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Villa Trasimeno


Villa Trasimeno is located halfway between Rome and Florence, and benefits from an ideal positioning. The veritable villa is surrounded by castles, convents, small hamlets and beautiful lakes that form its stunning background. This enchanting panorama has been a great source of inspiration for Leonardo Da Vinci as well as other important Renaissance artists. Hidden beautifully in an extensive park, overlooking idyllic countryside landscape, this majestic structure is a refined and welcoming residence with a remarkable care for each detail, reminding of the glamour of the 1960’s style. 

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After years of hard work and many costs,  Villa Trasimeno now is pleased to offer a great vacation, where the guests can enjoy lovely moments.
 The guests can find relaxing scenery here, centuries-old culture, or action-packed adventures, spending exciting experiences.
Situated on the North East side of beautiful Lake Trasimeno, in the heart of Italy,  the Villa Trasimeno is an amazing  villa in Umbria, which helps the guests to choose from a wide range of activities, in a peaceful atmosphere. The owners of the structure offer private tours and interesting excursions to the winery and to the nearby islands. The surrounding landscapes are absolutely gorgeous, opening realy majestic places that are precious pearls, offered by our Mother Nature.
The owners of the estate have a  deeply care for their guests and have an authentic eagerness to please, and  are  always ready to share their knowledge of this extraordinary area. 
If you want to spend some unique moments, you can come and experience exceptional hospitality and the elegance of the past, in a modern facility designed for nowaday’s lifestyle.
The 19th century villa was perfectly designed by an eccentric actress, with old fittings, including an open fireplace,  a wooden work in a really beautiful combination with modern 
facilities. It can  accommodate more than 28 people in its comfortable interior. The apartment of the villa features a family room, two suited and a double room where  12 people can sleep. Nearby, are located three older farmer cottages that have been renovated and transformed into additional residence units, preserving the classic Tuscan style, which consists of terracotta clay ceilings and chestnut wood beams. They are now gifted with all the necessary features. The first of this cottages can house up to 2 people, the second one can host up to 6, and the third one –up to 8 people
The treasured estate functions as an upscale bed and breakfast. Each room is  decorated in a different theme, creating incredible spaces where to relax in peace. All of the rooms of the villa open breathtaking views. The structure that was founded eventually  as a private villa, has very hospitable owners who  are deeply in love with the views and the rustic town.
After years of renovations, the villa  offers five  deluxe rooms and a mini apartment, that are some exceptional places where to stay and relax in tranquility.  The breakfast is served every day  on the veranda, but the  lunch and the  dinner is served upon request.
The marvelous living room, the dining room and the kitchen overlook a wide, and almost covered terrace. There is available also an area for multiuse activities, for organizing important parties and different charming events. Walking through an easy path, the guests will reach the swimming pool dedicated to adults, and the adjacent swimming pool is for children. It  also  includes a  panoramic solarium. This wonderful and luxury villa is dotted with discreet, hidden places, for a perfect refuge, offering moments of silence and serene rest.
The surrounding area has many adorable  sites of rare beauty, featuring medieval villages, castles, and century farmhouses. The magnificent Lake is surrounded by fabulous endless views of woods, olive groves, vineyards all of which overlook the beautiful lake. The  excellent climate makes the area  an ideal place to stay for a relaxing vacation. The villa is a superb destination, while in Italy, that offers notable facilities, making anyone’s stay very pleasant and interesting.
The veritable Villa Trasimeno offers all the necessary facilities, so the guests do not have to worry about anything. They will be satisfied about the fittings of the villa, and they will be truly impressed about the stunning panorama, about the design and about its wonderful atmosphere. The region in which is hidden the villa is a miraculous corner of Paradise.


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Villa Trasimeno - Beautiful interior
Villa Trasimeno - Beautiful interior

Villa Trasimeno - beautiful place
Villa Trasimeno - beautiful place