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Villa Salvini


 Villa Salvini is a treasured holiday house, beautifully located in the old  Camaiore town, founded on a hill. The villa offers breathtaking views of the unique  national park of the Apuan Alps which includes the spectacular coastline of Forte dei Marmi . This wonderful villa is  quite a special place, designed with balconies which complete the guests’ privacy and tranquillity.

 The Villa Salvini is surrounded by an immense private garden, situated near the top of a hill, opening a great panorama over  the fabulous sea along the Tuscan-Liguria border. This villa  is only 10 km far from the shore, located high enough into the foothills of the Apuan Alps  offering cool temperatures in summer, majestic colours in autumn and wonderful flowers in spring.
The interior of the Villa Salvini is designed to appear  as an authentic Italian home, featuring a  beautiful combination of elegant contemporary pieces and fascinating antiques. It is the personal holiday home of some owners who wanted to share their lovely home with the guest, because they will be truly overwhelmed by the unique beauty of the structure.
Because the structure is built on a hill, all its floors are at the ground level. The lowest floor includes a double bedroom and a bathroom with a shower with an exit to the garden and a  staircase that takes the guests to the next level.
The main floor of the magnificent villa includes  a double living room with three sofas, a majestic fireplace,a card table and a satellite TV with a very comfortable and modern eat-in kitchen with full stove, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and plenty of dishes and cookware. There are also included a double bedrooms and a full bath room with shower. These all create a very delicate and accessible space for guests who are very impressed to spend some miraculous moments in such a pleasant atmosphere.
 The upstairs are perfectly designed  with two double bedrooms and a bathroom with a  bathtub. The house has central heating.  A hair dryer  can be available on request. 
 The guests can also enjoy some special memories  in the very heart of  the Italian country life, with ineresting shops and restaurants, that are pleased to welcome everyone who wants some relaxation. Just 300 meters from the villa there is located the fantastic  medieval town of Peralta , the ideal place where  the history of all times waits to be discovered and explored.
After some completed restorations done by a famous designer, the imposing structure  rises up as a sophisticated, elegant, modern and at the same time  a traditional home, which offers the wanted privacy and several opportunies  for unforgettable moments. The guests can spend a great time in the garden, which has a table and chairs, sun lounges and an outdoor shower. A very  remarkable  swimming pool, is also available, beautifully designed inside the rocks.
 At  the ground level, near the kitchen is situated a large terrace with a wood-burning oven that can be used for pizza or for barbeque as well.
 Some more activities, such as tennis, golf, the beach, horse riding, bike riding, hiking are possible to practice here. Wine tasting, fabulous dining, thermal spas, designer out let shopping, Etruscan ruins and Renaissance, medieval art and architecture are available nearby. The villa has a perfect position, being a really attractive place where to spend marvelous moments, surrounded in the veritable beauty of the nature, or just relaxing for a while in the gorgeous villa.

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It is summer, and with it, the thought of the sea, of the sun and of holidays.
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Italy is a country that attracts millions of surprises and delights tourists from all over the world.
Italy belongs to the Sicily, Sardinia, Elba islands and several smaller islands.
The country's territory stretches from the north to the south for more than 1100 km.
Things to do in Italy are so diverse that it is virtually impossible to accommodate them in one trip.
Visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily, Milan, Naples, you will see an infinity of this country and you will want to return again and again.
In Italy you cannot only enjoy the elegant atmosphere of cities, but also admire the magnificent marine recreation, the clean beaches, the golden sand and the blue sea.
Italy has a mild climate that promotes relaxation at sea for 5-6 months a year.
Choosing a villa in Italy is the best choice for those who wish to diversify their holiday best.
For example, rental villas in Sardinia will appeal to fans of traditional Italian cuisine, unspoiled nature and relaxation.
For those who value luxury and comfort more, ideal villas are at Forte dei Marmi.
Forte dei Marmi is a cozy and luxurious town where wealthy people and famous politicians of Europe prefer to relax.
Renting a villa in Forte dei Marmi means to enjoy the stunning alpine scenery and the unspoiled beaches.
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Tropez, in Forte Dei Marmi, in Tuscany, in Sicily, Sardinia or somewhere on the Amalfi Coast.
If you are accustomed to live and relax in a unique, peculiar to you alone manner, then rent a villa.
We offer you an interesting and a very informative trip.

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Villa Salvini - Pleasant atmosphere
Villa Salvini - Pleasant atmosphere

Villa Salvini - Majestic place
Villa Salvini - Majestic place

Villa Salvini - Exterior view
Villa Salvini - Exterior view

Villa Salvini - Interior view
Villa Salvini - Interior view

Villa Salvini - Pool view
Villa Salvini - Pool view