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The Eiffel Tower


 Do  you really want to spend an unforgettable vacation and you do not know what is the best place where to go?  Are you  inlove and you want to enjoy a lovely experience together with your partner? Then you need to choose  one of the best romantic places in the world. There are a lot of incredible romantic places  where to delight yourself with majestic views and pleasant ambiances and with breathtaking panoramas.  

Paris ??? It sounds great... It is a destination full of romantic places, filled with originality and creativity. It is the perfect place for romantics. Its structures and sites are absolutely gorgeous, especially its Eiffel Tower, which is an imposing landmark and one of the country’s  symbols.  For more than 100 years the slender and the bold structure continues to be a trully emblem of the capital of France. Initially considered like something horrible and useless, over the time, the Eiffel Tower became a truly amazing symbol of Paris, being the most visited touristic attraction, attracting million of tourists annually. It is almost impossible to visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Even if you are not tempted to see this wonderful and world  famous monument you will see its top all over Paris. 
Who signed it into righteous indignation?  Here are just a few names: Charles Gounod, Alexander Dumas, Leconte de Lisle, Sully Prudhomme, Guy de Maupassant ... In short, a whole constellation of outstanding masters of culture - the pride of the French. They obviously fought for the existence of the Eiffel Tower!

Best tourism in Paris

  The Eiffel Tower was founded for the World Exhibition in 1889 which took place  on the same day with the celebration of the French Revolution, in 1789. The construction supposed to last for the duration of the Exhibition, but it still exists and enchants the tourists .  It amazes any guest or local, despite all protests of the contemporary artists who feared the construction would not fit  the Paris’s architecture.  There are no versions among Parisians, and no one can imagine the capital without the  Eiffel Tower. It is a small part of the town. The man whose idea was to build  the tower was Gustave Eiffel, well- known for his remarkable bridge building techniques, as employed in the great viaduct at Garabit in 1884. These unique techniques formed the base for the construction of the tower. It took more than two years to complete the wonderful structure. There were used about 12,000 iron pieces and each of them were designed separately to give the needed shape. All the used pieces fit together and almost seven million nails had been used.
  The immense structure of the exposed latticework supports were  made of puddle iron. The official opening of the structure was made by the Prince Wales. It rises up with 300 meters tall, and its designer was the first one who recognized the importance of wind forces on the tall structures. He designed the surface of the unique tower to be very minimal that the wind has nothing to grab onto, virtually. All the pieces of the tower create an open lattice of light trusses through which the wind can easily blow. The designer’s crew assembled over 18,000  pieces of iron in just 21 months under the offered budget, and in time for the celebration day.

Great history

  Built to celebrate the science and the engineering achievements of its age, weighing 7000 tons, the tower features two distinct parts: a base composed of a platform that rests on four separate supports and  a slender tower, above the base, created as the bents taper upward. It appears above as a  second platform to merge in a unified column. This unrepeatable masterpiece, the tallest structure in the world, until the erection of the Empire State Building, 40 years later, had a lot of antecedents. Among them was the iron supported railway viaducts created by Eiffel, which represented an arch bridge over the Douro River in Portugal with a span of 160 meters, and a design for a circular iron frame tower. In the foundation of the Eiffel Tower, the curve of the base pylons was precisely calculated so that the bending and shearing forces of the wind were totally converted into forces of compression, which the bents could withstand more easily and effectively. The skyscrapers founded after 1960, for example the World Trade Center, were using the same technology and were built much in the same way. However its construction was very difficult. Nowadays the Eiffel Tower is accepted and represents an imposing and gorgeous structure, which overwhelms all the romantic couples and not only them.

Interesting facilities and views

  In the basement of the eastern and western pillars, the visitors can see the Gargantuan 1899 machinery which powers the elevators, an incredible spectacle reminiscent of a Jules Verne novel. From the three platforms of the tower, especially on the topmost the view of the whole Paris is astonishing, it is absolutely superb. One hour before the sunset the offered panorama is the best. Stunning views, and do not forget to take pictures with the dazzling sunset on the Seine. The first level of the tower has almost 57 meters and includes the Observatory from which you can study the movements of the Eiffel Tower’s summit. The first level  comprises also the kiosk presentation about the mythic painting of the Eiffel Tower. The Space Cineiffel opens exceptional panorama of sights from the tower. There  are also  souvenir shops, a post office with stamps of the tower, the Restaurant 95, and a notable gallery which displays the most  monuments of Paris opened to the tourists . The second level of the structure has 115 meters from where you can view the beautiful panoramas of the Paris, using the telescopes, or you can just walk around in the shops that are lined inside.  There are animated displays on the operation of the elevators. Jules Verne Restaurant is also included on this level, and represents a very expensive restaurant where you might have a reservation. The third level of the Eiffel Tower comprises over 275 meters and opens exclusive panoramic views over the Paris and its surroundings, no matter day or night. There are dioramas and many restored offices presenting the history of the platform.  
To reach the first and  the second levels of the tower, you can use high-speed elevators to climb or walk up the stairs (328 steps to the first level and 340 to the second). Undoubtedly the most spectacular views of the city are from the last - third – level.  To get to that you can only make a connection to the second level. There is also the interior of the cabinet and of the engineer  G.Eiffel.
The tower also offers a choice of two restaurants: "Height 95” ( at an altitude  of 95 meters above the sea level) on the first level  and an expensive gourmet restaurant "Jules Verne” on the second level.
To appreciate the beauty and  to get to know the elegance of the tower  it is best to start from the terrace of the Palais de Chaillot , which is located opposite on the other side. And from here, plenty of  views to admire. You may walk  to the Eiffel Tower  filled with greenery and fountains esplanade. Despite the apparent considerable distance the walking to it will take you fifteen or even twenty minutes.
 And yet do not miss the opportunity to look at the world famous tourist attraction in the evening or at night when the lights are glittering  elegantly emphasizing the golden delicacy of the metal structure. The Eiffel Tower  is a must see attraction at night .  It is the greatest sight of Paris that enchants people’s eyes. The gold lighting highlights, the delicacy of the steelwork are very special so that you cannot notice them during the day.
Some facts
After its completion in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world .
 Nowadays it is fifth on the list of the highest buildings in France and the first in Paris. The second is the Montparnasse Tower with a height of 210 m.
The iron construction of the tower weighs 7300 tons. Taking into account the non-metallic components of the weight of the tower the construction  is close to 10 000 tons. To understand the cost of  the design, imagine  7300 tons of  melted iron  which fill  an area of 125 square meters,  only 6 cm thick.
The  design requires about 50-60 tons of paint every seven years to protect it from rust. To maintain a consistent look of the tower for an observer on the ground, the paint is applied in three levels:  the base is colored  darker  and the crown  of the tower is applied with  lighter colors.
"Trocadero"  Restaurant 
This is the place where many strive for while visiting the Eiffel Tower. And what is it  so special about this restaurant?
This  restaurant is well- known among Parisians, so almost all the seats are always busy in there. Very often it is necessary to wait, but  is worth it. Prices are surprisingly low, and the cuisine is excellent.  During cold weather, the  terrace is heated, and  the guests are offered soft blankets. The interior of the restaurant, is excellent  too and full of comfort, and you can  see the Eiffel Tower and  feel the subtle aroma of Parisian streets, and, finally, it is a non-smoking place. 
 "Trocadero" serves one of the best onion soups in the French capital. It would seem so simple and  a basic dish, but not everywhere it is well- cooked. Unfortunately, in Paris there are only a few regular places where it is served in proper perspective. And one of the places is the “ Trocadero” restaurant. Besides, this restaurant is ready to offer salads according to  old French recipes. The cold” foie gras” with fig jam, traditional, great snacks, great meat, several kinds of sandwiches, gourmet  truly French desserts and quite a fine wine, the most expensive bottle of which costs no more than twelve euro, all these can be served only at the wonderful “ Trocadero”. This will bring you much pleasure.
The menu  and  the prices of this restaurant will mildly surprise you. It seems to be nothing special, but  someone who had once visited this place will want to come back  permanently. Besides, this is one of the most famous restaurants  in the sixteenth quarter, and if you've been paying attention to the description of the district of Paris, you will understand that this is not the worst advice.
 But the most important reasons why we recommend  "Trocadero" to you, is that it offers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. On the orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, every first ten minutes of every hour  the illuminations are  turned on. During the day, the parade of lights sparkles happily, just lovely,  and when the bulbs are included for a longer period of time it represent you in front of a certain type of show.  And then the fireworks on the Champ de Mars.  It is hard to find a better point of observation than this place. So often, residents and visitors to Paris are opting for an observation  deck in a cozy place . Admittedly, much nicer to watch the fireworks with a glass of excellent wine in your hand than in the crowd in the square.

Wonderful experience

  During his lifetime , the tower  witnessed few strange scenes. For a time it was scaled by a mountaineer in 1954, and two Englishmen were parachuting off it in 1984, a journalist rode a bicycle down to the first level. Many events took place at the tower. They  made it more interesting and the most fascinating attraction in Paris. I advise you  not  to miss the stunning views from one of the most romantic spots in all France.
Eiffel Tower , every time is to us in a new guise. In a clear and sunny morning, it seems fine, light and young, like a bride in a bright sheen. In the evenings, especially in winter, its contours become darker, it gets murky, as if suddenly remembering its old age. Sometimes, most often in late autumn, through dense fog it seems a sword cuts the top of the tower, and it happens that, and hides it all – from the top to bottom, and then the ancient city   looks sad and siroteet in a whitish robe. At Christmas and New Year, the tower is decorated with garlands of colored electric lights, giving it the silhouette of a huge tree.
 It is really amazing how this immense structure can attract so many visitors from around the world, where they can climb,  take photos,  simply hang around or have fun and enjoy lovely moments close to this miraculous tower. It is a truly fantastic landmark in Paris, which charms everybody and  opens breathtaking views from the top of the structure. The romantic and the inlove person are walking around it  enjoying the best moments in this romantic ambiance full of  peace and tranquility. This will be a unique experience with nice impressions and exciting adventures, spent in the most loved place of France.

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The Eiffel Tower - superb attraction
The Eiffel Tower - superb attraction

The Eiffel Tower - Night view
The Eiffel Tower - Night view

The Eiffel Tower - Night view
The Eiffel Tower - Night view

The Eiffel Tower - Imposing structure
The Eiffel Tower - Imposing structure

The Eiffel Tower - Majestic structure
The Eiffel Tower - Majestic structure

The Eiffel Tower - Fantastic view
The Eiffel Tower - Fantastic view