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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination


The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. Vacations in the Maldives are wonderful. The journey to the eternal tale and ” jewel of the Indian Ocean” is not tiring, the experience will not be erased, and the most unusual is that every time you experience new feelings and a good rest. Even long after returning from the trip, your memories will bring back pieces of old impressions : from the quiet, soft rustle of the waves at sunset to the elastic white sand and colorful fish that are thrown in all directions from the awkward movement of your hands ...


The Maldives is a unique, romantic place. It is one of the most intimate islands if you want to keep your secret for yourself. It is the perfect destination for the incurable romantics and most romantic retreat where you can relax in perfect bliss. Even the most experienced travelers who had visited the most exotic parts of the globe, always try to come back here again. The statistics of many travel companies indicates that a very large percentage of those who had been there once, seek time to come again!


A bird's-eye looks at the flock of Maldives huge floating jellyfish, which creates an unforgettable sight! The Maldives comprises more than 1192 islands in the chain of 20 atolls. Each island is unique, you could see it only in dreams, when traveling to an unknown country, or swinging on a hammock, gazing at the emerald water of the ocean and seeing dolphins playing in the bay.

What draws travelers here? The thirst for new experiences? But there are so many places in the world where the choice of experience is not less diverse. The beauty of the nature? But in this regard too, the Maldives could rival some of the countries. Or is it the thing that here you can find a unique feeling of calmness and relaxation, which is guaranteed to everyone who comes here from the first day .

Palm fringed coral islands with white sand beaches, crystal-clear warm waters, turquoise lagoons, magnificent coral reefs and exotic marine life as well as thousands of years ago shallow lagoons captivate travelers who find themselves here. That's the Maldives - a perfect example of how a person can live in harmony with nature without destroying it, but carefully furnished to his liking, adding a high level of comfort to the beauty, familiar and almost imperceptible. Best of all tours to the Maldives suited those who tuned in a quiet and contemplative rest, who value peace and quietness, who are tired of the hustle and bustle and dream the whole year be about it - and forget time and worries. Forget about everything except his mood and completely dissolved at a leisurely pace. Those who prefer a quiet family vacation with children will not regret choosing the Maldives too. Some hotels are specially designed for this holiday.


Romantic Couples ... Oh, the hotels in the Maldives, can offer something special to them - from a spa massage for two persons to the enchanting night on a deserted island. Weddings are also popular in the Maldives. This is probably the most mysterious holiday in the Maldives .Everyone gets everything according to his taste here. And nobody will be unsatisfied. Who knows another secret of happiness – let’ s share. We choose a vacation in the Maldives!




Maldives , officially the Republic of Maldives is a state in South Asia , which is on a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives Republic is located in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean about 700 km south-west of Sri Lanka . It represents a chain of 20 atolls consisting of 1192 coral islands. It has a population of about 395 thousand people. The islands rise only slightly above the sea level. The highest point of the archipelago is situated at the southern atoll of Addu (Siena) . The total area is of 90 thousand km ² and the land area is of 298 km ². Its capital, Male is the only town and port of the archipelago and it is located on the same atoll.




The Maldives Republic has a subequatorial climate characterized by monsoons. Under the influence of the northeast monsoon the climate is dry from November to March and under the influence of the southwest monsoon the weather is rainy from June to August. Hot weather persists all the year round with temperatures from 24 to 30 °. The air temperature never drops below +17 ° C in January and in February and never rises above +37 ° C in April and in May. Maldives hasn’t permanent water resources.




The archipelago had been inhabited for over two millennia ago by people who came from the modern Sri Lanka and India . In the V-VII centuries, Arabs and Persians came on the islands. Till the XII century Maldivians professed Buddhism , but in 1153 Tabriz, one of the Arab preachers of Islam landed in the Maldives. He preached very actively, and soon the entire population was converted to Islam . The preacher proclaimed himself to be a sultan named Muhammad al-Abdallah and became the founder of the dynasty, which ruled Maldives for a long time. In 1558 the Portuguese captured and built a fort.

However, in 1573 the fort was destroyed by the Maldivians and the Portuguese were expelled. Then the Dutch attempted to gain a foothold in the archipelago but it also was without success. In 1887 Britain established a protectorate over the Maldives. In 1959, the atolls of the archipelago formed a separatist state Suvadive – the United Republic Suvadive . In April 1964 Maldivians have rebelled against the British rule. The rebels destroyed the airport and laid siege to the residence of the British administrator.

On July 26, 1965 Britain granted independence to Maldives. On November 11, 1968 after the results of the referendum Maldives became a republic . Since 1978 , Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is the President and rules the Maldives. After the riots in the capital of the Maldives in August 2004 Gayoom promised to implement democratic reforms and to expand political freedoms. In 2005 all was resolved by political parties. They also promised to hold the first presidential election with several candidates in 2008. In October 2008, the first President of the Republic of Maldives, elected by popular vote, was Mohamed Nasheed .




The main means of transport are sailing and motor boats. Most of the traffic is carried by seaplanes, by helicopters and by boats. Another public transport does not exist. Any Maldivian island can be crossed within 1.5 - 2 hours. The main type of local transport is the dhoni. The traditional multi-purpose vessel is currently used in any advanced diesel engines. Larger boats called "Vedis" are also used for large traveling to remote atolls. Car taxis are expensive and exist only in the capital Male 'and on the Gan island.




Male - Capital of Maldives Male has a population of 296 million (estimated in July 2009). The largest concentration of population is in Male ' . Many of the islands of the Maldives are inhabited. Annual population loss is of 0.17%. Emigration from the country (1.26%) is higher than the natural population growth (1.09%). The vast majority of the population is formed by the descendants of immigrants from South Asia and the Middle East. The capital is home to a number of Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, and Sinhalese.




They speak Dhivehi , a language which is close to the Sinhalese , with borrowings from Arabic and English languages. The writing from the 17th century is based on the Arabic-Persian chart. A former part of the population speaks Arabic and English.




The Islamic Centre in Male

By religion Maldivians belong to Sunnis, the largest and the most traditional Islamic tide. Prayers are held five times a day (at dawn, at forenoon, at noon, at dusk and after dark) in all the mosques, which are bound to have on every inhabited island. They study the international charitable Christian organization " Open Doors "for 2011. The Maldives holds the second place in the list of countries where the rights of Christians are the most oppressed.


Maldives Tours

Maldiviana is one of the largest tour operators in Maldives. They always have a tour to the Maldives to suit all tastes and special offers.


Holidays in the Maldives


Holidays in the Maldives is an unforgettable time that you spent in a unique part of the planet, in this scattering of atolls in the Indian Ocean. And there is no uniformity in these atolls, as if nature specifically made sure that everyone can find a landscape to his liking here. Some atolls are surrounded by greenery, others are almost surrounded by anything but white sand and blue water.

Holidays in the Maldives may be for the soul and for those who prefer active rest. Maldives has good reasons to be loved and visited by tourists. Maldives is a real Mecca for diverse fantastic underwater landscapes, rich underwater world. Fish and only fish there is an unique flow, which allows the swimmer to literally "float" over the coral reefs. But the charms of fishing at night is a wonderful experience .Who visited it once , would never forget these experiences.

The Maldives islands are different for different kinds of recreational activities and no one will be disappointed. Happiness for all, especially surfers who enjoy the quality of the waves that some of the islands can offer. The fans of the water sports will appreciate the variety of the equipment for active recreational activities. Big fans of the Maldives are the scuba divers. Diving in the Maldives is ideal for fans of: the virtual absence of vertical dangerous undercurrents, and the solid coral, warm sea, a huge variety of underwater world, as the flora and fauna.

For lovers of solitude, there are special water bungalows, which can be reached only by boat. Prices for hotels in the Maldives are in a fairly wide range, which allows each traveler to find an acceptable option. In recent years, Maldives gradually moved from the category of elite exotic holiday in the category of recreational, who can afford a larger number of tourists. There are several reasons for this: the flights to the Maldives became cheaper due to the fact that the direct charter flight is cheaper than a regular flight with a connection.

Hotels in the Maldives are already considered potentially promising on the market and offer contracts with "good" concurrency prices, and a large number of tourist companies engaged in the Maldives being in constant competition led to lower the prices. All these factors and more others can celebrate the ongoing growth of the number of tourists visiting the Maldives and this can only be a happy event, because these unique islands, are perhaps the only place in the world where you can enjoy the best of romance, tranquility and the beauty of untouched nature.

Comfort combined with the silence and the soft movements of the waves lapping the shore make the Maldives the most attractive place for a holiday business. Relax for your health! And you will not get bored, the Maldives will give you entertainment for every taste: a walk by plane or by helicopter over the islands, a barbeque on the beach, a night fishing or a romantic stroll while sailing to the uninhabited coral islands, with disco music for every taste and a variety of entertainment shows .

The most amazing thing that attracts people who visited the place is that Maldives in photographs looks absolutely as in reality. The same unreal turquoise, blue lagoons, the amazing white velvet beach, the marine life with unimaginable colors and the rich colorings of the green islands. This picture wipes all problems and bustles of everyday life: a complete relaxation, a complete shutdown, an instant and total immersion of the rest of the world. You begin to see, to feel and understand the present and the most important things in life. .

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Magnificent leisurely view

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Royal Island Hotel

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Most romantic retreat of the Indian Ocean

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Amazing place

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Hotel in Maldives

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - The jewel of the Indian Ocean

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The Maldives -heavenly , romantic , perfect destination - Conrad Island