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Villa Patrizia


   Hidden carefully in an extraordinary area with hillside olive groves,  the Villa Patrizia is a splendid 17th century country house,which was completely restored in 1999 to keep  the original character of the structure. The villa overlooks the valley of Lucca city, revealing   the massive medieval church towers in the distance .  The Villa Patrizia has some sections that date back from  the 15th and  the 18th century. The majestic structure has been tastefully and perfectly  renovated by its owner, an artist and a veritable designer with a shop on the villa grounds. Many fabrics of the owner are used throughout the villa and can be still admired. 

  The Villa Patrizia has terracotta tile floors, original frescoes which remained untouched. Remarkable furnishings and a sophysticated attention to detail are very visible throughout this stately house. The villa includes a precious Italian garden which is surrounded by mature trees and an ancient wall. In January of 2004  a veritable swimming pool that has been furnished with lounges and sun bathing furniture  was added to the villa.
The ground floor of  the Villa Patrizia consists of an entrance hall, a seating area with a  baby grand piano, with a living room,a large dining room with a unique antique sideboard, a breakfast room and  a well- equipped kitchen. The large kitchen is designed with a stove, an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a  microwave. Around 12 people can be accommodated in its 6 spacious bedrooms. At the ground floor the guest will get to find 2 bedrooms. The first is a bedroom which can also be used as a study, with a high quality queen size bed,  a bath with shower, while  the second bedroom provides two twin beds with a bath ensuite.  The upstairs are perfectly located  to the 4 queen bedrooms. The first one appears with an ensuite bath with a jacuzzi and a shower and the other one with an ensuite bath with a shower. The third and the fourth bedrooms share an adjacent bath with a shower. Here in the heart of one of the many wine-producing areas of Italy, this villa is the perfect location for a short holiday.
  An open-air chic terrace is ideal for outdoor meals, where the guest can spend unforgetable experiences while enjoying the excellent landscapes that the valley offers. The incredible area is furnished with outdoor furnishings for a restful time in a tranquil atmosphere. Nearby, is available a barbeque area. All the place offers marvelous moments, perfect for relaxation and silence. Everyone will be charmed and impressed by the rooms, the quality of the furnishings and the advantages of its position. The villa is very quiet and  it presents a great refuge for those who want to escape from their solitude and want to spend some exciting adventures close to the loved ones. The charming structure guarantees the privacy and the perfect indepence, providing remarkable intimate places for everyone.
  The city of Lucca offers unique attractions, so the guest won’t be able to get bored or dissappointed, as  plenty of outdoor activities that will keep them busy will be in front of them. The picturesque landmarks make the region more spectacular, and this wonderful villa, located in the very heart of the area, creates a miraculous gateway to serenity and tranquility.
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Villa Patrizia - Kitchen view
Villa Patrizia - Kitchen view

Villa Patrizia - Great pool
Villa Patrizia - Great pool

Villa Patrizia - Nice bedroom
Villa Patrizia - Nice bedroom

Villa Patrizia - Splendid garden
Villa Patrizia - Splendid garden

Villa Patrizia - Fantastic ambiance
Villa Patrizia - Fantastic ambiance

Villa Patrizia - Beautiful bedroom
Villa Patrizia - Beautiful bedroom