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Womb, Tokyo -the most legendry club in the world


 The Womb club is the Japanese legend of  nightlife. The nightlife of Tokyo experienced some problems. A little more than 10years ago, there were only a couple of night spots  in the city where you could dance well and enjoy yourself. All  clubs focused mostly on the karaoke. But now things   drastically changed, and the capital of Japan  is an Asian heaven for international culture now.

The first night club established in Tokyo was Womb. Opened in spring 2000, Womb became a cult hit very quickly. The club has  a square dance floor, the DJ is at the balcony and in the corners of the club are four columns with a sound beating to the center. Despite the seeming simplicity, all European and American stars recommended this club to each other. Local youth listen to pop music mostly. The major plus   is that Mohicans  come here  and they filled the club with such a strong power, that the glory of the place booms around the world. Ten years ago young people were not so interested in the nightlife, that is why the total number of guests didn’t exceed 150 people. At the present time  the clubbers  who visit  Womb  are over a thousand people. The Japanese felt the full force of American nightclubs. Womb’s face control is very severe. It allows to come only those who have over twenty years, and who have a passport. The queue is common, even for VIP – guests.

The Womb nightclub is the largest in  Tokyo. There  are four floors, each with its own bar in his possession. The first level is an elegant seating area, at the next level is   a huge dance floor, the third and the fourth levels are lounge areas. This club has the largest disco ball in the world.  The unique spirit of an entertainment venue  brought  its worldwide popularity. We hope that  this night atmosphere will also stir up the hearts of clubbers on other planets someday.

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Womb, Tokyo -the most legendry club in the world - Dance floor of the club
Womb, Tokyo -the most legendry club in the world - Dance floor of the club

Womb, Tokyo -the most legendry club in the world - Great party in the club
Womb, Tokyo -the most legendry club in the world - Great party in the club