a whole changed, in obedience to unchecked human desire to diversify and to arrange life.
Everyone has its own lifestyle and builds the house according to his needs and preferences.
Some houses amaze by their size, others by their beauty, modesty and yet others by the finesse with which they are built.
But there are some houses that have very strange shapes.
They leave us stunned and make us believe that everything is possible.

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The Cactus House  - Large terraces
The Cactus House - Large terraces