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San Vito Lo Capo beach


   San Vito lo Capo or Saint Vitus Cape is a fantastic  coastal town beautifully located in  the Trapani area, including an amazing beach. It extends below Mount Cofano, which is a high pointed limestone cliff visible from a long distance.  The town of San Vito is near the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the hamlet of Scopello. This is the place where some scenes of the movie Ocean's Twelve took place in 2004. San Vito is famous for its annual couscous festival . It represents  a great destination for a vacation, and Erice and Segesta, two of Sicily's historic jewels, are not far away. This might  be considered as a  hidden  spot known just to few tourists, presently popular with Germans.

San Vito Lo Capo is a popular beach resort, especially known for its beautiful coast that opens to a beautiful bay and beach with crystal clear water that is alive, including  shades from blue to green in the  clear and deep blue water. San Vito is a white town built around its mother church in the '700. The hub of the country features its church, square and massive recalls from its birth as a Saracen fortress. There was a small church dedicated to St. Vito inside, where the saint is said to have lived, which  became too small to accommodate all the pilgrims. The church has been enlarged to incorporate his "defense".

Magic attractions

Il capo
 You can climb on the  road from Custer  enjoying views over the Gulf of the Hood. Before you reach San Vito on the left you see one of the sixteenth century towers so frequent in this area and along the beautiful chapel of St. Crescentia , which dates back to the 16th century. On the left of  San Vito there is the old tuna Dry, now in disuse, and on this way you can reach  the Tower of the solitary. The beautiful Zingaro Nature Reserve lies at the end of the road.
Mount Cofano - nature reserve
This impressive limestone lace and the gulf of the Crown provide a beautiful show steep reddish walls that are mirrored in crystal waters. The tourists can follow the road that skirts the mountain on the right just before Custer. Along the rocky side  some of the marble quarries of Sicily Pearl  had been opened. Their whiteness contrasts with the color of  the burnished rough rocks. The Mangiapane Cave, which houses  a small rural agglomeration completes with  the chapel and  the cobbled street. The charm of this abandoned village, with square houses with  colors of burnt sienna, lives at Christmas time when there is a charming nativity scene set up.
The small town of San Vito lo Capo has a delicate setting between the surrounding mountains with olive groves dotted across the hills, which overlook the harbour of the town.
While the town contains a couple of buildings of real interest and a chapel, its beach is the area that many people are attracted by. The town is also very lively and boasts pubs and clubs, restaurants and nightlife, where the visitors and locals can enloy lovely moments in an exciting ambiance.
The beach of the town  is very popular with locals and tourists . The beach is one of the best in Sicily - the beach is about three kilometres long, featuring fine light sand. Because it runs in a natural bay the waves are gentle and the beach is ideal for children and families, which can have fun and relax in a tranquil atmosphere. San Vito la Capo is a gorgeous destination, perfect for a  vacation, full of picturesque sites, that are truly must-see landmarks, that beautifully decorate the town.

The majestic harbour of the town  is home to both local fishing boats and some visiting pleasure boats. It is also the place to head if you hope to explore the sea, with diving and windsurfing schools everytime available.

A little bit far  from the beach, the mountains are worth exploring and are also very popular with climbers and those who want to discover and explore the many caves that are dotted around above San Vito lo Capo and Mount Cofano. San Vito includes a  local speciality that is an unusual dish combining cous-cous and fish and it is well worth enjoying in one of the many local restaurants. It is the favorite dish during the annual San Vito lo Capo cous-cous festival, which comes along with many other dishes prepared from locally caught fish. This incredible town has a charm that overwhelms throught its originality and creativity, with hospitable and sociable inhabitants, and also with remarkable attractions, that are worth to be visited.

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The warm weather, the summer vacations awaken the dream in each of us and force even, many of us to think about a wonderful holiday at the seaside.
Italy is a country that is famous for its unique beach resorts.
Italian beaches are the best in the world.
We suggest you to rest in Italy considering the following reasons.
Already a couple of decades, the Mediterranean beaches are among a battle for the flags.
Before the swimming season, the “ Fondazione per l'educazione ambientale” (FEE), an international organization for the environmental education, in collaboration with COBAT and COOU, whose responsibilities include neutralization and recycling of lead wastes and refinery residues, distribute symbolic blue flag beaches between the recreational areas that meet stringent cleanliness standards and the requirements of eco-tourism.
The action is called - Bandiere Vlu, which means "blue flags".
That is why, Italy offers ecologically healthy areas, the most “ blue”, the cleanest and most pristine zones.
And this is, in fact, due to the turmoil after the” blue flags”, that may seem like a silly child’s game but it has a big meaning for the coastal ecosystem.
The second reason to choose Italy is that Italian beaches compiles a list of beaches for the kids.
This is a large sandy area with no rocks and no pebbles with crystal clear sea, where there is necessarily a team of rescuers, which will ensure the safety of your child.
Pediatricians from all over Italy and the “La salute prima di tutto” magazine selected 25 beaches suitable for children.
Beaches were chosen based on several criteria, explained by the expert from the University of Milan Bicocca Farnetani , who conducted the investigation jointly with the Italian Association of Preventive and Social Pediatrics.
The third reason to choose Italian beaches is that they are the most exclusive resort areas in the world, with picturesque natural bays.
Beaches have separate cabins for undressing, lounges, beds, umbrellas, tents with tables and chairs where you can order drinks and fruit.
Italian beaches assure you a high quality of leisure, all sorts of water sports, yacht clubs and golf courses, night bars, restaurants and discotheques.
Discover the best Italian beaches and have the best summer vacation ever.

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San Vito Lo Capo beach - Wonderful place
San Vito Lo Capo beach - Wonderful place

San Vito Lo Capo beach - Spectacular view
San Vito Lo Capo beach - Spectacular view

San Vito Lo Capo beach - Fantastic beach
San Vito Lo Capo beach - Fantastic beach

San Vito Lo Capo beach - Beautiful place
San Vito Lo Capo beach - Beautiful place

San Vito Lo Capo beach - Majestic view
San Vito Lo Capo beach - Majestic view