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Villa Gelsomino


   If you organize a holiday in Italy with your friends than definitely you need a quite big house  to have a lot of space, so that you can have a lot of fun. A really great choice for you would be the  Gelsomino Villa , a lovely house, beautifully located  which offers breathtaking panoramas.  The  Gelsomino Villa's hillside location opens  stunning views of Todi at the easy proximity to Todi, Orvieto, Assisi, Spoleto, Gubbio and Perugia. A very small village with grocery, a butcher and a chic bar is located just two kilometers away, and there  you can find olive oill, eggs and fresh chicken from a nearby farm.   The Gelsomino Villa is a completely remodeled and renovated stone farmhouse that is elegant and welcoming  everyone.

  The wonderful villa lies on 3.5 acres and includes gardens with fruit trees , olive trees, rose bushes, specimen plantings and the amazing climbing jasmine for which the villa has its name. There is a large swimming pool  with a changing room and shower, an outdoor kitchen that even includes  a BBQ and a furnished gazebo which opens an excellent 360-degree panorama.
The ground floor features a large double living room, with a delicate fireplace. The dining room comprises also a fireplace where over 10 people can stay. The kitchen is designed in a country style and  it includes an extra large oven, a dishwasher and a microwave. All these make the space to be really comfortable and perfect for a pleasant ambiance, where the guest can cook with pleasure. The villa  also includes a laundry  with a washing machine, and an additional refrigerator and oven, which make the space more useful. The ground floor houses a twin bedroom, a bathroom with a shower. The villa is perfectly for those  guests  who have walking problems.
  The second floor is a gorgeous place where to spend lovely moments, in a quite comfortable atmosphere, with nice decoration. This floor includes a double bedroom, with a king sized bed, another  bathroom with  a shower. There is another double bedroom with a queen sixed bed, and a wondeful bathroom with tub. The second floor is the most spacious with luxury rooms, including also one more twin bedroom with a large walk-in closet, with en suite bathrooom with shower as well. The guests can take a deep breathe while relaxing in the gorgeous sauna which has a shower. The space is comfortable and perfect for a great leisure time, full of tranquility.
 The Villa Gelsomino has marvelous spaces for your own delight, with private and intimate rooms, where you can enjoy unforgettable memories. The third floor tower features a bedroom, with a king bed, en suite bathroom with an  extra large shower.
The bedrooms that boasts the villas are of very high quality, and  this villa is ideal for 5 couples. All its  bathrooms are beautifully tiled with antique tiles and fitted with modern fixtures, creating fantastic conditions for its special guests. Do not hesitate to try its great facilities, because here you will be in a great harmony with the nature, and not far away from civilization.
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It is summer, and with it, the thought of the sea, of the sun and of holidays.
And if Italy is among your preferences when it comes to a vacation , here are some of the most beautiful villas for which this country is recognized.
Some are even for sale, but prices are intended for investors filthy rich, but many are for rent.
Italy is a country that attracts millions of surprises and delights tourists from all over the world.
Italy belongs to the Sicily, Sardinia, Elba islands and several smaller islands.
The country's territory stretches from the north to the south for more than 1100 km.
Things to do in Italy are so diverse that it is virtually impossible to accommodate them in one trip.
Visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily, Milan, Naples, you will see an infinity of this country and you will want to return again and again.
In Italy you cannot only enjoy the elegant atmosphere of cities, but also admire the magnificent marine recreation, the clean beaches, the golden sand and the blue sea.
Italy has a mild climate that promotes relaxation at sea for 5-6 months a year.
Choosing a villa in Italy is the best choice for those who wish to diversify their holiday best.
For example, rental villas in Sardinia will appeal to fans of traditional Italian cuisine, unspoiled nature and relaxation.
For those who value luxury and comfort more, ideal villas are at Forte dei Marmi.
Forte dei Marmi is a cozy and luxurious town where wealthy people and famous politicians of Europe prefer to relax.
Renting a villa in Forte dei Marmi means to enjoy the stunning alpine scenery and the unspoiled beaches.
Renting a villa in Forte dei Marmi, or rent a villa in Sardinia - all this is possible at any time of the year, since Italy possesses sensual charm always, in any weather.
Renting a villa in Italy is your unique life experience.
Discover some exclusive places and enjoy your stay.
If you plan a holiday with your family, with a large group of friends or a romantic holiday, you will please yourself and others renting a villa - a great way to avoid costly hotels, feel the owner of a luxurious mansion anywhere in the world! If you only wish, you will surely find a luxury villa in St.
Tropez, in Forte Dei Marmi, in Tuscany, in Sicily, Sardinia or somewhere on the Amalfi Coast.
If you are accustomed to live and relax in a unique, peculiar to you alone manner, then rent a villa.
We offer you an interesting and a very informative trip.

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Villa Gelsomino - Great atmosphere
Villa Gelsomino - Great atmosphere

Villa Gelsomino - Court view
Villa Gelsomino - Court view

Villa Gelsomino - Amazing bedroom
Villa Gelsomino - Amazing bedroom

Villa Gelsomino - Interior view
Villa Gelsomino - Interior view