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 Portofino is the most luxurious and popular resort on the Ligurian Riviera and has a very unique charm. Portofino is not a major tourist city, representing a picturesque, half-moon shaped seaside village. This wonderful place is a special one, ideal for the tourists  who appreciate a relaxing holiday in a romantic environment of multi-colored fairy houses and boats.

Portofino is beautifully located  at 20 km from Genoa, being a  picturesque bay,  considered one of the most excellent places in the world. The small town comprises  a series of colorful houses and the port opens  a promontory that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The houses and villas appear surrounded by olive trees and palm trees, and in the port are lined yacht series, highlighting the elegant presence of the world's elite during the summer time.
Do not hesitate to choose Portofino as a holiday destination, because  you will be fascinated by the extravagant style and the tranquility of the town that will offer  unrepeatable memories on the Ligurian coast.

Major attractions

Portofino features shops, restaurants, cafes, and luxury hotels. The  crystalline green waters of the town reveal a myriad show of aquatic life. An incredible castle lies atop the hill overlooking the village. The tourist can choose some additional activities as hiking, diving, and boating in this area .
Castello Brown lies on a beautiful hill above the village of Portofino. The tourists  can go to the castle following a path that exists near the Botanic Garden. . The castle  is perfectly designed with a superb garden that opens  breathtaking views of Portofino and the sea. This is a  medieval castle which became the residence of Yeats Brown, the British consul to Genoa, in 1870. The interior includes  furnishings and pictures belonging to the Browns, some photos of many famous visitors to Portofino.
San Giorgio Church and Lighthouse
These incredible structures have a panoramic position on the way to the castle. The  San Giorgio Church was reconstructed after the last war. Another scenic pathway takes you clear out to the lighthouse, a very exclusive structure that overwhelms the tourists.
San Fruttuoso
 The Abbazia di San Fruttuoso is situated at two hours boating distance from the village of Portofino. This superb abbey dates back to the 11th century,  hidden among pine and olive trees. Under the water near San Fruttuoso the visitors can see a huge bronze statue of Christ, Cristo degli Abissi, the protector of sailors and divers.
Superb beach 
 Portofino is a veritable village armed with some of the world’s most luxurious and sought  amenities. Portofino includes a wide array of beach resorts which are capable to satisfy all the miraculous tastes of the guests. Portofino is home to a stunning waterfront with marvelous colored buildings providing it with a spectacular back drop. This fascinating and unique  little fishing village  surely became an extraordinary destination for the country, being a very charming  and  luxurious place. This beach resort is settled in a hidden inlet on a headland. Portofino features a harbor which not only is wonderful and stunning with its deep azure water and big anchored yachts, but in the same time offers to its tourists several water sport options which include water skiing and speed boating.
Many travelers are surprised to hear and see that proper beaches in Portofino don’t really exist. However, if they   drive for a few minutes along the coast, they will get to see  the  Paraggi beach, which is a truly charming beach in Italy. This is the place where the locals go to upkeep their perfect golden tans, and where you can recover from big meals of pasta and pizza with a little sunbathing. This secluded stretch of sand is very famous for its romantic atmosphere, being a small piece of paradise. Paraggi beach is ideal for an intimate refuge and escape out of Portofino, where they can take advantage of the silence that surrounds the area and spend really magnificent moments.
Due to the fact that it is the most fashionable resort for the rich and famous people in the world, Portofino annually attracts thousands of tourists who are overwhelmed by its picturesque beauty. Nowadays the main characteristics of the little village are secularism and oneness. The holidaymakers are attracted by excellent service, the absolute tranquility of the mountains and the treasured beauty of the bay, including also the best natural harbor of the Liguria coast. The Cape of Portofino is one of the most famous national parks in all the country, representing the symbol of the coastal strip. 
Do not hesitate to experience from its exciting adventures offered by its popular nightclubs. It has something to offer to everyone, and the visitors are very pleased to spend unforgettable moments here. Here they can take a deep breathe of fresh air, while admiring the town’s attractive landmarks, or while taking a sunbath. 

Others The best beaches in Italy .

The warm weather, the summer vacations awaken the dream in each of us and force even, many of us to think about a wonderful holiday at the seaside.
Italy is a country that is famous for its unique beach resorts.
Italian beaches are the best in the world.
We suggest you to rest in Italy considering the following reasons.
Already a couple of decades, the Mediterranean beaches are among a battle for the flags.
Before the swimming season, the “ Fondazione per l'educazione ambientale” (FEE), an international organization for the environmental education, in collaboration with COBAT and COOU, whose responsibilities include neutralization and recycling of lead wastes and refinery residues, distribute symbolic blue flag beaches between the recreational areas that meet stringent cleanliness standards and the requirements of eco-tourism.
The action is called - Bandiere Vlu, which means "blue flags".
That is why, Italy offers ecologically healthy areas, the most “ blue”, the cleanest and most pristine zones.
And this is, in fact, due to the turmoil after the” blue flags”, that may seem like a silly child’s game but it has a big meaning for the coastal ecosystem.
The second reason to choose Italy is that Italian beaches compiles a list of beaches for the kids.
This is a large sandy area with no rocks and no pebbles with crystal clear sea, where there is necessarily a team of rescuers, which will ensure the safety of your child.
Pediatricians from all over Italy and the “La salute prima di tutto” magazine selected 25 beaches suitable for children.
Beaches were chosen based on several criteria, explained by the expert from the University of Milan Bicocca Farnetani , who conducted the investigation jointly with the Italian Association of Preventive and Social Pediatrics.
The third reason to choose Italian beaches is that they are the most exclusive resort areas in the world, with picturesque natural bays.
Beaches have separate cabins for undressing, lounges, beds, umbrellas, tents with tables and chairs where you can order drinks and fruit.
Italian beaches assure you a high quality of leisure, all sorts of water sports, yacht clubs and golf courses, night bars, restaurants and discotheques.
Discover the best Italian beaches and have the best summer vacation ever.

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Portofino beach - Majestic destination
Portofino beach - Majestic destination

Portofino beach - Fantastic view
Portofino beach - Fantastic view

Portofino beach - superb town
Portofino beach - superb town

Portofino beach - Exciting tour
Portofino beach - Exciting tour

Portofino beach - Splendid beach
Portofino beach - Splendid beach

Portofino beach - Amazing place
Portofino beach - Amazing place