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The Fallingwater House


The Fallingwater House is one of the most iconic and famous private houses of the twentieth century.

The building was designed by the American architect Frank Wright in 1934. The construction was completed in October 1937. Today, the Fallingwater is considered one of the best buildings in the history of the American architecture. The construction of the towers is situated above the waterfall, a hundred miles from Pittsburgh.


The installation customer was Edgar Kaufmann Sr., a successful businessman from Pittsburgh. He had some land outside the city, including a waterfall. It took nine months to the architect to make the project. The customer was very surprised that no house had to be built near the waterfall, but over it. The masterpiece construction was accompanied by conflicts between Wright, Kaufmann and the building contractor. Kaufman didn’t like the fact that being inside the house, the waterfall can be heard, but be seen only from the upstairs balcony.


The Kaufmann family spent the weekend in the House over the waterfall since it was finished and until 1963. Then the house was given by Edgar Kaufmann Jr. to the Western Pennsylvania Reservation. The house is used as a museum now. There are 120 thousand visitors every year.


The Fallingwater House can rightly be called one of the greatest masterpieces of the world architecture because of the superb integration with the natural environment and its dynamic volume.

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However, the discreet people bower changed beyond cognition as time went on and under the inspiration and influence of science and of the technology development.
Evolution has led to modifications not only in personal elements of design or decoration, the home as a whole changed, in obedience to unchecked human desire to diversify and to arrange life.
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The Fallingwater House - The interior of the house
The Fallingwater House - The interior of the house

The Fallingwater House - An iconic house
The Fallingwater House - An iconic house