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Villa Aurora


Located in the very heart of Tuscany, at only 15 kilometres from the town of Arezzo, Villa Aurora represents a notable country house hidden perfectly in an extensive forest, including plentiful interesting animals such as fallow deer and wild boars.

The imposing structure had been inherited from the Benedictine Monastery, that dates back to the12th century, initially used by servants and nuns.  An amazing church which was originally founded in the 11th century is situated nearby.  The church represents one of the remaining five examples of the Benedictine architecture, featuring a three mullioned window apse and a crypt. The marvelous  property is beautifully surrounded by a small hamlet.

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The villa had undergone deep restructuring and  offers  the finest amenities for a peaceful and  comfortable holiday for the guests. The wonderful villa is carefully designed with antique furnishings, where  15 people can be easily hosted in eight bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The villa also includes  a large dining room area, decorated along with a reading and a sitting room, which feature all the equippments. A very excellent dining area is available outside as well, offering a very delicate space, where guests can spend lovely moments, admiring the overwhelming panorama besides the outdoor meals. The furniture is of exquisite quality and it is very modern and comfortable, making the guest’s stay full of elegance.
The roads that take the guests  to the villa are private and are exclusively used by the people who live or work in this area. The majestic area comprises around1.000 hectares and can be visited either by jeep or feet, if you want to experience the tranquillity and serenity of the place. 
Close to the precious monastery can be seen a large adorable lake that has a floating platform, that features  deck chairs, a beach umbrella and a changing hut, which allows bathing during summer days. This is an ideal place for relaxation in peace, while having a deep breathe of fresh air. It is a great refuge, where the guest can find the real wanted silence, escaping from the boring routine, while swimming or just resting.
 The Villa Aurora has its own style and attracts people for its glorious history, interesting design and amazing exterior. This treasured villa offers memories, history and a magical setting immersed in nature above the exquisite city of Arezzo. The fabulous structure represents a structure that reveals many signinficant moments, and its interior is perfectly designed to accomodate people who don’t like  solitude, and can find here the best facilities and furnishings for a perfect vacation.
The villa is very spacious, providing with veritable spaces decorated in a very unique style, just to satisfy everybody’s taste. Its is surrounded by remarkable landmarks, picturesque landscape, which increase the majesty of the structure, where you can spend unforgettable moments and exciting adventures. Do not hesitate to explore all its surroundings and you will discover unrepeatable facts. The Villa Aurora is suitable for the accomodation of a big group of people, who can take advantage of the privacy and the independence that are available here.
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Villa Aurora - Majestic interior
Villa Aurora - Majestic interior

Villa Aurora - Pleasant atmosphere
Villa Aurora - Pleasant atmosphere

Villa Aurora - Exterior view
Villa Aurora - Exterior view

Villa Aurora - Court view
Villa Aurora - Court view