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Orosei Beaches


   The Gulf of Orosei is the most famous for its multi-shaped sandy shores lined on the coastline.  Situated in the Cedrino River's flatland, it looks different  from the other towns because it keeps its interesting past alive, identified historically as Baronia's chief town. Orosei represents a  40 km cliff, that features vertical walls, small ravines, beautiful caves, and a crystal clear water sea with deep and intense colors. The mountain offers white pearls of sand, and here are also some complicated inlets with magic names. Admiring all the beauty of the town you will discover that  the time  stopped here. When walking along the old streets of the town,  you can admire the  narrow alleys over which the  old, white, limestone buildings, and the buildings from the 19th century rise up.  

 The Gulf of  Orosei, a symmetrical "bite" out of the eastern coast of Sardinia runs from Capo Nero to the north of Sardinia to Capo Monte Santo in the South, marked by craggy white cliffs and powder white coves and backed by wild and uninhabited mountainous regions, which are truly fantastic and offer stunning panoramas. 
 In less than one hour drive to  the south of Olbia the town of Orosei, from which the Gulf gets its name, lies on flat and fertile land on the south part of the River Cedrino, which knows its way down from its source in the giant  mountains that provide a breathtaking back drop to the town. Amongst the town's maze of narrow cobbled streets are a number of excellent old churches as well as small piazzas where people stay and enjoy pleasant seconds while drinking  fresh juice.

Wonderful attractions

  Orosei has perfect restaurants  for all tastes.  Wednesday is the market day here and amongst the stalls  fruit and vegetables, brought  from the  fertile fields surrounding the town are sold.  Shaped cheese with waxy rinds  hanging above the counters  and displaying sardinian pecorino, made by locals, in a very unique way appear here too.
  You will also come across the church of St. Anthony the Abbot, perfectly located   to the Pisan tower and the "cumbessias".  There are   small, antique, or one-roomed houses . They are made generally of stone, where people spent the night on the occasion of the celebration in honour of the saint .  
Must-see landmarks are the parish of St. James Maggiore built between the 17th  and 18th centuries, which preserves an amazing baptismal spring made of wood, as well as that of Madonna del Rimedio.  These magnificent  churches' have holy days that are celebrated respectively July 25th and the second Sunday of September and include the participation of most surrounding towns and the presence of guests  who admire  the parades and veritable dances in costume with great enthusiasm. However, it is Orosei's seaside component that makes it important.  The entire coastline from the Marina of Orosei to Berchida beach boasts natural beauties like Cala Liberotto, Cala Ginepro and Bidderosa.  This is a long stretch of fine sand beautifully alternated with  promontories that offer  a unique and natural value to this coastline.  
Its various scenery yearly attracts thousands of visitors, who came here and delight themselves with fantastic landscapes, full of precious masterpieces. The tourists are overwhelmed by the marvelous beauty of the clear water beaches, and the colored scenery that can be also admired while at the town’s sandy beaches.  
  Orosei has proven to be one of the towns most prepared  resorts for the tourist season.  Its remarkable  beaches are equipped and always clean, its marine seabed is protected from vandalism and its diverse tourist-facilities are able to satisfy all the tourists’ needs and tastes.
There are many gorgeous sightseeing places to visit, such as the Church of St Giacomo, one of the most important Baroque buildings in Sardinia. The Castle is situated in the ancient heart of Orosei. 
The Sacred Nuragic Well of Sa Linnarta, is an example of its kind that can be seen  in the area. Only a short distance away from Orosei, on the road between Olbia and San Teodoro,   the Church of St Maria del Mare, a treasured structure that delight the visitors’ eyes with spectacular interior and stylish exterior is located.
The beaches of Orosei are fabulous, starting with the Beach of Bidderosa bordering Siniscola, continuing with the beaches of Cala Ginepre Mattanosa, Fuile a Mare and Osalla. The beaches of Orosei  are really exclusive , not only in the sense of the worldliness, but also from a naturalistic character, for the waters, for the colors, for the kind of sand, and for the morphology of the territory as well. From Cala Gonone you can take a boat trip to marvelous  beaches of Orosei Gulf like Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritze. You will spend an exciting experience, surrounded by elegant and superb sites, in a tranquil ambiance here.

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The warm weather, the summer vacations awaken the dream in each of us and force even, many of us to think about a wonderful holiday at the seaside.
Italy is a country that is famous for its unique beach resorts.
Italian beaches are the best in the world.
We suggest you to rest in Italy considering the following reasons.
Already a couple of decades, the Mediterranean beaches are among a battle for the flags.
Before the swimming season, the “ Fondazione per l'educazione ambientale” (FEE), an international organization for the environmental education, in collaboration with COBAT and COOU, whose responsibilities include neutralization and recycling of lead wastes and refinery residues, distribute symbolic blue flag beaches between the recreational areas that meet stringent cleanliness standards and the requirements of eco-tourism.
The action is called - Bandiere Vlu, which means "blue flags".
That is why, Italy offers ecologically healthy areas, the most “ blue”, the cleanest and most pristine zones.
And this is, in fact, due to the turmoil after the” blue flags”, that may seem like a silly child’s game but it has a big meaning for the coastal ecosystem.
The second reason to choose Italy is that Italian beaches compiles a list of beaches for the kids.
This is a large sandy area with no rocks and no pebbles with crystal clear sea, where there is necessarily a team of rescuers, which will ensure the safety of your child.
Pediatricians from all over Italy and the “La salute prima di tutto” magazine selected 25 beaches suitable for children.
Beaches were chosen based on several criteria, explained by the expert from the University of Milan Bicocca Farnetani , who conducted the investigation jointly with the Italian Association of Preventive and Social Pediatrics.
The third reason to choose Italian beaches is that they are the most exclusive resort areas in the world, with picturesque natural bays.
Beaches have separate cabins for undressing, lounges, beds, umbrellas, tents with tables and chairs where you can order drinks and fruit.
Italian beaches assure you a high quality of leisure, all sorts of water sports, yacht clubs and golf courses, night bars, restaurants and discotheques.
Discover the best Italian beaches and have the best summer vacation ever.

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Orosei Beaches - Fantastic golf
Orosei Beaches - Fantastic golf

Orosei Beaches - Fantastic golf
Orosei Beaches - Fantastic golf

Orosei Beaches - beautiful place
Orosei Beaches - beautiful place