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Garota de Ipanema


Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city has its own green hills, blue skies, rocky mountains, beautiful bays, islands and wonderful beaches. It is a very interesting city and full of movements. It is also very rich having different kinds of relaxation and attractive places for tourists. One of these places is the Garota de Ipanema pub. Garota de Ipanema is a very modern pub and the most popular throughout Sough America. Its name comes from the pub’s legend. The story says that a young girl of 15years passed here every day on her way to the beach. Later she inspired one of the world’s most famous songs “ The Girl from Ipanema” . The name of the pub was changed in Garota de Ipanema. The decoration and the souvenirs of the pub are devoted to that moment. It is the most famous pub in Rio. This is considered a bohemian pub where you can appreciate live music. The Garota de Ipanema pub has a restaurant where you can drink, eat Brazilian food and serve very delicious cuisine. Downstairs are two rooms where you can serve hot cocktails at an acceptable price. You can taste the national Brazilian drinks named caipirinha that is made of cachaca liquor and lemon and grilled picanha in the pub. The pub has large windows from where you can admire the spectacular view of Rio. The waiters are nice enough here. The pub is so popular that it is full of people who drink beer every day. When you are in the pub you realize that you are in a famous place. It is a great place to stay and the time passes so easy!

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 We are often talking about things of different cities, about their architecture, about museums and their history but it is difficult to imagine a trip in another country and not to visit a pub.
  Pubs are places of leisure and of making new friends.
They are important elements of a society.
The pubs around the world are full of history as museums, and present as much drama as theatres.
Pubs are very important social-cultural elements in Britain and Ireland.
Many pubs suggest the presence of a small brewery, which is located directly in the pub or near them.
 The  brewed beer  is a major brand of pub.
There are very popular traditional games and billiards in pubs.
In recent years, the American version of modern games began to gain popularity.
Many Pubs hold special gaming tournaments, karaoke nights and quiz.
Pubs are also for musicians.
A lot of pubs are showing matches of football or rugby and various movies.
  But despite their wide ranges of entertainment in the pubs, they still remain those who first love beer.
Usually in pubs  traditional beer and snacks such as pork ribs, marinated eggs and chips or nuts are served.
Salty snacks are sold to trigger the thirst of the visitors.
  Pubs are slightly different from the usual restaurants and the  bars of the city.
Here you can relax and enjoy the most interesting Irish culture.
  Being in a pub  people forget about business and stressful daily movements.
  Maybe it is hard to put  pubs at the highest top of the  tourist attractions, but when you  find out that  famous persons are there and what events were unfolding on their background, you will find    pubs  of an incredible cultural value.
Find out about the most important pubs in the world and hope you will have the chance and the wonderful opportunity to relax somewhere on day.
Why not? Hope dies last.

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Garota de Ipanema - Most famous place in Brazil
Garota de Ipanema - Most famous place in Brazil

Garota de Ipanema - Bohemian pub
Garota de Ipanema - Bohemian pub