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Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land


People can find the abundance of romantic places in the world….But the places where one can find attractive and unforgettable moments are not so many. You can be there as if you are in a fairy tale and stay with these reminiscences for a longer period of time.

You can “take” them with you in your heart, the unforgettable moments that can make your life better can linger in your mind, they can improve your spiritual state and make you want to come and stay there again and again watching the azure and emerald colors—the unforgettable image of this part of the world…… It might sound strange, but you might probably guess, that this is all about one of the most romantic places in the list –Cyprus.




Nature on Cyprus is an overwhelming kaleidoscope of emerald greenery, azure blueness of its waters and bright patches of sunlight. The warm waters eagerly accept you, and the splendid sandy beaches lure with people. The amateurs of both active and passive rest can get exactly those emotions and feelings that they want to an unforgettable beautiful rest, that will eternally be present in your heart and soul.

Let yourself get the amount of the best and the most pleasant and fairy impressions by means of journey to such a romantic place, as Cyprus. According to an ancient mythological legend, this is the place, where Aphrodite , the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, appeared from the sea foam. Marcus Antonius gifted this island to the very Cleopatra during the flourishing of the Roman Empire.

It is worth mentioning, that this island is also a place where some young people like to organize their wedding ceremonies. It seems as if this place was created with the purpose of raising inner spiritual feelings and to awake love in your hearts. The neighborhood Israeli people admire this place, even though they do not have such notion as a“ long-life marriage”.

People’s striving to see as many paradise places on our planet as it is only possible is very high. And it turns out to be the reason why people do not feel sorry to spend much money and start their journey to look for new places, to search and discover new picturesque lands, where they can feel themselves happy and can be gifted by thousands of bright emotions and unusual worries.


Sightseeing places


If for some reasons you decided to spend a time and finally you spoil yourself with a rest at the seaside, during which you want to savor the sun and the purest beaches. If you want to see the most interesting cultural values from the Antique world, you necessarily need to go to Cyprus—the romantic and truly unforgettable place.

Cyprus provides you with the possibility to have a totally passive and relaxed rest—a huge amount of hotels with a formidable service and care, cozy restaurants and unspeakably beautiful places to swim and have a really full rest. But if you also long to get some definite knowledge, you will open another range of worth visiting places for yourself. These are things that are worthy of attention while in Cyprus.


The Ancient Sanctuary of Apollo


You can also visit the Ancient Sanctuary of Apollo. This place will let your consciousness draw the mysterious pictures of the past. This glorious and big construction can hardly leave you untouched.


The Castle of Kolossi


Another sight is Castle of Kolossi, that is mantled with the beautiful gardens and unspeakably beautiful flowers and it definitely attracts your attention.


The Kykkos Monastery


The Kykkos Monastery is another enigmatic and mysterious place that will let you feel the tide of new energy, bright thoughts and high spirits in you. Cyprus and the rest there will undoubtedly let you feel a big portion of positive and inexpressible impressions from its sightseeing places.


The Greco Cave


Golden sandy beaches, ancient ruins and Byzantine churches – these are those beautiful sightseeing places of Cyprus that are to be mentioned. This miraculous island is also notable and famous for its small corners, bewitching with its picturesque beauty. At the moment when you become satisfied with the long-awaited rest and swimming in the azure sea, you should necessarily visit the most eastern points of the island.

One of the most attractive moments in this issue is that the road to this charming place takes 15 minutes drive from Ayia-apa. And renting the car is such an easy thing to do on the island. The imaginary and unspeakable beauty of this place is better to watch during the sunset, when both the sky and the sun are colored into unbelievable colors of turquoise, azure and pitches of the descending sun. The rocky sea coast with its cozy cave bays and the crystal-clear water leave the unforgettable sensation of the glory of that environment and its entire atmosphere.


The Ayia-napa


It is so nice to lie on a big boulder, warm from the southern sun heat, and watch the beauty of the going away day. In such moments even the Ayia-napa beast, that local people use to frighten tourists with, is not in power to provoke the confusion of feelings and fear. It is because in such a beautiful place there can not be anything bad or frightening. That is why even this beast is considered to be very nice and friendly here.

Coming in couples…..What is very nice is that people prefer to come here in couples to the cape. They usually rent the car in the neighborhood areas of the hotels and savor the atmosphere of the places driving around. Around the cape you can hardly see the noisy crowds of tourists or big tour buses with the logos of the companies. For such occasions people usually form small groups. More often people travel in small pairs and enjoy the peaceful area. And with a feeling of an unusual relaxation, they look into the charming turquoise mirror-like surface of the water and an unspeakable beauty of azure and golden horizon. Cape Greco is one of the best places to feel the harmony of the surrounding world.


Another interesting issue about Cyprus is its disco world. It is amazing to see how the antique features live together with the modern life-style. If you are young in your heart, soul and body and you are longing for dances till the dawn, so you must go to Cyprus and choose Ayia-napa. This city is full of youth discos and dance-floors that are in many night clubs.




Night life in Kirenya…..It might be the most beautiful place, where life is centered both daily and nightly around the harbor. This is a very romantic place with a big number of restaurants and bar-rooms. They call it the North Pearl of Cyprus, where you can choose any place you want, get the possibility to sit at any table you want in a local restaurant and savor the night view of the Mediterranean sea. It is very unusual and pleasant to be in the night clubs, that offer a very joyful and free atmosphere without any noise and pompousness.




Limasol is a real center of the most developed and intriguing night life in Cyprus, if you still do not know that the most popular and known night clubs are situated in Limasol. This is the very city that attracts with its lights many young people who like to have fun and get pleasure from the life they live. Another issue that you have to keep in mind is that the prices are very dependent on how “expensive” you look. You should necessarily ask for the prices and see the price policy. You will also be amazed to find out that there are so many different places for every choice and any taste. And what is more important is that all the places provide you with a high-qualitative service. You can also have an alternative and make a choice to see what you like and prefer more: a good joyful rest at European level or nice traditional events.




Larnaka is another place worthy to be seen and visited. There you can find a real atmosphere of Cyprus joy. Live music, dances, cozy and natural atmosphere and all the variety of traditional Cyprus taverns, restaurants and small quiet cafes are situated not far from the seafront. It is interesting how friendly they all are living together with the modern movie-concerts. To understand what type of town Larnaka is, it should be mentioned that this is a very nice and cute place, peaceful and not noisy, but at the same time having all the necessary attributes to make our rest unforgettable and full of impressions. The location of the airport, that receives most of the international flights, makes this town an ideal place for those, who do not want to go by bus to another town after the flight.




And now let us deepen a little bit into the layers of history to find out that Larnaka is situated on the place of the ancient city-state Kition that once used to be a very hectic trade place. According to the legend, this town was established by the grand-son of the biblical Noah. Later people looked for the salt and everybody can see the proof of that—there is a salt lake next to the airport. You can see Pink Flamingo coming there for a winter period of time. In spite of some kind of “provinciality” of Larnaka, this town has pretty many places to see and entertainments to have.


The St. Lazar’s Church


Among the sightseeings you can visit a beautiful port fortress, that was built by Turkish people and the St. Lazar’s Church that was built in the 19-th century above the grave of the latter. If we take into account the compact size of the suburbs of the town, the total going around tour will not exhaust even the most tired tourist.


The Lucky Star park


From the active entertainment you can note the most popular child mini amusement park “Lucky Star” along with the Park of Camels, where you can see these big animals living in almost natural conditions and you can also ride them!


The Finguides


The attractive and active for many people night life, as well as the day life, is concentrated around the center of the town, where a local picturesque boulevard – boulevard Fin-igudes—or “The seafront of Finguides” with its restaurants, bar-rooms, fast-foods and disco-clubs is situated. Another unforgettable moment that will leave the reminiscences in your heart is a walk through the very center of the town with its very narrow and entangled small streets, among the old and not very high houses. It is a veritable pleasure. You can freely combine this promenade with shopping, because it is from the center of the town market where they sell the cheapest fruit, souvenirs and wine, there are built two parallel small streets with the rows of various boutiques.


The “Marina” port


But the most romantic place in the town is of course, “Marina” Port – this is the mooring for yachts and boats in the center near the very Finiguides. And the huge city beach is strengthened along it as well. You can be admired to see that the city yacht club is set exactly at this place and all the sea excursions along the eastern seacoast, octopus hunting, travelling on boats with the transparent bottom and the promenade on the submarine to the place where schooner “Zenobia” crashed are available here. Another important feature of the place is that all the resorts have sandy beaches and sometimes they are of a light-gray color….


So if you are seeking for a romantic place to go….if you are thinking of a land that will submerge you into its ancient mythological atmosphere… if you are longing to see how the Ancient Goddesses and Gods of the Olympus walked on their lands….if you are a person eager to feel the air of the azure and green waters, to see the oldest archeological ruins of the world… breath the air of the Apollo or Aphrodite….to penetrate into the traditions and Greek culture….to savor the peacefulness and calmness of sun and nature all around together with the food and music……than Cyprus is right for you….The unforgettable memories, the unstoppable flow of emotions and everlasting sense of fulfillment and of course perfect rest !!!

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Our life is full of unexpectedness and varieties.
William Cowper once mentioned that “ Variety Is the Very Spice of Life that Gives It All its Flavor”.
Have you ever seen a rainbow? It’s a real variety of colors.
So is with the places on the Earth.
They are many, all beautiful, but different.
But, have you ever asked yourself what is the best place on Earth to say “ I love you?” Are you a romantic person and you are looking for an ideal place to spend with your loved one? How often have you thought of a romantic escape with the person you love? Special romantic places are really many, even more than the colors of a rainbow.
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Sandy beaches or cities, mountains or forests, your choice should be a reflection of your desires and feelings.
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Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Unforgettable place
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Unforgettable place

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Huge beach
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Huge beach

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Great port
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Great port

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Generous island
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Generous island

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Aphrodite
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Aphrodite's land

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land -  Impressive landscape
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Impressive landscape

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Sunset
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Sunset

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Intriguing place
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Intriguing place

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Pathos resort
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Pathos resort

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Oscar resort
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Oscar resort

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Romantic land since ancient times
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Romantic land since ancient times

Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Map of the country
Cyprus –Aphrodite’s land - Map of the country